Naruto walked through the village with a small spring in his step and thought "Hmm.....threating a council member usually $500 fine, threatening the entire council usually a $5000 fine, having a Kagebunshin use sexy no jutsu as dad and scare the shit out of the council with threatening to release Kyuubi....priceless. When in political headaches arise, to get rid of them make them want to avoid you." as a smile formed on his face.

He saw a few people nod toward him and thought "strange, I figured by now people would have forgotten about my part of the invasion. Well Tenten wanted me to come by after I got out so here I go." as he changed direction.

10 minutes later Naruto opened the door to the Wolf Claw weapon shop and saw Dustin behind the counter and said "Hi."

Dustin looked at him and said "Hello............I'm sorry but I am all out of daughters after you got the last one." as he glared at Naruto.

Naruto sighed and said "It wasn't my fault. Things were not suppose to happen like they did."

Dustin said "But they did so now what are you going to do about it."

Naruto said "What can I do. All 4 of the woman in my life have basically decided for themselves what they want to do and are going to do it even if I say no."

Dustin blinked and asked "4, I thought there was only 3."

Eva appeared in a puff of smoke as her red headed self and said "The 4th would be me. Hello creator."

Dustin blinked and said "Your real." as he walked around the counter.

Naruto said "Yeah though this is only temporary. Were working on a way to let her stay out but it's taking time."

Dustin touched Eva arm and head and said "You feel like flesh and"

Eva said "Combined sealing, chakra control and ninjutsu. I can only take one strong hit so far before I am dispelled or run out of chakra. Though it does allow for physical contact between Naruto and me."

Dustin said "I see......Your different Eva. Your evolving from the original program some how."

Eva said "I know, I am self aware. I have been since shortly after bonding with Naruto-kun."

Dustin looked at Naruto and said "So what are you doing here."

Naruto said "Tenten asked me to come see here after I got out of the council chamber today. I just got out and came here."

Dustin said "Well she's not here, she went to meet someone about something."

Naruto said "I see.....for what it's worth I am sorry about all this. I tried to keep her out of my business but she doesn't take no for an answer."

Dustin chuckled and said "Your right about that.......for what it's worth kid I may not like the way things happened but I am actually glad she's with you. At least I know you will try and make her happy."

Naruto said "I will try though I know I will make mistakes."

Dustin said "We all do. So can I help you with anything."

Naruto thought a second and said "Do you mind if Eva and I look at your inventory. We are working on several things to make us stronger and for the future and we need ideas on how to do them."

Dustin said "Sure, look around. Eva should be able to scan everything pretty quickly."

Eva said "Yes. Thank you Dustin-sama." as she began to walk around the store.

Dustin looked at her and asked "Why did she change her looks."

Naruto sighed and said "Because Tenten keep confusing her with her late mother."

Dustin said "I what was the council meeting about."

Naruto shrugged and said "A little this, little that, Uchiha Itachi back in the village and it turns out Danzo had the Uchiha killed and Itachi was a spy for Konoha. Some idiots thought it would be a good idea to have me killed so I scared the shit out of them and they know who my dad is now. Nothing big."

Dustin blinked as he processed everything he heard before he chuckled and said "I see. You are a surprising one."

Eva walked back over and said "I scanned everything and found a few that might come in handy later though I am nearly out of chakra again. I will save the rest for later." as she went up in smoke and Naruto reached down and grabbed the small ball and placed it on his shoulder where it was reabsorbed into the armor.

Dustin saw this and said "Interesting. My wife and I never thought of anything like that."

Naruto said "Some of my enemies now nearly my entire arsenal now so I am having to add to it. I guess I better get to training then. Tell Tenten I came by and she might be late coming from practice tomorrow. Tsunade-bachan is giving us the Nidaime home to start the Namikaze clan in."

Dustin was wide eyed and said "Your kidding."

Naruto said "Nope, Tsunade going to show it to us tomorrow after team practice."

Dustin said "I will be sure to tell Tenten. She's going to love that."

Naruto said "Well I best be going. Cya." as he left.

After he was gone Dustin sighed and said "So what's up."

Tenten stepped out from the back and said "I don't want to talk to him right now. I'm not ready yet."

Dustin sighed and said "If you want out then tell him Tenten. I am sure that he will understand."

Tenten said "It's not's.....I like him, that's not the problem, I'm just confused right now. I.....He talks about family and kids and plans for the future but I'm not ready to think about those things. I want to make a name for myself and fulfill my dream but I....." as she felt a pair of arms circle around her making her freeze in place.

Dustin saw who was behind her and her freeze and said "Well I guess I need to see if that material I ordered has come in. Cya later dear." as he smiled and left.

Tenten slowly turned her head and saw Naruto standing there and he looked at her with kindness in his eyes and said "Hi."

Tenten blushed and said "Hi.....Look about..." as she was silenced with Naruto putting his finger to her lips and said "Shh...." as he stepped back away from her.

Tenten frowned and Naruto said "I understand how you feel Tenten. Believe me I do. I went from thinking everyone hates me to having 4 woman want to be in my life. I understand your confused and frightened by all this and so am I. I'm scared I'm going to hurt you or that someone will hurt you to get to me or that you will wake up and realize you don't care for me. I'm scared about what it's going to be like to be a husband or a father and I know your scared of being a wife and a mother. I understand and I respect you wanting to fulfill your dream and make a name for yourself. I'm the same way. I'm sorry for mentioning about kids and I don't mean right now. I was just thinking like 5 or 10 years down the road. Shizune talked to me about sex and she told me that it's not healthy for someone our age to have kids right now so I wasn't meaning to make you uncomfortable. It was just something that Eva and I were talking about the future and I thought I would tell you and Yuu-chan as well so that way while we try to figure out a way to make our FUTURE family better you could help with it.....Since things are going so fast, how about this. We spend some time together in casual atmosphere and work on being friends first. Forget the wedding thing and the engagement thing for now. If that is as far as we want to take it that's fine but I am willing to take time and get to know you if your willing to do the same. If we both decide to move on in our relationship then I will do the right thing and ASK you to marry me, not this political bullshit. Earlier today I nearly killed the council over their idiotic ideas and if they tried to force us to marry and we didn't want to I would make their lives a living hell. I am known as the prank master from hell for a reason you know."

Tenten smiled a little and asked "How did you get in here behind me like that and how did you know I was here."

Naruto said "I knew you were here because Eva detected you. As for getting behind you. I didn't, I'm leaning against the building outside waiting to see if you will accept my invention. I created a Kagebunshin behind you when I left. I'm going to go train in 2 of my elements, wind and water as well as some other training, if you want to join me I am waiting." as he went up in smoke.

Tenten glared at the spot he was at before she walked out to the door and saw Naruto just around the corner and said "Give me 5 minutes to get my things." as she slammed the door and went to grab her gear.

After locking up the store she asked "So where are we going to train."

Naruto said "I learned some really cool exercises to work on water affinities and I think jiji said you had water also right."

Tenten said "Yeah."

Naruto said "If you want I can tell you the first one and we can work on it while we play 20 questions. I want to get to know you better and I am sure your the same. What do you say."

Tenten said "Fine, show me the way."

Naruto said "Great, come on." as he took he hand and began to run through the village.

10 minutes later the pair was standing at the lake at the bottom of the water fall Naruto was on the day before and he put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no Jutsu." as 60 clones appeared and he said "Alright, divide evenly, 1/3 work on water, 1/3 on wind, and the rest on chakra control. GO." as all the clones said "Yes sir." as they immediately got to work.

Tenten saw them divide up and go away and she said "I don't think I will ever get use to that."

Naruto shrugged and said "It does come in handy though now I know why it was in the forbidden scroll. So you ready to learn this."

Tenten said "I guess, what do I got to do."

Naruto said "You know water walking right."

Tenten nods and Naruto said "Good, the first exercise is you have to walk out on the water and then send your chakra into the water until your chakra forms a circle about 5 ft around you and you use your chakra to make the water spin either clockwise or counter clockwise, not both. This will increase your reserves, control and water manipulation so your elemental control gets better."

Tenten said "Alright, lets try this." as she walked out and put her hand in a ram seal and began to push her chakra into the water. After a few minutes with her sweating she said "This is harder then it looks."

Naruto said "I know, after trying it with my clones all day yesterday after I got out of the hospital they could only get about a foot or 2 of water to move like I wanted. Even now it looks like they are only at 3 feet of control. Shizune said this could take years to master but it would help in the long run."

Tenten nods and after about 5 more minutes she walks to shore and said "I need a break, my chakra is low."

Naruto said "I guess then we could spend time talking while you rest."

Tenten said "I what do you want to know."

Naruto thought a moment and said "What is your dream you spoke about earlier."

Tenten blinked and said "That's surprising. Nobody ever actually asked that before. I've always had to tell people what it was.....Well the truth is I always wanted to become strong and famous like my idol Tsunade and I want to prove that woman can be just as good as men can."

Naruto blinked and said "Huh."

Tenten looked at him and asked "Huh, what do you mean huh." in a demanding tone.

Naruto rubbed his head and said "Well of coarse woman can be as strong as men, who said they weren't." looking confused.

Tenten blinked and looked at Naruto who was still rubbing his head and she asked "Haven't you ever notice how woman are treated different then men, like we are weaker and can only be of use because of our bodies."

Naruto frowned and thought a moment and said "I guess I never really thought about it that you mention it I remember Sakura-chan always getting took for special classes while we were running laps but I thought that her and the others were learning special moves."

Tenten snorts and said "Flower arrangements and flirting are not what I call special moves. I wanted to stab my teacher in the academy with a dull rusted kunai."

Naruto thought a moment and said "Well that wasn't what I thought they were getting taught. I thought that since girls had better chakra control then guys they were being taught how to control it during those classes."

Tenten burst out laughing and said "Your an idiot."

Naruto frowned and looked down and Tenten saw this and said "Sorry. I didn't mean it literally."

Naruto waved his hand and sat down on the shore and said "I've been called worse before. I'm use to it."

Tenten got up and sat down beside him and said "I didn't mean it though. I was just saying that if that was what you thought we were learning and why woman have better control of our chakra your wrong. The truth is woman have smaller chakra reserves naturally and because we have smaller amounts then we have better control. That is why most medical nins are female as well as genjutsu users."

Naruto thought a moment and said "So that is why you chose weapons because it's not one of those 2 fields so that way when you show everyone how strong you are they can't say it comes natural to you."

Tenten was wide eyed and said " did you guess."

Naruto said "It makes since. At least to me in a way it does. During your match with Temari you used chakra strings to pull your weapons at her for the second part right."

Tenten said "Partially. It was special ninja wire that can be controlled with chakra ."

Naruto said "Well I thought it was chakra strings but what you used would be the same as what I was thinking. You used your natural chakra control to enhance your chosen field like driving a nail into the wall to show everyone 'LOOK, I DID THIS AS A WOMAN."

Tenten thought about what he said a moment and said "I never thought about it like that before. I just thought that by choosing weapons and everything associated with it then everyone would have to recognize me as the master in that field."

Naruto said "Well your not weak. Most of the worst hits I ever took were from woman. Hell Tsunade put me through a wall when I first met her and Sakura not to far behind that if she would learn to channel her energy like she does when I pissed her off. Yuugao can cut you up faster then you can see, Temari can stop nearly anything that is thrown at her and then there is you."

Tenten asked "What about me."

Naruto said "Gai-sensei said that you had 100 percent accuracy at throwing weapons. I can only hit the target 7 out of 10 times and that's if it's not moving. I usually only hit 3 or 4 times a moving target and never where I am aiming at. For someone, male or female, to have that good of accuracy at throwing weapons makes you a very deadly. I know I wouldn't want you to throw them at me because I would be cut up into little tiny pieces and that's WITH the armor. Then there is ALL those weapons you have. I know you keep a bunch sealed but I remember when we were in the academy and I saw you outside the window throwing weapons and I still don't know where the hell you keep all them."

Tenten blushed and said "A girls got to have her secrets."

Naruto said "I can understand that. But your not weak and anyone who says you are has never seen you fight. Hell I bet you could have turned Sasuke-teme into chop liver with his Sharingan if you would have faced him. Hell you would have beat anyone in the exams besides Temari and Gaara and that's only because there are no wind users in this village for you to have trained against to know of that weakness. I bet if you went against wind users all the time you would figured out a way to throw your weapons against the wind and kicked her ass."

Tenten asked "You really think so."

Naruto said "I do."

Tenten smiled and kissed his cheek and said "Thanks."

Naruto blushed and asked "For what."

Tenten said "For being a nice guy."

Naruto said "I try. So what do you want to know about me."

Tenten said "Lets see....I know about your parents, Eva, the suit...fur ball.....Wave.......I know your dream is to be Hokage and someday have a love ramen.....lets see."

Naruto waited for Tenten to think a few moments and she asked "Well I don't know....what something about you I don't know."

Naruto snorts and said "There's a lot about me you don't know. I like the color orange."

Tenten said "I thought that you wore that jumpsuit because nobody would sell you anything else."

Naruto said "Partially, but the real reason I like orange is because it reminds me of sunrise and sunset. I like to watch both because they both represent both beginnings and ends."

Tenten thought a moment and said "I guess I could see that. I never really though of it like that."

Naruto asked "What about you."

Tenten asked "What about me."

Naruto asked "What's your favorite color and why."

Tenten said "You may laugh but it's silver."

Naruto asked "Why, not that I think it's bad but I never heard anyone say they liked the color silver before."

Tenten reached up and pulled out a necklace from around her neck and it had a ring on it and said "Because this is my mom's wedding ring, besides her dairy this is basically the only thing I have that is all hers and it's silver."

Naruto said "I see...your turn."

Tenten thought a moment and said "Hobbies."

Naruto said "Watching sunrises and"

Tenten asked " mean using kunais and strings to catch fish."

Naruto said "No, I mean using a fishing pole and take my time to relax doing them. I learned how to do it when I was in Wave....I took Inari our fishing since...." as he looked away.

Tenten saw him look away and asked "Since what."

Naruto bit his lip and said "There.....theres something your going to hear soon and I guess I better explain it. You remember Tsunami, Inari mom."

Tenten nods and Naruto said "Something happened to her and she's going to be a mom again."

Tenten blinked and narrowed her eyes and asked "What does that have to do with you."

Naruto said "The fathers not around anymore. Her son and father don't know about it yet."

Tenten frowned and said "So...."

Naruto said "Only Tsunami, Yuu-chan and now you know the truth. Tsunami a good woman and she's done so much for me I wanted to help her where I could. She was there for me after my first kill and so when I was in Wave learning to use the suit I said I agreed to say the babies mine."

Tenten took a deep breath and asked "Is it."

Naruto said "No....I hope he was one of the men I killed."

Tenten looked at him a moment before she pieced everything together and said "Oh....I didn't...."

Naruto interrupted her and said "Nobody else knows and I want it to remain that way. The only reason I'm telling you is because people will talk after the babies born and I don't want you to think I'm cheating on you. She had to be strong for her son and father so much that she couldn't even deal with it. She just had to keep going on....I helped her where I could but theres not much anyone can do....I hope you understand."

Tenten said "I do......that's something nearly every woman fears on some any other hobbies." trying to change the subject.

Naruto said "Dancing."

Tenten looked shock and said " that I did not see coming. You any good."

Before Naruto could respond music started to play a light tune and Naruto chuckled and said "I guess I can show you. Shall we." as he stood up and held out his hand.

Tenten said "But I don't know how to dance."

Naruto said "Then follow my lead."

Tenten bit her lip and slowly took his hand and Naruto put both her arms over his shoulders and he put his hands on her side and she giggled a second and Naruto said "Still ticklish huh."

Tenten glared at him as they began to dance and Tenten after a few minutes put her head on his chest and closed her eyes listening to his heartbeat and the music.

They danced for around 20 minutes and she looked down and went wide eyed and found they were on the lake and she looked at Naruto shocked and started to say something when he said "I'm using my chakra to make a platform under us so we can dance. Your really good at this."

Tenten blushed and said "I got a good teacher."

Naruto said "So how do you feel. Want to train some more, talk some more, or call it a day.

Tenten looked at the sky and said "It's already that late." as she saw it was about an hour till sunset.

Naruto said "Yeah."

Tenten yawned and said "Man, I didn't realize I was so tired.....I guess we should head back. I bet dad's upset."

Naruto said "I'll walk you home."

Tenten said "I can walk myself."

Naruto said "I know. I just thought it would give us a chance to talk some more on the way back."

A swirl of leaves appeared near them and a splash was heard and both looked over and saw an ANBU who had fell in the water making both teens laugh and the ANBU glared at them through his mask and said "Naruto Uzumaki, you have gate duty that you are late for."

Naruto frowned and said "Nobody informed me."

The ANBU said "It's on the wall as you enter the mission room. It is updated every Wednesday."

Naruto said "Thanks. I will head there and check it in the future."

The ANBU nods and leaves and Naruto looked at Tenten and said "I guess I can't walk you home after all."

Tenten said "It's alright. I had fun though."

Naruto said "I'm glad. I did also."

Tenten said "Well you better go."

Naruto nods and starts to turn away when Tenten turns him back around and kisses his lips lightly and stepped back and said "Good night."

Naruto smiled and said "Night, see you tomorrow." as he ran off the lake and went toward the main gates.

After he was gone Tenten sighed before she walked toward the shore and blinked when she got there as another Naruto was standing there and said "If boss can't walk you home at least one of us could." as he motioned toward all the clones.

Tenten looked at them a moment before a sweet little smile appeared on her face and said "What's a girl to do....tell you what, fight each other and the last one standing gets to walk me home.

All the Kagebunshin started to instantly fight and Tenten giggled to herself as she left without the clones noticing.

When Naruto got to the gates he saw Kakashi who was reading his book and Naruto frowned before he said "Sorry I'm late. Got lost on the road of life."

Kakashi looked from his book and said "2nd right and straight on till morning. Cya." as he smiled before leaving in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto looked at the other guard and said "Hi."

The guard grunted and said "Wake me if anyone comes." as he closed his eyes.

Naruto thought "great, another Shikamaru......damn woman. Did she have to tell them that."

The next day Naruto walked onto training ground 7 and saw Sakura sitting on the bridge and he looked around and put his hands together and 10 puffs of smoke appeared and he said "Get to it."

The Kagebunshin that appeared divided in half with 5 of them standing on the water while the other 5 grab rocks and began to try to cut them.

Naruto sat down on the bridge and closed his eyes and began to meditate ignoring Sakura looking at him.

Sakura cleared her throat and said "Hi Naruto."

Naruto said "Hello Sakura." in a neutral tone.

Sakura frowned and looked down and Naruto opened his eyes and said "Sorry. I had guard duty till 4 am this morning and I'm a little tired. It's not you."

Tenten said "So even you need sleep Mr. Stamina." with a smile.

Naruto smiled and said "hey Ten-chan, sleep well." as he yawned

Tenten said "Yeah, kept dreaming of dancing on water though." with a mild blush on her face.

Naruto said "We got to do that again sometime at night on a full moon. That way the silver moon will reflect off the water."

Sakura was looking back and forward and asked "Are you two going out."

Naruto rubbed his head and Tenten said "I'm engaged to him."

Sakura eyes got wide and she looked at Naruto shocked and Naruto said "Long story short, I'm suppose to marry Ten-chan, Temari-chan, and Yuu-chan after the Chunnin exams in Suna."

Sakura asked "But...but how......what's going on. Why him."

Naruto rubbed his collar to his cloak and said "What can I say. Woman love a sharp dress man."

Tenten burst out laughing holding her side as Sakura gaped at Naruto and a voice that all 3 recognized said "My, seems you are all 3 full of energy today." making them look and saw Kakashi sitting on the top of the bridge in a crouch holding his book.

Naruto looked around and said "Wheres Weasil."

Kakashi looked at Naruto questionably and Naruto said "The Hokage's give me info ahead of time. Especially when it nearly cost me my life."

A swirl of leaves appeared on the bridge and Sakura flinched and said "Sasuke."

Naruto ignored Sakura and said "Hey Weasil."

Itachi looked at Naruto and said "Hello Naruto-kun.......I see you are doing wind and water manipulation exercises." as he looked at the clones.

Naruto said "Yeah. So what's the plan."

Itachi looked at Kakashi who was looking at Itachi with a frown behind his mask and Kakashi said "Well we need to see what you can do and...."

Itachi said "Actually Kakashi-san, Hokage-sama has stated that all 3 here have outside training besides what they are learning from us. She wants us to work on the fundamentals with them for now like chakra control, hand sign speed, endurance, stamina, and weapon efficiency. Combat training can come later.....Now I will ask if you know something if you do say yes if not remain silent. We will then go from there."

Kakashi frowned and said "I don't think they are ready for the kind of training your proposing Itachi. That is ANBU level training and Naruto is only barely a...."

Naruto interrupts him and said "Why don't you just go back and blow Sasuke-teme Kakashi, you don't want to train any of us and as far as you care we can all die. Tenten already a hell of a kunoichi and has learned more from Gai-sensei then she ever could learn from you, Sakura is learning from Tsunade things that would have been helpful back in Wave and the Chunnin exams but you were to busy kissing Sasuke ass to teach her and remember you said I wasn't even worth you time."

Kakashi said "Watch your remark Chunnin." in a demanding voice.

Naruto said "Truth hurts doesn't it." as he glared at him and Tenten placed her hand on Naruto shoulder who sighed and said "Sorry Kakashi-san, your past experience with this team leaves me with a lack of faith in your credibility to teach us anything. I will however reserve judgment until later."

Kakashi frowned behind his mask and Itachi said "Now lets begin, tree walking.....water walking.......kunai balancing...whirlpool walking" getting a yes from all 3 on the first 2 and only Naruto on the third and silence on the last.

Itachi said "I see. Then after warm ups Sakura and Tenten will work on the kunai balancing while Naruto-kun works on the whirlpool walking. Once both girls can do both exercises for an hour showing mastery they will join Naruto-kun. Now for warm ups we will begin with a 5 mile hike while each of you will work on your hand seal speed by going over all 12 of them over and over again increasing your speed as you do it but do not mold your chakra doing that. We are only working on hand seal speed for now."

Naruto asked "Do you know one hand signs."

Itachi looked at Naruto and said "Yes though there are 24 of them and I am not planning to teach them yet. Why."

Naruto frowned and said "My bloodline can use one hand signs and I was hoping to at least get a reference point for them so I can practice with it outside of team training."

Itachi said "Alright, I will show you all 24 slowly only once though."

Naruto said "That's all I need."

Itachi went through them and Kakashi asked "I was not aware you had a bloodline Naruto. What is it."

Naruto said "No offense Kakashi but I don't trust you right now so I won't tell you." with a glare.

Tenten said "Naruto-kun, calm down."

Naruto frowned and said "Fine." as he looked at Itachi.

Itachi shook his head and took a deep breath and said "Now before we begin I think you all should know exactly why these hand signs are important."

Sakura said "Hand signs are used to make jutsu." trying to show how smart she is.

Itachi said "Incorrect. Hand signs are actually what Naruto Kagebunshin are doing over there. They manipulate chakra into different forms, shapes, and elements. The first 5 hand signs, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon are actually the 5 main elements. Rat is earth, Ox is lightning, Tiger is fire, Rabbit is wind, and Dragon is water. Nearly every jutsu you see besides bloodlines will either begin or end with one of these hand signs. Now the next 3 are snake, horse, and ram. These 3 are shape manipulation of the element. The last 4 are control seals. Monkey, Inu, Boar and Bird allow for control of the element. So basically what you are doing is choosing a base element to start with, then begin shaping it and then controlling the shape so it doesn't fall apart before you add to it by adding a second element or more shape and control. Do you 3 understand."

Naruto said "So basically if we started with Dragon we could do that water dragon Zabuza and Kakashi used."

Itachi said "No, it would be added in there but the water dragon jutsu is a perfect example of each hand signs meaning." as he flashed through the hand signs and a water dragon formed and killed the Kagebunshin.

Naruto frowned and said "Damn. One of them almost had the first exercise done."

Itachi said "Now do any of you have anymore questions."

No one said anything and Itachi said "Alright, lets go." as he began to lead them through the woods for their hike.

Kakashi looked down and thought "I really screwed up with them and it seems that it is getting worse." as he began to follow.

Once they were back at the training grounds where they began Itachi looked at Kakashi and said "Will you work with them on the kunai balancing while I show Naruto-kun whirlpool walking."

Kakashi said "Alright." as he took the girls away from the water.

Itachi walked to the water and went through 30 hand signs before touching the water and it began to spin and he said "Now all you have to do is walk to the center of this whirlpool and stay there. The whirlpool will try and throw you away from the center so you have to constantly work on it or start back at the very beginning. Do you have any questions."

Naruto said "No Itachi-sensei." as he walked out on the water and made it about 2 steps before he was shoved 5 feet away from the edge of the whirlpool.

Itachi said "This is a Jounin level chakra control exercise I learned from Kisame. Keep practicing. I can keep the whirlpool going for an hour." as he walked over and began to watch the girls practice while Kakashi pulled out his book and began to read.

An hour later Naruto was panting as he stepped on the shore after the whirlpool dissolved and he said "That was harder then I thought."

Itachi said "You made it to the 6th ring, that is not bad for your first attempt. You have better then average Gennin level chakra control."

Tenten was sitting down resting and asked "What do you mean. How could you tell his chakra control level."

Itachi said "The whirlpool exercise creates 30 ring of water. They are divided into 6 rings, the furthest 6 are Gennin chakra control, next six are Chunnin, next 6 are ANBU, then Jounin and last is medic nin. Now the trick to this exercise besides showing what level you are at is also how much chakra you have. For Naruto he has more chakra then all of us put together but because of his low control he is right at the border between a high Gennin and low Chunnin. Now from what I saw both you have excellent chakra control but you have smaller reserves. I would say you Sakura would make it to about the 3rd or 4th ring and Tenten would be at the same level as Naruto but only barely."

Both girls frowned and Tenten opened her mouth to say something when a scream of "ITACHI." rang through the clearing with the sound of a Chidori.

Naruto looked where the voice was coming from and saw Sasuke charging toward Itachi in a blur while holding his wrist and as he neared Itachi, Kakashi was already in motion pulling Sakura out of the way and Itachi replaced himself.

Sasuke however still had his speed going and without his Sharingan he did not see Itachi replace himself until he stabbed his hand through the log where Itachi had been destroying the log and still moving however he was off balance not expecting Itachi to get out of the way........however the next moment all eyes in the clearing saw the sight of blood and the sound of flesh being torn apart.

Naruto was wide eyed and screamed "NOOOO......"

Naruto was by Sasuke in moments breaking Sasuke arm as he removed it from Tenten who tried to move but was to tired to get out of the way quick enough chest.

Naruto held Tenten and held his hand over her chest where the wound was and was whispering in a scared voice "no Tenten, can't be....please god no.....please someone...."

Kakashi turned his head as he saw Naruto crying for Tenten and thought "there's nothing we can do....She's dead." as he looked at Sasuke who was holding his arm while glaring at Itachi who was in a tree looking at the scene in sadness.

Sakura looked at Tenten in shock and was shaking as she turned to look at Sasuke and thought "that could have been me."

Eva appeared shocking everyone but Naruto and held Naruto and said "There's nothing we can do for her...she's dead." near his ear as she held him.

Naruto closed his eyes and let tears fall a moment. Sasuke screamed "Itachi....." completely ignoring the fact he just killed Tenten.

Naruto clenched his fist in rage and set Tenten body on the ground softly and slowly stood up and said "Sasuke, I'" as the armor appeared around his feet and began to cover his body and he turned and everyone who saw the armor looked at the helmet cover his head and the last thing they saw of Naruto face was his slitted red eyes.

Sasuke looked at Naruto in shocked and said "What happened to you dobe."

Naruto raised his arm and fired a senbon at Sasuke who dodged to the side as the senbon hit the tree behind him exploded.

Sasuke saw this and screamed "Are you nuts, have you lost your mind."

Sasuke took out a kunai and threw it at Naruto and it bounced off his body.

Sakura thought "What is that armor....can he even see or is he blind in there."

Kakashi looked at Naruto and thought "How can he even stand in that armor. Can he walk at all or if he moves will he fall if he loses his balance.

Naruto said "I'm going to kill you." as he began to stalk toward Sasuke.

Sasuke seeing this began flashing through hand signs and said "Fire style:Fireball jutsu." as he breathed out a huge stream of fire at Naruto and covered his armor and Sasuke thought "Is he alive or dead." as he looked around.

Itachi saw as the fire went away and Naruto still was stalking toward Sasuke and thought "Has he thoughts in his head besides getting revenge on Sasuke."

Naruto held up his other arm and it was glowing blue and he jerked his arm slightly and a blast of chakra shot at Sasuke who replaced himself with a log and the blast destroyed the log.

Sakura saw this and was scared and thought "Why hasn't anyone gone to get help for Tenten.....I'll go get help for her......I'll just pass him by and go get her some help."

Sasuke gritted his teeth and said "What is wrong with you, why do you even care at all about her. She's nothing but a weak little girl."

Naruto growled and began to form a RasenShuriken in his hand and he threw it at Sasuke and Kakashi shoved Sasuke out of the way as it cut off a couple of hairs on his head and continued on until it sliced into a tree behind them and the tree began to fall toward the ground.

Kakashi stood up and said "Enough Naruto. Stop. There is nothing we can do to change the fact Tenten dead. Sasuke will be punished."

Naruto said "NO.....there is no punishment for him but Death. I will get revenge for Tenten on him." as he began to form a Rasengan in his hand and then charged at Sasuke and Kakashi got in the way raising his Hiate and began to flash through hand signs and grabbed his wrist and lightning formed and he shoved his hand forward and met Naruto Rasengan and a shock wave went out as both Naruto and Kakashi tried to over power the other and Kakashi was gritting his teeth and said "STOP THIS NARUTO OR I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU. I WON'T LET YOU KILL SASUKE."

Naruto was gritting his teeth and said "Then I will just have to kill you as well." as he held up his free hand and pointed it at Kakashi and Sasuke who was behind him and his hand began to glow and Kakashi saw this and thought "that's the same attack he blew that tree up that log with. If it hits me it will kill me and go after Sasuke......I have no choice." and said "LAST WARNING, STOP OR I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU NARUTO."

Naruto said "Naruto dead....I am IRONMAN." as he began to jerk his wrist. Kakashi saw this and thought "forgive me." as his Sharingan changed shape and he looked at the center of Naruto chest. The area around Naruto chest began to spin as the armor tried to absorb the chakra from it Naruto looked down as he felt something pulling at the armor and he saw a black void appearing on his chest and he asked "What..." as he began feeling himself being pulled apart and he screamed "NOooooo....." as he was pulled into the void that Kakashi made with his Sharingan.

As Naruto disappeared Kakashi fell to the ground panting.

Sasuke let out a breath before he felt a blade at his neck and Itachi said "Foolish little brother." as he sliced Sasuke neck killing him.

Naruto blinked as he looked around and found himself laying on the ground and suddenly a team of ANBU appeared around him and he tried to move but found he couldn't and thought "Eva, why can't I move."

Eva was silent a moment and said "The armor took electrical damage from Kakashi lightning jutsu. The armor will take some time to move but...."

Naruto asked "But what."

Eva was silent a moment and said "The trees around us......It was late fall a few moments ago but it looks like it's late winter or early spring now."

Naruto blinked and thought "What does that have to do with anything."

Eva said "Naruto.....I got a theory but I need you to do something for me....."

An ANBU said "What do you think captain."

An ANBU in a dog mask said "I don't know. I don't know if this is just some armor or if there is someone inside of it and I don't know why it is in that crater." as he looked at the suit of armor in a 20 ft crater.

Naruto said "Hey....ANBU..."

The one in an Inu mask frowned and said "Who are you and what are you doing here."

Iron man said "The names Iron man but can you tell me what is todays date and year. I hit my head pretty hard when I was trying my invention out and I want to make sure my memories OK."

Inu said "It's February 19th xxxx."

Iron man said "Good, thanks." as flames shot out of his feet and the armor slid out of the crater following the slope as he took off flying into the air and soon a sonic boom was heard and Naruto was flying through the air and Eva said "So I was right, somehow we traveled time."

Iron man said "8's 8 months before that day. I should have a day in the academybefore graduate exam.........that means Tenten ali.....aahhhh." as he suddenly felt his stomach in pain.

Naruto was running through the village laughing and said "You idiots will never catch me." as ANBU chased after him as people looked at the Hokage monument and saw it was painted.

Suddenly Naruto grabbed his stomach and screamed in pain as his body began to dissolve as the ANBU landed around him and wondered what was going on as his body began to fade.

Once it was gone they looked at each other and one said "We need to report to the Hokage immediately about this.

Iron man flew wildly as he held his stomach and after 15 minutes the pain went away and he thought "what happened. I just felt pain and now I got memories of me being chased by ANBU after painting the Hokage monument."

Eva was silent a moment and said "There is a scientific theory that my creator learned. It said two objects could not exist at the same point at the same time....I believe that the Naruto from this time period has stop existing and you have now taken his place or you will stop existing yourself soon."

Iron man frowned and landed on the ground and after 20 minutes he thought "I guess it must be the what now."

Eva appeared in front of him and said "You've been given something that many people have wanted....a second chance to do have memories of the future and can change them if you wanted to..."

Iron man thought a moment and said "Haku....Tenten....I could save them both....."

Eva said "Yes and you prepare for Akatasuki and Orochimaru and have your revenge."

Iron man smiled and said "I love you Eva....." as he laughed.

Eva joined in and the woods around them were covered with laughter.

To be continued.

The rest of the story will be a sequel called IRONMAN. It was a joke I had planned from the beginning, WHO AM I, I AM........IRONMAN. get it. Have fun and I will get it out soon. Thanks.