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Jasper's POV

It didn't bother me anymore. It's fantastic. Alice was out of my love life forever.

Listen, it's not as if I don't love her or anything, because she'll always be, like, my best friend and all that, but… I'm just not into superficiality. It's gotten me into too much trouble before. And I can only take so much shopping and redecorating before I feel suicidal. Sixty years of it… is kind of too much.

And maybe… I'm not saying it's true, or anything, but… maybe… I like a human.



I sit down in English Lit with Emmet as usual, one seat behind her. She was probably one of the most interested in the class, but she didn't really care about stuff like Math or Physics. I couldn't stand the sciences. Literature and history… and a little bit of politics, that was me. I sat two across from her in History, one in front of her in Math but we're in different classes for everything else.

I liked to listen to her thoughts through Edward's handwriting, she didn't seem to work logically, and that, I hope, was what he thought my interest in her stemmed from - I didn't really want him to know about my… interest in her.

The lesson was the same as usual - she flicked through the pages and half listened, Edward was transcribing her interesting thoughts as she thought them.

Can't we get a better piece? This is so… hmm… actually; I suppose the lead is… fit in the videos. I guess that can hold me in good stead. Romeo's just a pig. (She's put on a stupid voice) I want you, no, you, you'll do, and I'll die for you. Really sensible. I wouldn't want anyone to die for me, either.

I folded my arms and sat back in my seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen," She snapped up in her seat, suddenly finding an interest in the lesson, "As you know, part of your course is graded on your speaking and listening skills, and I'm pretty set on you starting now. So I've divided the play into enough parts for you guys to work in pairs and prepare a fifteen minute presentation on your section-" I stopped listening.

Alice would be paired with Edward, as usual, Emmet with Rosalie, I would be the odd one out, as usual, an awkward conversation would ensue, could I join a pair, perhaps? Of course, I'd join either Edward or Alice, or Rose and Emmet.

Only when I snapped out of my stupor to look around the room, did I find my jaw dropping in horror.

Even numbers. She was new. She had been staring me in the face all this time. Damnit! She was there… she was new, and she was foreign, somewhere European - I hadn't spoken to her to hear her accent yet, and I was about to be stuck with a human because of her.

Damn her.

"Ben, would you work with Mr Crowley?" Tyler and Ben high-fived and half-whooped. I rolled my eyes and smiled, "Alice, if you would work with Rosalie, please, Edward, Emmet?" Oh, bugger. There was a long pause as she considered the rest of the class. Everyone was paired off one by one, I would take anyone in the class right now… anyone but her. My panic must have been affecting Edward; he must have been able to hear me panicking in my head.

"Calm down." He hissed at me. I shrugged, "She's only human."

"Mr Hale…" I looked up; our teacher was skimming her fingers down the register to find me a partner, "Hmm…" Oh, for god's sake, woman, decide, won't you?

"Ms. Daniels?"

"Graye, would you work with Jasper, please?" She looked up at the sound of her name, the poor human, and looked straight at me, her eyes wide. And blushed. Dark.

"Yes miss," She whispered, blinking twice, "Course miss."


I sat down beside her at lunch; she had her math textbook on the table and was writing quickly in a barely-legible scrawl.

"Hey," I grinned at her. She didn't look up. I would have flushed pink, had it been possible, in a frustrated growl, but I looked closer and saw she had headphones in her ears.

Gently, wanting to limit my contact with her, I prodded her shoulder. She glanced up and smiled.

"Hi," Her face went pink; she deftly knocked the headphones from her ears.

"Hey," I said, "You having trouble?" I gestured at the book. Good ice breaker. Oh, and Edward, if you're listening, fuck off.

"Calculus, algebra, maths in general enjoys messing my head around, eh?" She smiled and I realised where she was from. Scotland. Excellent. I jerked back to the present as she snapped the book shut, and watched her fingers slide across the cover and she sighed.

"I can help, if you like?" She shook her head.

"I'll be fine." She grinned again, "What part have we got? I stopped paying attention when-" she blushed and went pink, looked away. Humiliation seeped over me in a wave and I tried to displace it, limit it to mild embarrassment. It was for the best for the both of us - the less she blushed, the less she made me want her blood.

"Focussed analysis of the balcony scene…" I stopped, "examining the love, lust and chemistry between the two characters during this scene and the scene at the masquerade." (A/N I like how they meet at a dance, but can't remember if tis a masked ball… I've seen interpretations that way)

She was still flushed pink. An incredibly attractive look, both her blood and her smile affecting me heavily. The scent of her blood was possibly the nicest thing - she was the girl I had been watching for two and a half weeks - since she had arrived. But it felt like years, I was so… obsessed.

"Jasper?" She offered her name like honey from her lips. "You OK?"

"Yeah." I looked up from my steady table-gazing. "I've got some old copies of Romeo and Juliet at home, hand-me-downs," from myself, "Maybe we could get some stuff out of that… they're full of crap."

"Never insult the random annotations of the schoolchild, Jasper Hale," She said sagely, "Thoughts and theories are what make the world go round."

"I'll remember that."

"You should," She laughed, "But… I shouldn't be telling you all this. You're smart enough to know all of it." I laughed, but I think she could tell I wasn't completely into it.

"Thanks," I would have blushed, had it been possible.

"It's true… I mean, you seem to know a hell of a lot about the syllabu-"

"I've just read the books before," I pushed in hurriedly, realising the nervous aura in the air was actually me, panicking about talking to her.

I know I had found her interesting, but this nervousness was different - when I was around her, I noticed more and more things about her - but when I had been with Alice, all I got was superficiality and the occasional vision. Fun for a while, but sixty years? Too much for one man… too much for any must have been what drew me to Graye. She was different - had an unknown, mysterious history. I wasn't stuck with her day and night.

"Jasper?" She looked like she had said several things, several times, and I hadn't been listening.


"Your family wants you." She smiled, looking up at the amassed Cullens, who were staring at us from across the canteen. She gathered her books up, blushing darkly, nodded and walked away. Halfway across the cafeteria, and when I was about to get up and join my brothers and sisters, she stopped, turned on her heel and returned to me.

"Yeah?" I looked up at her.

"Here." She put her books down and scrawled something on a piece of paper, "If you need me at all," She smiled and nodded again, "Later, Jasper."

"Call me Jazz."

"Cool." She disappeared in the few seconds it took for me to pick up the slip, and note there was a cell phone number and an address on the page. I folded it and put it into my pocket.


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