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I babbled like an idiot for a few minutes, trying to strike up a conversation. I was only met with a few grunts from Edward and short, one word answers from Angela. Though both Edward and Angela weren't normal-the key point being they weren't exactly human-and had kept huge secrets from me, it seemed that they hadn't bonded over this. The air between us was filled with an awkward silence once I managed to make myself shut up. I reached over to turn on the radio, needing to fix the uncomfortable vibe in the car, when I remembered how protective Edward was of his car. I glanced over at him and could already see him tensing, trying to keep himself from swatting my hand away from the shiny, good-as-new dials.

Rather than provoke a vampire, especially one that was uniquely thirsty for my blood, I sank back in my seat. I could see Edward's entire body relax and rolled my eyes. He was so ridiculous about this car.

I was relieved when we reached the main road that led to the reservation. Of course, Edward couldn't come with us much further, which put a damper on things, but apparently the pack had agreed to meet the three of us at the border. They had no idea what we wanted to talk about, and I was sure an invitation to Alice's Harry Potter party was the last thing they'd expect.

Edward pulled up along the side of the road and we all got out. Edward was keeping his pale face perfectly emotionless, but I saw Angela shift uncomfortably. Our eyes met for a moment, and I tried to smile at her. When she returned it, I felt something tug at my heart. I suddenly knew that even though Angela had kept her secret from me, she had had a good reason for it. I knew that this wasn't enough of a problem to end our friendship. That shared smile made me feel like we would be friends for a long, long time.

I stopped reflecting on my relationship with Angela and started worrying about finding some human friends. As I was wondering how I could ask someone if they were human without freaking them out, I began to see four shadowy figures form in the trees in front of us. As the werewolves approached, Edward instinctively sidestepped closer to me, wanted to protect me from his natural enemy. I looked up at him, ready to tell him to back off, but then decided now wasn't the best time. It also wouldn't be a good time to try to start Edward and Jacob's friendship. This whole 'mortal enemy' thing was getting crazy. They really needed to get over themselves.

Jacob was the first to come out, looking as tall as ever, with his signature goofy grin on his face. Flanking his left and right were his friends Quil and Embry. Coming up just behind them, trying to compose himself but looking more than uncomfortable was Sam. As leader of the wolf pack, I'd expected him to come. But I was suddenly nervous and feeling silly. Did they already know Angela was a witch? If they didn't, how would they react when they found out? And, the most important question of all-would they come to the party? Alice would kill me if I didn't get them to come . . .

Jacob came up to me, totally ignoring Edward, and enveloped me in a giant hug. "Bella! It's so good to see you!"

"You too, Jake," I replied, voice slightly muffled because he still had his arms wrapped around me. "Can you please let me go? Boundary's, Jake."

"Right." He stepped backwards. "So, what did you guys want, anyway?"

I hesitated, looking over at Angela. I still wasn't sure how many of the werewolves, if any at all, knew that she was a witch. Angela, seeing my unease, stepped forward. She looked directly at Sam.

"I assume you haven't told your pack anything about me?"

Sam shook his head, eyes cautiously meeting Angela's. "I'm not sure how much they know. Billy told me not to tell them, but it's a little hard to keep secrets from the rest of the pack. Bella knows that you're a witch now?" Angela nodded.

My mouth fell open and I tried to stifle a gasp of surprise. I hadn't known what to expect-this wasn't exactly something I could prepare for-but I was still indignant that Sam and, apparently Billy Black, Jacob's father, knew Angela's secret before I did. It was a little consoling, however, knowing that Jacob and the other members of the pack hadn't exactly been told the truth. But, judging from the only mildly shocked expressions of the three faces before me, Quil, Embry, and Jake had most likely learned enough from Sam's thoughts to guess at what was going on. This conversation was only confirming their suspicions.

Angela, suddenly the center of attention, blushed a light shade of red. I tried to change the subject. "So, what is the pack doing tomorrow night?"

Sam simply stared at me, but Jacob was automatically excited. "No, nothing! Why?!"

"Well, uh, Alice decided to have a party for Angela, and she wanted to know if you guys would come." I saw Sam wince, knowing all of the Cullens would be there, but Jacob still looked happy enough and I knew Quil and Embry would follow along with whatever he decided.

"That sounds great, Bella!" Jake said, smiling widely. I grinned back, until I remembered an important factor of the party: the theme.

"I should warn you guys. Alice is making it a Harry Potter theme party."

Jake, Quil, and Embry grimaced. Sam, on the other hand, looked as though the sun had shined on a new day. "Oh my DUMBLEDORE! Harry Potter themed!" he shouted before shutting his mouth and clamping a hand over it. All of us, including Edward, who had been trying his best to ignore the werewolves, stared.

"I mean, we would be delighted to attend."

"Okay, then. By the way, you'll all need to bring your own costumes."

"I've got enough for all of us-I mean, I'm sure we can handle it," Sam said.

"Right. Good. Well, we'd better go, then." I turned to leave. My eyes met Edward's and I silently begged him to get in the car. Without a final glance at the members of the pack, he silently walked around the Volvo and got in the driver's side door.

Angela smiled and waved farewell to the werewolves as I grinned at Jake and got in the passenger side.

"Bye, Bella! See you tomorrow!" Jake shouted at us as Edward turned the car around and started to drive back to Forks.