Another one of my Benny & Joon fanfiction.

Everyone knew Sam had always been different. He had obsessions and spent his time with them, he had to clean a certain way, took things a little literal, and he was a bit eccentric.

As a kid he couldn't even read so it was a struggle. He only learned to read a little and could only read up to the first grade level. He spent his time in special ed getting extra help with his school work and kids making fun of him calling him a "retard." He would spend his time with objects and only focus on one and spend his time with it. He even stared at the ceiling, fans, shiny objects, and he would get fixated on something. No one knew what was wrong with him except that he was classically dyslexic and had problems with social skills. He didn't have any friends. His mother always yelled at him and called him names saying he was stupid. She also thought he was lazy.

She thought dyslexia was just a made up diagnoses for lazy kids who didn't want to read or do their school work so doctors just made up a name for it to make money.

No matter how hard Sam tried, he could never please his mother.

Then high school came, Sam found a way to fit in. He started to do his antics in school and kids loved it and they cheered him on. Instead of calling him names and making fun of him, they all thought he was very smart and funny so he kept doing them. But the teachers didn't like it because he stopped doing his school work because he was too preoccupied with his silent acts. It distracted the other students from doing their school work and Sam's mother was given notes about her son's behavior and meetings were held in school with her regarding her son. She was not happy about it and would yell at him about it when they get home. She even tried to take away his obsessions but Sam just kept day dreaming about them and still acted them out, he found ways. She may have tossed out his items but Sam always got more. He worked odd jobs in the neighborhood raking leaves, cutting their grass, pulling weeds, cleaning their garage and earning money avoiding his school work.

No matter how hard his mother tried, she could never get him to do his school work. Sam was uninterested in his education. He ignored her yelling and kept doing what he liked doing with his life.

Then finally he was kicked out of school for good after being suspended a few times for his antics and clowning around. His mother was furious.

Sam never bothered going back to school, nor bothered to get his GED. Because he was sixteen, his mother couldn't force him to be in school because the law was kids could quit at that age. She could have kicked him out but she didn't. Instead she just ignored him acting like he was a room mate in his house. He still worked odd jobs and bought some clothes that were vintage that looked like something Buster Keaton wore. He even bought a cane and a hat and bought some old movie posters.

People looked at him funny and he was unaware of the looks he got from strangers. He looked like he came out of an old movie from the 1920's.

Then at age twenty six, his mother finally kicked him out. She said he needed to be a man, get a job, get an education. So Sam packed up and headed out east. He had a cousin in Spokane and maybe he would let him stay with him. No one in Seattle wanted him, not even his relatives. They didn't like his antics and how weird he is. No one accepted him but the kids did when he was in high school. But he still did his silent acts just because he liked to and they kept him happy. Some people in the city watched when they see him but Sam never paid any attention because he was too far into his world to even take notice. The city was just too big to notice a strange guy doing his silent acts.

When he got to Spokane, Mike picked him up at the station but right away thought he was weird. he was not happy with him. He watched old movies and spent his time polishing his plastic forks, played with his food, spun things on his finger, played with his hat, everything Sam did was weird.

Why didn't he just tell Sam to go to bed because he is trying to sleep?

Now Mike's work was starting to suffer even though he worked installing cable TV. They lived in a studio so it was just a room and a kitchen and bathroom.

Mike was able to get rid of him through a poker game. He told Joon he takes his cousin off his hands. She lost and she had to take him home but her over protective brother wasn't happy.

Mike told him "If you're going to be a baby about it."

Then Benny agreed to take him home. they had to stop at Mike's apartment for his stuff and they brought him to their house.

Sam found himself accepted by Joon, Benny and Ruthie. Three new friends he made but Benny didn't really like his antics. He looked at him funny and always told him to knock it off but Sam never gave up. Benny didn't truly accept him till he drew a crowd in the park and they all liked him. Benny realized he wasn't weird after all and he was funny, smart, not some dumb ass.

Now that Sam was living with Joon in her apartment, Ruthie and Benny knew there was something else about him, not just some reading disability he had.

While Joon liked her routines and didn't like them being interrupted, Sam didn't like to be interrupted with his routines in cleaning and only liked doing it a certain way. He didn't allow anyone to touch his hat or cane or his puppet, only Joon was allowed to touch them. He preferred the same foods just like Joon did. While she liked to paint, Sam liked to watch old movies. Neither of them liked to be interrupted during their obsession and interests.

Joon sometimes worked on his reading and Sam liked how she didn't call him names, put him down and get mad at him. She was very patient. Neither of them liked their peers.

Joon had quit every center in Spokane to prove she hated them and Sam was never into people. He had Joon, Ruthie and Benny.

Then one day Benny was reading an article in the paper and he came across something. He read it and it seemed to have fit Sam. He called Ruthie and told her about it.

This had been a year after Joon and Sam had met.

"Ruthie, I gotta tell you something," he said.

"What?" she said.

"It's about an article I read in the paper. You've got to see it."

"Okay. What is it about?"

"It's about this condition and it's Greek for 'self' but it's a form of it, a type and boy it sure explains everything. I knew there was something different about Sam. It was discovered in the forties but it didn't get recognized till a few years ago."

"What is the condition?"

"I'll tell you, can I come over?"