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Authors note: following fanfic is fluffy, taking place sometime in the unspecified future.

Seeley Booth waited impatiently for the elevator, a single red rose in his hand. It was Valentine's Day, not like that mattered when you were married to Temperance Brennan. It was apparently a stupid social ritual with no significance. Nonetheless, the day had marked too many dates in their relationship. The elevator finally opened distracting Booth, and he entered the elevator, which was empty. He checked his watch and waited for the elevator to start moving.

Two years ago today on the way back from a particularly disgusting set of remains Bones had sat in his SUV rambling on about "pair-bonding" and "offspring" and "evolutionary advantages". He couldn't remember all the words she had used, but when pressed Bones translated. She had wanted to have a child with him, and as she knew that if he were to agree that they would have to get married or enter into some sort of similar alternative arrangement. A few months later they did, having a very small wedding. He moved into her apartment, and she finally relented and purchased a television. Still Bones wouldn't let him celebrate Valentine's Day. And it wasn't like he had to do some big thing.

The apartment was quiet and he pulled the door shut behind him, it was quiet, and he briefly wondered if Bones had gone in to do lab work this afternoon. She still wasn't working full-time again, and her schedule was slightly unpredictable.

Booth glanced at the clock; a year ago right now his daughter was born into his hands. Right in their bedroom at the end of the hall. That hadn't been the original plan, having Lila at home, but Bones had detested their rather condescending obstetrician, and since Angela, whose son was born two months before had raved about her midwife, they'd switched over two months before Lila was born. And Bones had been completely in awe of her daughter immediately. But even this last year as Bones had devoted herself to their daughter as her top priority, she still described her bond to her daughter in terms hormone cocktails and brain chemistry changes. Except on that first day when they both just stared speechless at their baby.

Booth noticed the shoes by the door, and wandered down the hall to their bedroom. The sight he saw was so peaceful he hesitated before entering the room. Bones was lying on her side on the bed. Her shirt lying on the floor, her top arm around her daughter and her eyes peacefully closed. Lila was nursing, and it looked like it had put Bones to sleep instead of Lila. Bones eyes were closed. She was sleeping, Booth decided. And he crept into the room and sat on the bed behind her looking into Lila's perfect blue eyes when Temperance's eyes opened.

"I am not asleep." She muttered.

"I can see that." Booth smiled as Bones' head turned so that he could see both sets

"I'm just enjoying the flood of prolactin and oxytocin to my brain." Bones answered rubbing their daughter's back gently.

"Were you at the lab?"

"We were this morning. A few remains to identify nothing major."

"Did you have Lila with you again?"

"Of course."

He should have known, since returning to work part-time, Bones frequently wore Lila around the lab. "You don't think staring at remains is going to make her disturbed?"

"Booth, she's not going to remember, she can't see that much from my back anyways and she spent half the time in the Jeffersonian daycare centre. Parker found a human finger once, and he's still fine."

"It's still creepy."
"What's that?" Brennan strained her neck slightly trying to see what Booth had in his hand.

Booth produced the rose with a flourish, "This is for you, Bones, because one year ago today, you had Lila." And it's Valentines' Day, he thought quietly to himself. And leaned over to give Bones a quick kiss.

As soon as their lips parted Brennan responded, "A rose, as a present for an infant?"

"No, for her mother. I can't believe it's been a year." Booth reached over and stroked Lila's cheek gently, "She's already starting to talk."

"Child-rearing is time consuming," she paused for a moment, "the ideal spacing for siblings is approximately three years, and as I've said before the pressure reduces when you reproduce in multiples. And children with siblings are often better adjusted as adults. However taking maternal age and desire to resume my profession into account, two-year spacing might be more ideal."

Booth blinked, "And in English Bones?"

"I'd like to have another baby." Brennan paused and continued, "Having Lila has greatly enriched my life, and I would like to have another child, but just one more. It's a rational decision."

Booth reclined and put his arm around her, "Of course it is Bones." His always rational scientist had managed to make expanding their family sound like a business proposition; he looked down at Lila who had fallen asleep during the conversation, a droplet of milk dribbling down her chin. The perfect little mini-Bones who so resembled her mother. It made him wonder what changes next Valentines' would bring, and if his Bones would ever let them celebrate.