Ragina and Tarquinn laughed and walked down a cobble stone path leading to a village not too far away from the farmlands. It was a fine day in Romania to take a walk from the country house her family lived in and where he lived, the next hill over. Gina laughed at something Quinn told her, teasing her until she pushed his shoulder and laughed when he tripped over his big feet and went sprawling.

He gave her a dirty look and scrambled up and pushed her shoulder gently and yelled, "YOUR IT!" and bolted towards the small village.

She laughed and ran after him, her long deep red hair following after her in a tight braid, waving about like a proud flag waving in the wind. It didn't take her long to catch him and tackle him, grinning impishly, showing her two missing front teeth.

After promptly pushing her off he got up and helped her up. They brushed their cloths off and started walking again. They entered the small village, talking about plans for the day now.

"I dunno, I think I'm going to go look around or somthin'." Gina said kicking a rock, her hands clasped behind her back. Her family was wealthy, but everyone knew Ragen, her father, was a bit stingy with his coin, Gina rarely had any coin to buy sweets. Her twin sister though, she always had money to buy sticky buns or new ribbons for her hair or dolls.

"Well I was thinking about going to the smith real quick, you think you can stay out of trouble for a half hour?" he teased his small eight-year-old friend.

She gave him an innocent look. "Who me? Trouble? Nah I think you must mean my sister!"

He laughed and walked into the smith's shop they had paused in front of.

Looking around she walked to the well and sat down. She stared into the darkness, shuddering slightly. She would never admit it out loud but she hated the dark. She also hated small cramped places, but even more than that she despised spiders. She was terrified of them more than of her father or dark cramped small spaces like The Box.

The Box was a cellar of sorts. Small and cramped and filled with all sorts of bugs, including spiders, Until you find the hidden door that leads to a set of stairs.

Someone snuck up on her while she sat and stared, lost in thought, and shoved her towards the opening then grabbed her and yanked her back.

"HA saved your life freak!" someone shouted.

She twirled around and glared at a boy who towered over her. "Look who's talking!" she snapped back standing up strait and sticking her chin out stubbornly.

He was one of the butcher's apprentices, not much older than twelve, the same age as Quinn. He was mean looking, almost like a pug with cropped black hair and hug bulging arms from lugging meat around.

"What did you call me?" he asked shoving her shoulder had enough to make her stagger back.

"You heard me you ugly brute!" She shouted, glowering at him. Her violet eyes dancing with purple fire, startling the boy for a moment.

By now the other village kids surrounded them cat calling and hooting, urging him on. They pressed closer, starting to push her at him.

She looked around suddenly seeming to shrink down. She hadn't noticed the other bigger kids arrive. This was bad, really bad. Normally when they smelled a fight they gathered around and blocked any way of escape for either fighter. She swallowed thickly and looked around at the crush of bodies as the bully hit her. She yelped and instantly kicked him where her short legs could reach, his shin.

"You'll regret that freak," he said grimacing. He grabbed her braid and started to pull her down the road, ignoring her fist that pounded his arm, or her shrieks of protest. The others laughed and pushed her along the street. Whatever adult there was about, looked up, glanced at them and went back to work.

They came to a small shed next to the local graveyard. It was said to be haunted with the long dead people who had settled the village in the first place. It was also said that the spirits didn't like to be bothered and if they were to be disturbed they would come to your house and kill you as punishment. At the moment the children didn't care, intent on picking on the weaker one among them. He opened the door and shoved her in.

"Say hello to the buggies," he said smirking as he slammed the door shut and put the latch down. They all started laughing at her.

She banged on the door screaming. "Let me out! You big bullies! QUINN!" She started to cry, the kids outside laughing harder until one shouted, "RUN!" then the sound or running feet drifted through her panicked mind.

She kicked the door as it flung open spilling sunlight into the small shed.

"Jerks! You better run!" Quinn said pulling her out before chasing the others.

She stood there, sobbing and watching the kids screaming as Quinn caught some and started beating the crap out of them and anyone who tried to help their friend or dared to ask why he was defending some inhuman freak. He would hit that kid harder than the ones he was kicking and punching until he felt they had enough and went back over to Gina and hugged her, leading her away.