On the Run

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes or any of the characters from the show, I am simply borrowing them for this story since they belong to Tim Kring and NBC, I am simply a fan.

Spoiler Warning: This story is based off of a possible spoiler and the preview for Season 3, Volume 4. So please do not read this story if you do not wish to be spoiled.

Also I do not know the accuracy of the spoiler, so this story may turn AU very quickly.

Author's Note: This story is a Paire story, and I have at the moment decided to follow the 'Heroes' storyline in regard to their familial connection, so be warned: this will contain incest unless I change my mind. And in this story, Claire just turned 18, so it would've been the beginning of her senior year.

Rating: T for now, possibly M for later chapters


"You flew!" Nathan screamed pacing in front of the crouching Peter. "That wasn't me that was you!" He continued. "You took the formula! Everything you were against!"

"I had to do it." Peter gasped coming to his feet.

"Why'd you save me?" Nathan asked pointing toward Peter.

"Because you're my brother and I love you." Peter gasped out.

"It's not what I would've done." Nathan continued darkly before rising up into the sky and disappearing into the night.

Chapter One

Since the fires at Pinehearst and Primatech, Claire Bennet received her GED and returned to stay at the Petrelli mansion while looking for colleges in New York with Angela Petrelli. Peter returned to his first love of helping people through medicine, this time as a paramedic.

Nathan had unofficially moved out of the Petrelli mansion; only coming to the home a few days a week to do paperwork on the ground floor study, refusing to have any physical interaction with his mother or daughter. Peter, sensing his brother's distance and on some level aware of what he planned, kept away from the mansion when Nathan was in residence.

A month passed since Peter and Nathan last saw each other in those woods in New Jersey outside of Pinehearst. The sun shone brightly when the two brothers finally met again.

Peter strode through the mansion as if the devil were on his heels. He slammed into his brother's office and stopped short at the sight of the man who for so many years was his hero, standing before the windows.

He took a deep breath before speaking and cleared his throat, causing his brother to turn to face him.

"So you're just going to round us all up? Get rid of us?" He said in greeting, offering a nonchalant shrug, as if the answer didn't matter to him.

His brother remained silent for a moment, no emotion showing on his face.

"Now Peter." He began, taking a step closer, hoping to calm Peter before the inevitable explosion. Peter zeroed in on his brother's thoughts and his eyes widened at what he heard there.

"Nathan! Are you insane?" Peter finally yelled, unable to contain the anger he felt since learning of the disappearances.

"Hiro Nakamura is missing!" Peter continued stopping only inches away from Nathan. "And your former advisor, Tracy Strauss? She's missing too!"

Peter ran his hand through his hair and lightly shoved his older brother.

"What have you done Nathan?" He snarled.

"What I had to do." Nathan replied ominously, returning to his place in front of the window nodding slightly as he looked out towards the street. Peter glanced quickly at the window and catching a stray thought of his brother's, his head shot up.

"No." Peter whispered slowly backing out of the room. "You wouldn't."

But his brother's thoughts told Peter that he would and did, causing the younger man to rush out of the room and upstairs to where Claire had been staying since her return to New York.

"Claire!" He yelled, rushing into her room without stopping to knock, startling the young woman who lounged on her bed looking over the latest packet of college information

"We have to get out of here!" Peter continued, moving forward to pull Claire to her feet.

"Peter! What's going on?" Claire gasped out, hurriedly pushing her hair out of her face as Peter pulled her out her door and down the hallway.

"Nathan." Peter answered simply, before suddenly stopping causing Claire to slam into his back.

"Oof." She mumbled, taking a step back.

"Did you hear that?" Peter whispered, glancing at the empty hall behind them.

"Hear what Peter?" Claire asked, getting aggravated at the cloak and daggerness of this whole situation. "What's wrong?"

Muffled thumps were heard on the roof, beginning at both ends. Peter snapped his head towards the sound, before tugging on Claire's hand again to pull her down the stairs.

"We have to get out of here." He repeated, pulling her along the downstairs hallway.

"Peter stop!" Claire yelled, trying to pull her hand back. "What's happening?" She cried just as a loud crash came from upstairs.

"Peter? Claire?" Angela's confused voice came from the sitting room to their right. "What are you doing?"

"Ma!" Peter gasped out, pulling Claire closer to him. "Nathan, he's…." He trailed off, glancing upstairs as another crash sounded. "They're coming! We have to go now!" He continued, gesturing to his mother to follow him. Angela glanced sharply at the floor above them where boots pounded against the hard wood floors.

"What has he done?" She whispered, before quickly following her younger son and granddaughter towards the kitchen. Behind them the front door flew open with a crash and the entrance hall was quickly filled with men outfitted in riot gear carrying guns.

Claire glanced back over her shoulder just as the doors crashed open and Peter picked up his pace.

"Oh my god!" She cried out, now running alongside her hero and grandmother.

"Stop!" Boomed a voice from behind them as the men gathered in the hall, their guns raised.

Peter glanced behind him, and pulled Claire closer as his mother yanked open the back door and the three rushed into the backyard.

They stopped suddenly as they came face to face with the group of men waiting for their exit. Claire turned, prepared to return to the house for another escape, only to find the first group of men waiting for them.

One of the men moved forward, his gun pointed towards Claire.

"Our objective is to bring you to the facility. It is best if you agree to go quietly." He said, gesturing to Claire.

Peter pulled Claire closer to his side, glancing around him for any way to escape.

"Nathan stop this." Angela hissed as her oldest son emerged from the back of the group.

"I'm just doing what's best for the greater good." Nathan answered, meeting his mother's eyes. "You understand that don't you ma? Sacrifice a few to save many."

"She's your daughter!" Peter yelled.

Peter stepped back dropping his arm around Claire's waist and reaching out his other arm to grasp his mother's.

"They have been ordered to shoot anyone who tries to resist." Nathan said calmly. "Now!" He ordered just as the masked men rush in from all sides. Claire is ripped from Peter's side, screaming as she tried to fight off the two men who are holding her.

"Peter!" She screamed, her legs flailing as she tried to escape from the men holding her.

"Claire!" Peter yelled back, trying to fight through the mass of men to get to Claire.

"Nathan!" Angela screamed out, watching in horror as the men began to drag her granddaughter away. "Stop this! For god's sake she's your daughter!"

As she was pulled further from the mass of men, Claire could clearly see the sharpshooters on the roof of the Petrelli mansion. Fearing for Peter's safety as he tried to fight the men separating him from Claire, she made a difficult decision.

"Go! Get out of here! I'll be fine!" Claire yelled, struggling against her captors anew, kicking one in the shin, only to be grabbed and held in place by a third.

"We're not leaving you!" Peter yelled back, trying again to push through the men.

"Go!" Claire yelled again, struggling again as the men began to pull her back towards the house. The two stilled as their eyes met and held, before Claire broke the contact to try to elbow one of her captors.

"I'll come back for you!" Peter promised, returning to his mother's side, and grabbed her arm. Before anyone could react he and Angela shot into the sky, disappearing from view within seconds.

"Sir! Should we go after them?" The leader gasped as he ran to Nathan's side.

"No, they're not on the list." Nathan answered absently, watching the three men, pull a struggling Claire through the back door.

"But sir, he has an ability."

"He is not on the list." Nathan answered with finality looking towards the sky.

"Yes sir." The other man answered, before following the others into the house.

"And try not to make a scene as you leave." Nathan called, not even turning to look.

"Yes sir." Came the answer as the leader slipped inside. "Gag her! And sedate her! The senator doesn't want her causing a scene!" He was heard calling out to the others.