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Naruto Uzumaki stood in the Konoha hospital in front of his sensei Hatake Kakashi and asked "But why can't you teach me?"

Kakashi sighed as he closed his book and said "Look Naruto, I only put you in the Chunnin exam for the same reason I put Sakura in it, for experience. I never imagined you would make it pass the second round and the only reason you did was because you couldn't control you bodily functions and farted in Kiba's face. Deep down you know that was the only reason you won that match. You are not ready for the exams. I have asked another Jounin to take this month and train you in chakra control since that is your greatest weakness. Perhaps after the exams are over you will have enough control so I could teach you something but I am not going to teach you anything because truthfully, no matter what I teach you, you could not defeat Neji and I will not waste my time training you since at this time you're are not worth it. I will be taking Sasuke to train him since he is ready for the Chunnin exams."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said "It's always about Sasuke. If you even spent half the time training me or Sakura as you do Sasuke then I might have believed you bullshit story just said but I know you never cared about either of us. All you have ever cared about is Sasuke an..." as Kakashi shushined away leaving Naruto standing in the hall.

Naruto said "Well screw you Kakashi. I will train myself and I will fight Neji and I will beat him and then I will beat everyone until I get to Sasuke and I will leave him lying in the dirt. Even if I have to make a deal with Kyuubi to do it!" as he turned and began to walk down the hall ignoring the scared looks people were giving him.

As Naruto rounded the corner and neared the stairs when a hand grabbed him from an open room and yanked him into the room before slamming the door shut.

Naruto who found himself getting up off the floor looked up and saw a man with brown hair and brown eyes looking at him and asked "Are you really willing to do anything to defeat the Uchiha you would be willing to use the Kyuubi."

Naruto asked "Who are you." as he looked around the room.

The man said in a commanding voice "Answer the question Naruto. Does proving you're not worthless mean that much to you that you could have everyone who doesn't hate you now hate you for using it. Do you really feel that you have no options."

Naruto glared and said "Yeah. I have nothing to lose. Nobody cares about me and nobody would give a damn if I died tomorrow so why not. If using the damn Kyuubi that everyone hates me for is the only way anyone will ever see me as something but the dead last idiot who doesn't even deserve to live, then so be it."

The man looked at Naruto for several minutes and asked "What if there was another way. A way that could cost you your life, but if you lived it would give you everything you need to succeed in life and never be the failure that everyone thinks you are. Would you be willing to take the risk."

Naruto thought several seconds and nods slowly and the man said "Good, come to this address tonight at 8 and try not to be noticed." as he handed Naruto a business card.

Naruto looked at it and read the address and thought "this is near the outside of the village where hardly anyone lives" and asked "Who are you?"

The man said "Someone who wishes to repay an old debt. Good day." as he turned and left the room.

Naruto looked at the address and frowned a moment and left as well.

At 8 pm Naruto walked up to the address and saw a two story house that looked run down with several broken windows and Naruto looked around when a voice said "Ah Naruto. Glad you could make it." causing Naruto to turn around and saw the man from earlier and Naruto asked "So what is it you want."

The man went to the side of the house and raised the door to the cellar, went inside and said "Come on boy. I don't have all day."

Naruto took one last look around and followed inside and he went down the stairs for nearly 50 feet before he came to a huge stone room and the man had his back to Naruto working at a table and said "I am sure you are wondering what I meant earlier and who I am. Well I won't tell you my name because I wish to protect my family but I can tell you what I meant. You see I know who your father was." making Naruto eyes wide.

Naruto asked "Who?"

The man chuckled and said "We will get to that in a moment. The debt I owe is to him. Before you were born I was a metallurgist and my wife was a cybernetic researcher. We both worked under the king of snow country researching for ways to save that country. His brother Dotou pulled both of us away from what we were working on to try and help protect the country by creating new type of armor for the ninja there. Since he was the brother to the king and the king had allowed his brother to help with the research in other areas, we believed he had the right to ask us to do it so we began to work on creating just that. A new type of armor that would help protect the people of the land of snow. We discovered though that Dotou was planning to take his army and kill his brother taking over the country so we took as much of our data as we could and fled from the country. We had almost escaped him completely but his men caught us a month after we had left our homeland and captured us and took our data. As they were preparing to take us out of fire country your father happened to be passing by and my wife took a chance and screamed for help. He came and attacked the men who had us prisoner and freed us but one man took a small portion of our research and made it back to snow country."

Naruto yawned as he started to get sleepy and he asked "What happened after he saved you and who was he. Since you talk about him in past tense does that mean he is dead?"

The man said "Yes. He died the same night you were born. I don't know who your mother was. As for what happened after that he brought us here to Konoha and helped create a new identity for my wife and I and he sent a team to Snow country to warn the King of his brother's plan. Unfortunately Dotou took the small info that the ninja had recovered and created a weaker version of what my wife and I created that he called snow armor and while the team was there to warn the king Dotou men attacked killing the king. As far as I know the team leader on that mission, Kakashi, and the king's daughter were the only survivors of the attack on the castle. The princess disappeared and is believed to be dead. Now my wife and I soon discovered we were going to be having a child of our own and we were happy but my wife passed away during child birth and I have raised our child the best I can."

Naruto felt dizzy and asked "So what is it you are telling me exactly...my head hurts."

The man said still with his back to Naruto "What I am telling you Naruto is that what my wife and I invented is what I plan to give you, the original prototype armor. I had originally planned on letting what we created be lost forever because I felt the world would suffer because of it and I did not want the blood of innocents on my hands more than it already is for what Dotou created from my work but then I saw what happened to you and since I knew who you were and saw how you endured, even through all the hell you suffered that you would not use the prototype for evil. That you would use it to protect that which is precious to you so I began to research and plan and wait and now I am ready to give it to you. This gift will affect you the rest of your life and cannot be taken away. I ask you now, will you accept it and use it to show the world you are a hero, even if it cost you your life."

Naruto who was leaning against the wall said "Yeah."

The man said "I am glad. Sleep well Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze."

Naruto last thought before he passed out was "Namikaze...that's the name of the Yondai..."

The man saw Naruto pass out and he turned around and was wearing a gas mask.

The man walked over and picked up Naruto and put him on the table in the middle of the room and said "Forgive me." as he grabbed a scalpel off the table he was at and cut Naruto cloths off before he grabbed a new scalpel and placed it at Naruto's chest and slowly began to cut in...

When Naruto awoke he groaned and opened his eyes and thought "why is it so dark."

A female voice said "Because you need a few moments for your brain to reboot. Please remain still until system check is complete..."

Naruto eyes got wide and asked "Whose there!" as suddenly he could see a light was above him and little lines with words he did not really know appeared in his vision and he asked "What is this?"

The female voice said "This is the tactical display you are seeing in front of you." as a diagram of armor appeared in the center of the screen and spun slowly before going in the corner and the voice said "This is the Prototype body armor. You Naruto Uzumaki are now the operator of this armor. I am Eva, the Electronic Virtual Avatar. If you have any question please just think your questions and I shall hear them since I am a part of you and so people do not think you are crazy."

Naruto blinked and thought "like this."

Eva said "Yes. Now try and raise your arms slowly."

Naruto moved his right arm and then his left and he said "Yeah though I do feel like they are heavier."

Eva said "Your body will adapt quickly to the weight. Now try your legs."

Naruto did and Eva said "Good, now stand up and look at yourself in the mirror to your left."

Naruto slowly sat up and then looked at himself and blinked and asked "What's going on. I thought I was wearing some super armor but I don't look any different beside the fact I am wearing new clothes that are all black but they don't have any weapon holsters."

Eva said "That is because I have a built in stealth feature. Think of it as a really advance henge. To see what you are really wearing, say or think Stealth Shield Drop."

Naruto blinked and said "Stealth Shield Drop." as suddenly his body was replaced with red armor with gold face mask and gold in several other places.

Naruto stepped back startled and he said "Whoa." as he realized that was his reflection and asked "Is that me."

Eva said "Yes."

Naruto asked "How do I get it off."

Eva said "The armor is now a part of you. There are seals all along your body that will conceal the armor so you may shower or other things of that nature however if I detect danger to you I will instantly unseal the armor and restore it to you. To seal it think Seal Armor and the armor will seal and to return the armor think Restore Armor. To restore the stealth shield think Restore stealth. I advice not telling about me to anyone because they will try to learn the secret of it and take me away from you which will result in your death."

Naruto frowned and asked "So what can you do."

Eva said "I have many functions that I will be happy to teach you about over the next 3 weeks however I suggest you try sealing the armor and examine yourself so that you know about the other changes you have underwent."

Naruto thought "Seal Armor." and the armor disappeared and Naruto saw black lines going from his neck and his hands and arms toward his chest and he noticed a bulge in his chest and he rubbed it and thought "what the hell."

Eva said "That is one of the things I was referring to. Take off your shirt."

Naruto pulled his shirt off and looked and saw a silver circle the size of both his fist put together in the middle of his chest with a blue light coming from it. There were also black lines running from his stomach to it and also lines going across his body all going toward it and he asked "What is that Eva?"

Eva said "That is the power device for the armor. The seal lines that are connected to it follow your chakra network to go over your entire body including the chakra from the Kyuubi inside your stomach. I will not bore you with all the technical details since you will not understand it but basically your Kyuubi and your chakra are now one. The chakra your heart creates to go to your body now goes directly into that device as well as the chakra from Kyuubi where both are now purified and controlled and directed across your body perfectly to allow you the maximum effect possible for someone as unique as you. Now your body is no longer in a constant war trying to beat the other chakra source so your control of your chakra should double. Once you learn water walking it will give you high Chunnin level control and if you learn kunai balancing then you will have Jounin level control."

Naruto eyes got wide and thought "cool."

Eva said "I am happy you like it. Now if this device is destroyed you will die, so you must protect it when you are not wearing the armor."

Naruto frowned at that and said "I see. So what now, how long was I asleep."

Eva said "It has been one week since the preliminaries. You have three weeks left."

Naruto screamed "Three weeks, I need to train."

Eva said "Relax Naruto and I will help you. I am more than just armor."

Naruto said "Alright Eva, tell me what to do."

Three weeks later Naruto walked into the Chunnin exam stadium wearing the same black pants and black shirt he had when he woke up and he smiled and walked toward the other Gennins.

Shikamaru looked at Naruto and said "I see you got some respectable cloths Naruto though I don't see any weapon pouches...troublesome." and he thought "that's strange, why does his shadow show his hair as flat and curved while his hair looks like it is spiky like normal." as he narrowed his eyes.

Naruto said "Yeah. Consider it one of several late birthday presents from my father."

Genma who was chewing his senbon blinked and thought "Hmm, did the kid learn who his parents are after all this time. I hope he did and that they didn't just abandon him."

Shino said "You are different now Naruto. Your chakra is not as...unusual as it once was."

Naruto said "Oh that. Let's just say my mind and body are truly at piece for the first time in a long time."

Up in the stand Sakura looked at Naruto and Ino said "Well he's not half bad now that he's out of the orange nightmare."

Sakura said "I wonder where Sasuke-kun is and what's up with Naruto. He seems...different. I can't place my finger on it."

A man smiled and thought "you look like a heavy burden has been lifted from your shoulders. I hope my gift makes up for the pain you felt. Your father would have been proud of you...also it would help my daughter to learn that the Hyuuga is not invincible."

The third looked at Naruto and thought "Hmm, it appears Naruto had an interesting month off. I wonder why he came here unarmed...or did he." as he narrowed his eyes and tried to dispel any Genjutsu Naruto might have on him but none showed up. The third read Shikamaru lips and then read Naruto and his eyes got wide a moment and thought "no, he could not know who his father is. It's not possible." and he motioned to the guard beside him and whispered "Please bring Naruto here a moment. I would like to ask him about his teammate and instructor."

The guard nods and disappears in a swirl of leaves and he said "Pardon me a moment but the Hokage would like to speak to Uzumaki a moment about his missing teammate in instructor."

Naruto walked over and the guard puts his hand on Naruto shoulder and both disappear in a swirl of leaves and appear on the Hokage box.

People in the audience started to whisper. One said "Did something happen to Sasuke", "Where are Kakashi and Sasuke", "Did that boy do something to the Uchiha."..."

The third motioned to the guard and said "Please give us a moment."

Both guards left in a swirl of leaves and appeared across the way and Naruto said "So what's up Jiji. If it's about Sasuke-teme and Kakashi-teme then I don't know anything since Kakashi told me I wasn't worth his time the day of the preliminaries. In fact I was wondering if after this exam if I could change to a different team... even if it's just temporary. I could fill in for Lee until he recovers or maybe to a team who is missing a member."

The third frowned as he heard what Kakashi said and then heard Naruto's request and said "I will consider it Naruto, but if Kakashi did not train you for the month then who did."

Naruto said "Oh that, let's just say a debt to my father has been paid."

The third looked confused and asked "Your father. Do you know who he is. I mean I never..."

Naruto snorts interrupting him and said "Drop it Jiji. I understand now why you didn't tell me or anyone else who my dad was. Odds are his enemies would have killed me long before now or destroyed the village. I have had a lot of time to think it over and I realize you did the right thing. I would have probably shouted to the world my dad's rank equaled yours in this village but right now I don't care. He died so suddenly he probably didn't leave me anything but what I would like to know is if my mother is still alive or did she leave me anything and who she is."

The third frowned and said "Her name was Kushina Uzumaki and she died shortly after giving birth to you from complications. They were humble people who just respected their own privacy. What money they had for you I spent over the years for you and any scrolls or anything else they left for you would be in possession of your godfather Jiraiya of the Sannin. His duties keep him away from the village for up to a year at a time and he could not take care of you on the road so he sends money to help and he plans to take you as his apprentice when you are strong enough for what he has to teach you. I am sorry there is not more I could tell you or give you."

Naruto said "It's no problem Jiji. I am glad to finally learn that they didn't just abandon me or hate me for Kyuubi. Hmm...that's odd. There is something wrong with this guy who is coming up the steps. His skin is dead."

The thirds eyes got wide a moment and thought "so that is your plan Orochimaru." and said "Well thank you for informing me about your teammate and sensei Naruto. I wanted to wish you luck today and hope you do well and thanks for the advice. I am ready."

Naruto saw the Kazekage walk up and saw the look on the Sandaimes face and said "Take care Jiji." as the 2 guards reappeared and one went to reach for Naruto who simply walked off the balcony and the Sandiame and both guards ran over and looked at Naruto who was falling to the ground below.

Several people were shocked and Sakura screamed "Naruto..." as she saw him fall past.

Right as he was about to hit the ground something caused the dirt to fly around, covering the area and out of the dust Naruto walked toward the other Gennin and said "Sasuke's picking up on Kakashi-sensei bad habit it looks like and will probably be three hours late. If that happens does he get disqualified for wasting the time of all of our guest or does he get special treatment?"

Genma said "Everyone is treated the same in these exams kid."

Naruto said "Right, tell me that in three hours. So are we ready or what. I got two models for the gay pedophile weekly to deal with before I face the winner of Shino and Shikamaru.

Neji glared while a few people snickered and Shikamaru muttered "troublesome."

Temari said "What makes you so sure you will live to make it to the third round."

Naruto shrugged and said "Trade secret toots. I can make it to the third round without trouble. In fact, not only will I make it to the third round, but when I defeat you I will embarrass you for what you did in the preliminaries."

Temari snorts and said "What, she your girlfriend or something? With the way you swore on her blood to avenge the Hyuuga girl the other Hyuuga beat I figured she was your girlfriend. Of course there is that weak pink haired slut who you also cheered for that could be your girlfriend, but I guess that means leaf kunoichi are easy."

Naruto said "Hardly babe. Woman of Konoha have a class that other woman can only dream to reach and they hold themselves to standards a dirt rubber like you would never be able to claim to have. As for being my girlfriends, nope. Their all leaf ninja and we watch out for our own and anyone who threatens Konoha and her people will have to go through me, and even Kyuubi was fucked when he met me. I was born to protect Konoha."

As Naruto and Temari talked Genma had did hand seals and made it where everything that was said would be amplified for all to hear. Several woman blushed when Naruto said they held themselves to higher standards and then several ninja looked at Naruto with a little respect when he said they took care of their own and most of the people paled when they heard him talk about Kyuubi but a few more respected him after that statement, if only a little.

Temari was seething at this and Genma who was smirking said "Well as much fun as it was to hear you both verbal battle each other, that's not what we're here for."

Naruto said "Have to keep our visitor entertained since Kakashi-teme and Sasuke-teme will probably be three hours late like Kakashi always is."

Genma glared and said "Quite you. Now as I was saying the Chunnin selection exam now begins. The first match is between Neji Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki. Would everyone else please leave the arena floor."

Temari shot a glare at Naruto as she walked away leaving Naruto and Neji in the middle of the ring with Genma.

Genma said "Now the rules are the same as before. You both will fight until your opponent is unable to continue or until I declare a winner and if you continue to attack after I stop the match I will deal with you personally. Now the first match...begins."

Naruto looked bored as he slowly began to walk toward Neji making everyone blink and Neji said "You are fated to lose this match. A dead last like you could never hope to defeat a prodigy like me."

Naruto yawned as he kept walking and said "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sexy and you want to see me naked." making several people spit out their drinks.

Hinata eeped as she passed out and Kiba was rolling on the floor laughing.

Sakura slapped her head and said "Baka.

Tenten was stunned and thought "oh boy, he's fucked."

The man who helped Naruto was choking on his soda and thought "oh god, that was priceless."

Neji activated his eyes and Naruto put his hands in front of his crotch and said "Do you mind...I'm straight." making more people burst out laughing.

Hiashi thought "the boy has the Gaul to insult the Hyuuga clan."

Neji said "You are within my range of..."

Naruto interrupted him and said "peeping."

Neji glared and charged toward Naruto and said "2 palm, 4 palm, 8 palm, 16 palm, 32 palm, 64 palm strike." with a smug look on his face that soon frowned and he looked at Naruto who yawned after the attack and he asked "What, was that suppose to do something?"

Neji asked "How. I know I hit all 64. How..." as he was wide eyed.

Naruto smirked while Neji was still stunned and grabbed him by the front of his coat and Neji finally recover and began to hit Naruto with palm strikes in the face and chest and Naruto slowly lifted Neji off the ground until he was a foot off the ground and Neji screamed "Why...are...my...attacks...not...working..."

Naruto drawn back his hand and said as he started to slap Neji across first the left cheek and then the right and then the left and so on and so forth with each slap he said "How. dare. you. beat. up. Hinata like. that. you. jack. ass. You. are. nothing. but. an. abusive. ass. hole. who. attacks. defenseless. woman. when. they. can't. even. stand. up. If. that. is. what. you. call. a. prodigy. then. I. am. glad. I. am. a. dead. last." as he drawn back his fist and punched Neji in the face and knock her back about 20 feet.

Everyone was stunned seeing Neji literally being bitch slapped. Neji slowly stood up and winced as he rubbed his hand across his face when the Naruto he had been fighting suddenly exploded knocking Neji back into the wall, knocking him out. Across the field where Naruto had landed earlier was another puff of smoke and the real Naruto was revealed.

Genma blinked and looked back and forward and said "Winner Naruto Uzumaki."

Everyone was stunned and Naruto buffed his fingers against his chest and said "That was too easy." as he walked over to where the other contestants were.

Tenten blinked as everyone began to cheer and thought "he...won, but how."

Genma thought "bunshin bakuha but how did it survive all those strikes."

Hiashi Hyuuga thought "What was that. It was not originally a bunshin bakuha. It originally was a kagebunshin so how did it change without anyone noticing as well as ta...it can't be." as he looked at Naruto with his bloodline activated and thought "the kagebunshin absorbed the chakra from Neji's attack to power up before it exploded, but if that is what really happened then how did he do it?"

Several ninja around the arena had come to the same conclusion each looking at Naruto with a little praise.

The Sandiame thought "very impressive Naruto. You will have to tell me how you learned such a jutsu since no one in Konoha could do that. There is that medical jutsu the Gennin on Kabuto team used but it can only absorb through direct contact with the skin and burns the amount absorbed equally making it where he would not have been able to make the clone explode."

The Kazekage said "That is a most impressive technique Hokage-sama. I was not aware of any such jutsu like that existed."

The Sandiame said "Nor was I. I wonder how he came across it."

The Kazekage said "Perhaps we will find out later."

Down in the arena floor Genma said "Would Sasuke Uchiha and Gaara please come to the arena floor."

Gaara sand shushined to the arena floor with his arms crossed and Genma looked around and Naruto screamed "You might as well wait. I told you before he would be three hours late because Kakashi is always three hours late...If you want I can fight him."

Shikamaru said "Troublesome blonds."

Temari glared and said "Shut up both of you."

Naruto chuckled and Shikamaru asked "So how did you do that Naruto. I mean how were you able to absorb Neji chakra to cause that clone to explode."

Naruto shrugged and leaned against the wall.

Genma frowned and thought "I can't extend his time because everyone heard me say nobody would get special treatment."

The third thought "Kakashi...I have no choice. With Naruto statement before the match about getting special treatment that was heard by some of the audience and his statement just now the feudal lord is going to demand an answer why I change the rules for him, and with Orochimaru here I have to keep the Sharingan out of his hands." and he stood up, walking to the edge of the balcony and said "Honored guest. Since Sasuke Uchiha has not shown up for his match and dishonored himself, the village, and you he will lose the chance at promotion in the exams."

The Kazekage said "Surely we could extend him some time since I wanted to see his match."

The third said "I realize that and I do have a plan so please wait." as he turned back to the audience who were starting to get loud and he said "Now since so many of you have come to see him fight I have decided that he will fight the winner of the exam but will not be allowed to be promoted." as he turned and sat back down.

The Kazekage thought "this is bad. I wanted Sasuke here where my men could make sure he did not die in the invasion. I will have to hold it off until he arrives.

Genma down below said "Winner Gaara."

Gaara glared at Genma and shushined back to the balcony and Temari frowned and Kankuro whispered "What should we do? I can't fight because I have to save it for the plan."

Genma said "Would Shino Aburame and Kankuro please come to the arena floor."

Kankuro said "I forfeit." making several people boo.

Naruto, Shino, and Shikamaru looked at the Suna Gennin and Naruto said "Shino, Shikamaru, can I talk to both of you for a second." as he walked over to the corner.

Shikamaru and Shino both walked over and Naruto said "I don't know what's going on but when I was talking with the old man earlier I notice something wrong with the Kazekage. All the skin on his face was dead and I don't mean worn out or anything like that, I mean it was dead and starting to decompose."

Shino said "My bugs don't like the chakra of Gaara. It is like yours use to be Naruto."

Naruto eyes got wide and Shikamaru said "What should we do. Something doesn't feel right about this."

Naruto said "Looks like it's time for your match Shikamaru."

Shikamaru nods and said "I forfeit." making everyone in the crowd boo and Naruto asked "Why?" in a hiss voice.

Shikamaru said "If there is something going on here then I will need my chakra later so I will conserve it. Are you sure you can beat Gaara."

Naruto said "Yeah, but I don't know how good I will be after that match."

Shikamaru looked at Shino who said "You take care of Gaara, I will take care of Kankuro and Shikamaru will take care of Temari if things really do go wrong here."

Naruto said "Right, I don't like this but I got the feeling things are very wrong here."

As Temari made it back to the balcony Temari screamed "Why did you forfeit you lazy bum!"

Shikamaru said "Simple troublesome woman. Leaf ninja watch our own. You crossed the line with one of ours so one of ours will cross the line with you. Right Naruto."

Naruto said "Yeah Shikamaru. I just wonder if she will even get to me when Shino lets his bugs go on her." as he jumped over the rail and hit the ground hard creating a small crater about 5 ft wide.

Up in the stand Ino screamed "What is that lazy bum doing? He could beat that sand bitch!"

Sakura shook her head and said "It has to be male egos."

Asuma narrowed his eyes as he heard Shikamaru deceleration and he said "Something's going on here. He didn't quit to let Naruto deal with her...he quit to conserve his chakra...that Kankuro kid did it as well. You think they know something we don't." as he looked at Kurenai beside him.

Kurenai said "I agree. Look at Shino's jacket. He has un-cuffed his sleeves so he can release his hive faster and they are standing where they can see the 2 Gennin from Suna...they must know about the possible attack today and suspect Suna." as she started to look around the area at each of the ninja from Suna in the crowd.

Shikaku and Shibi both narrowed their eyes at their son's and reached the same conclusion, Shibi began to send bugs down the arm of the chair toward the Suna nins to drain them of their chakra.

As both Naruto and Gaara stood across from each other Genma said "I hope you both are ready...fight." as he jumped back.

Gaara said "Mother said you strong. Mother wants your blood." as the cork on Gaara gourd popped out and onto the ground and soon sand started to fly out of his gourd and circle around Gaara.

Naruto waited until the sand suddenly lunged at him as he saw it had done against lee and he quickly raised his right arm and an explosion hit the sand that was charging toward Naruto and Naruto was on the move running toward the walls of the arena.

Gaara who had momentarily stopped his attack from the explosion sent his sand out after Naruto who was now sticking to the wall and as the sand started to reach up to grab him Naruto raised his right arm again and a slight glint was reflected and a few people saw a senbon needle heading toward Gaara while Naruto was running full speed across the wall with the sand chasing him when an explosion hit where Gaara was standing and the sand stopped and ran back toward Gaara.

Everyone looked at Gaara as the smoke from the explosion cleared and saw the sand armor around him repairing itself while Gaara was whispering to himself.

Naruto glanced and thought "you were right Eva. His sand attacks would withdraw to protect Gaara when an immediate threat is present. Those rocket senbon needles are good but it appears that he has a second defense that I didn't really know about and was able to save him. What do you suggest."

Eva said "According to sonar scans there is a pipe 20 yards east of your position that has water in it. I will target the spot on your HUD and once you have the water you can use that jutsu."

Naruto saw a marker appear on his vision and he saw the sand was charging him again so he started to run around the wall with the sand chasing him again and when he was across from them he raised his right arm again and another senbon fired from his arm though to everyone 3 ft away or more it appeared as if it just appeared out of thin air and flew across the stadium hitting the wall and caused the wall to blow open with water spraying lightly out of the wall.

Up in the audience stand Ino asked "How is he making those explosions Sakura."

Sakura said "I don't know Ino."

A voice that caught their attention from a few seat back said "Exploding senbon needles." as both girl looked and saw Tenten.

Ino said "Hey, your that girl from the exams."

Tenten said "And your both the banshees who had more of a cat fight than a ninja fight."

Sakura said "So you know how Naruto is doing that then."

Tenten said "I know part of it. I saw them as they flew but what I don't know is how he is launching them or even carrying them since he is not throwing them and I don't see any weapon pouches. He might have them under a Genjutsu but I don't think so since I have not been able to dispel one."

Naruto smirked as he jumped off the wall he was running on and began to flash through hand seals and said "Hidden mist no Jutsu." as the water began to quickly form a mist that covered the entire arena floor.

Gaara was looking around for Naruto and he had the sand begin to form a ball around him. Above the fog an eye of sand appeared in mid air.

Naruto who was hiding in the fog thought "what now."

Eva said "Radar has picked up an object floating in the air above the mist. Based on the display I believe it is a viewing orb of some kind to spy on you. I believe destroying it would be beneficial."

Naruto nods and thought "do you have the location of Gaara."

Eva said "Switching to inferred and ultraviolet."

The HUD screen Naruto was looking out switched from normal to red and purple over lapping each other and Naruto saw 2 shapes with one being inside a dome and Naruto thought "that must be him. Do you think THAT can piece that shell"

Eva was quite for several second and said "Using a 40 percent charge should work."

Naruto glanced at the power reading in the top right corner and saw it slowly increasing from 60 percent and he frowned and thought "but that means I have to lose my cloaking shield."

Eva said "Correct."

Naruto sighed and thought "do it."

The cloak around Naruto dropped revealing him in his armor and Naruto raised his left arm toward where the dome was in the mist and held his palm up as a blue jewel in the glove started to glow with chakra.

Everyone tensed as they felt massive chakra beginning to build.

The third tensed as he felt this as did the Kazekage.

Naruto thought "Eva, as soon as you have enough power to restore the cloak do it." as he saw the power reading on the side decreasing down to 20 percent left and Naruto jerked his wrist that he was holding up and a blue shock wave of chakra shot out of the jewel.

Gaara floating eye saw the chakra heading toward Gaara shell and the sand around the shell began to thicken as the shock wave struck the shell an explosion rocked the entire stadium blowing dust and dirt into the area and blowing most of the mist away.

As the dust began to clear two figures could be seen in the dust cloud but nobody could see anything about the two. Finally the head of Gaara could be see which was halfway covered in sand and his eye looking dull.

As the smoke began to clear all anyone could see was blue light shining through the dirt until the light dissipated and the body of Naruto was seen standing there panting and he said "Note to self...get more range for 40 percent and reinforce my arms with chakra to withstand the kickback." as he fell to one knee panting holding his left shoulder.

Genma looked at the two and thought "just what the fuck was that."

Gaara looked down and he touched his chest that was bleeding and asked "What is this...is it...my BLOOD." as he grabbed his head and the sand began to cover his entire body.

The ground began to vibrate as the dirt began to slowly spin and Naruto said "That can't be good." as suddenly a huge hand of sand began to form and tried to close around Naruto who said "Shit." as he crouched down and jumped in the air quickly with the hand shooting after him.

In the crowd the Suna ninja were beginning to get worried when Gaara screamed out about his blood .

Temari and Kankuro both looked on with worry for Gaara,

Up in the Kage box the Sandiame looked at the Kazekage who looked at him and one of the Suna guards went to move forward to kill the guard of the Sandiame when suddenly something blew through the floor intercepting the kunai that was heading for the guard and everyone looked and notice Naruto who was panting and he said "LOOK OUT." And suddenly the entire flooring broke apart as the Kazekage was sent flying into the air as the huge fist of sand came flying through the floor and each of the ninja quickly jumped away with Naruto beside the Hokage. At that moment all hell broke loose.

Down on the floor the body of Shikaku was forming with the arm already formed.

The Sandiame who landed on a piece of the now ruined Kage box asked "Are you alright Naruto."

Naruto said "Yeah but I don't know how many more of those sand fist I can take. I'm going to see if I can lure Gaara outside the village to try and keep people from being hurt."

The Sandiame frowned and said "Are you sure Naruto."

Naruto said "Trust me." as he jumped into the air and to the shock of the Sandiame Naruto hovered over the still forming sand demon and he raised his right wrist and 10 senbon launched out of it hitting the sand making it explode drawing attention from the yellow eyes that had now formed.

Naruto said "Oi, ugly, follow me." as he began to fly away from the village backwards. Shikaku who had now finished forming with Gaara awake on top of its head and he screamed "I shall have your blood for mother." as he began to chase Naruto slowly destroying a section of the stadium wall.

Naruto saw Gaara sitting on top of the sand body and then saw as several explosion rocked around the village and thought "if I can take out Gaara I can't help the village, but I guess I have no choice. Eva, I am going to hit the head of that thing with every ounce of controlled chakra I have left. When I hit the ground seal all armor and I will use my regular chakra. Good thing we found out that the guy who gave this to me didn't want me dying by running out of power huh."

Eva said "I understand and will work on recharging the power cell as quickly as possible. After that what are your orders."

Naruto said "When fully recharged restore stealth shield and armor."

Eva said "Roger, 12 minutes from deactivation till full recharge. Don't die in those 12 minutes. Diverting all power to hand thrust cannon."

Naruto felt his speed dropping as he saw Gaara and the sand demon getting closer and he started to lose his thrust to keep to the air as his armor appeared and he pointed his left arm at the head of Shikaku and Eva said "NOW." and Naruto snapped his wrist and the glowing jewel in his left hand fired a massive ball of chakra that was over 40 feet wide at the head of Shikaku blasting the head into billions of pieces as Gaara lost the body that was holding him in the air the sand construct of Shikaku quickly began to fall apart as Gaara fell toward the ground below some sand caught up with him and began to protect him however as he hit the ground he hit a tree he had broke as Shikaku and a branch went through his side just and stuck through him until over 5 ft of it was sticking out covered in blood.

Shikaku inside of Gaara, faced with trying to get revenge or survive quickly began to try and keep Gaara alive.

Naruto after he fired the shot recoiled and began to spin uncontrollably and he bounce against several branches until he hit the ground hard. As the armor disappeared Naruto head was seen bleeding from smacking against the armor during the fall as he moaned "ooow" before he passed out.