Instead of writing a few long chapters as I tend to do with my stories for Twilight, this fic for FMA will be a series of very short--I don't know what to call them exactly--chapters, I guess-- and there'll be one coming out every other day or something close to that.

This is my version of what it would be like if Al got his body back and both the boys came home to Winry and Granny Pinako for good. I don't know how it's going to turn out but I can tell you that the next several chaps aren't much longer than this one and that's how it'll be (unless I find a serious need to do a long one, I don't know exactly).

I'm rambling. let me just get to the fic before this AN gets longer than the fic itself.

A pair of blond boys walked down a long country road. One was very skinny, taller, and munching on a partially-eaten bread roll; the other was slightly shorter and holding in his left hand a mostly-destroyed metal right arm that appeared to have been ripped from his shoulder by some great force. The boys walked slowly, on account of the fact that the taller boy seemed to have lost a great deal of muscle mass in his legs and was leaning heavily on the shorter. The pair passed by the ruins of a burnt home whose lot had been for whatever reason not cleared since its destruction, and both the boys' smiles faded slightly as they saw it.

The smiles returned when the boys caught sight of the next house over, and a dog with one metal leg looked up, barked once, and ran inside the open front door, returning shortly with a very old woman coming to investigate her pet's excitement. For a moment she stared at the boys, seeming as if she did not know how to react, then she turned around and ran inside and upstairs to rouse the teenager sleeping upstairs with a loud call of "Winry! Come quickly!"

"Huh?" she murmured sleepily, stirring and sitting up to peer out the window beside her bed. When she saw the two boys she gaped for a minute, then jumped up and rushed out onto the balcony in her nightgown. "Al?" she called out, and the skinnier boy looked up at her, and the shorter looked a second later. "Oh, my God!" she squealed, and left the balcony to rush down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and speed outside and into the lawn barefoot, eyes streaming, and embrace both of the boys in a crushing hug. "I can't believe it! You got your body back, Alphonse!"

And by the way, I don't own FMA. Hiromu Arakawa thought of it first... -sigh- By the way I've read up to chapter 91 on onemanga, so if you're not as far as I am you might wanna get there, because when Ed gets around to explaining how Al got his body back I'm going to be as up-to date with the manga as I can be. And in case you haven't figured it out, this is the mangaverse. I think the anime's ending is crappy and disheartening, so that's that.

Also, once the continuation of the manga comes out, if it doesn't match up with my version I won't be changing mine. This fic picks up at Ch. 91 and that's that.

(None of my ANs will be as long as this one, I swear!)