This is my sisters story idea... she thinks I can write for some reason and has bugged me for weeks to write it.

Twilight belongs to SMeyer, not me.. I don't really want to own it either... no thanks.


It felt as if I couldn't breathe, my chest was tight my body was shaking. I just knew this was the end; this was where I was going to be murdered. All I could smell was gasoline, blood, and dirt, it was all over me; my hair, my clothes, my skin. I don't know how long I'd been in the dark, damp, hot shed. Hours, days, weeks… I just knew that it was coming up to the end. Whoever he was that was keeping me bound was digging, had been digging for the last few hours, minutes? I could hear as the shovel broke through the earth each and every time. Each time more tears will slip down my face.

What had I done with my life? Would anyone miss me when I was gone? Was I being missed now? Why would anyone want to miss me? I was no one, I was plain, and I was boring, shy, and nerdish to a point. I had hardly any friends, and they were just too good to miss me, too perfect. Maybe this was what was meant to be; maybe I was supposed to die today. This had to be the plan Rosalie always talked about, it had to be. Why else would I have been kidnapped and bound, doused in gas and thrown into a dark, damp, hot shed? I've done nothing in my life to warrant any attention from anyone… why me?

I closed my eyes trying to will the tears to stop, I didn't want this monster to see my tears, and I wanted to be brave. If not for myself then for who ever found my dead body, if they were even looking for me. I cried harder as my mind was flooded with memories of everyone I loved.

"Bells, I think you'll love living with Renee in Arizona." My dad smiled down at me before pulling me into a tight hug, "I'll miss you cooking dinner, and so don't forget to visit when you can." He added squeezing a little tighter; he released me as I headed off to live with my mom in Arizona.

"Bella!" My mother smiled wrapping her arms around me in a hug, "I'm so happy you've decided to live with me!

"Bella!" All of their voices and faces assaulted my memory at the same time causing me to break down even more.

"Bella… I … la… Bella" he whispered climbing the rest of the way through my bedroom window. "Don't do that again." His face was pulled in a grimace, his eyes pained.

The sound of the shovel clattering on the cement outside caused my eyes to snap open and me to sob harder and my body to shake violently. This is it, my end.

My eyes involuntarily closed as the shed door opened a flood of light broke through; it was the first time in hours that my eyes had seen any type of light. The guy took a step closer to me, causing me to sob even louder, if that was even possible, so much for being brave.

"Bella." My name coming out of his mouth sounded like filth. He squatted down in front of me and ran his fingers over my cheek. I shivered at the touch, his fingers were cold and callused, rough.

This is how I die.

Future chapters will be longer.