Ash sat up in bed. He was in a forest, deep in the Sinnoh region. Next to him, May turned fitfully in her sleep.

Ash was travelling with the three girls after Brock had to go home, after his father fell ill, and seeing as Ash was kinda lonely, Dawn had arranged for these two to come and stay with tem.

May and Ash were sharing a tent that night. Ash was unable to sleep, due to his next gym battle being the following day. May on the other hand and fallen down like a log the moment they went to bed. Or so he thought.

May was faking sleep, waiting for the chatting of Dawn and Misty to cease in the other tent. At around 12, the noise finally subsided. May 'awoke suddenly', yawned and turned to Ash.

" Want me to help you relax for tomorrow", she asked.

"Sure," he said, " anything to help me sleep would be great.

May got up, and crossed to the door of the tent, still fully dressed.

" So it's outside," said Ash, clueless.

May sighed. Ash was so stupid sometimes.

They tiptoed across the campsite, and into the woods beyond, and, after a good half-hours walking, came to a clearing.

"This will be fine," announced May suddenly"

"Great, now what is it?" asked Ash, dozily. " I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth coming out"

May ignored him, and went and sat on a rock on the edge of the forest.

She beckoned Ash over, again ignoring his looks of confusion.

" Do you want to warm up a bit?" she said in her most seductive voice.

Ash looked blank.

May sighed. Did he know ANYTHING?

"Oh, for God's sake, do you want to fuck me"

"Sure, how do I do that?" he replied, his voice still blank.

May quickly stripped down to her underwear, and, ignoring the cold, walked over to Ash.

Ash blushed. For some reason, his willy (he never did learn a better name) was hard. May actually looked quite good like this. Did she really need any other clothing?

May undid his zipper, and then went into his boxers, and removed Ash's already erect cock.

"Just trust me," she told him.

Ash was enjoying this, for reasons he did not know.

May removed her bra, and her relatively large breasts popped out, but amazingly didn't flop (not that Ash would particularly care)

She took his member, and gently massaged it with her breasts. Ash started to make 'ungh' noises, but May was feeling anything.

She released it, and peeled her panties down, and discarded them. She had not expected to go this far tonight.

" Take me," she whispered.

Ash looked like she was speaking a foreign language.

May sighed. Did she really have to do EVERYTHING?

She took his still hard cock, and pushed it straight in, breaking through her virginity in a flash.

Ignoring the pain, she kept going at a fierce pace, and was soon exhausted. Cum spouted everywhere inside him.

"Enough for now", she told him.

"I think I get it now, can we try again tomorrow?"

She was surprised at this.

"Fair enough," she said in fake exasperation

If she could get him good at this, maybe she could actually have a real boyfriend, one that could so…stuff

May redressed, somehow still not cold, despite the temperature.

They walked back to camp together, in silence.

"And Ash, don't tell anyone about this."

She didn't care about them taking the mick, if anything they would be jealous. But she really didn't want them taking some of the action.