Dawn squealed as well. "My shopping! NOOOO!"

Ash tried to cool the situation. Unfortunately, his idea of cooling is pretty different to any other sane human's. "OK, calm down people. Lets all fuck together!"

This time, all three of the girls collapsed in a fit of giggles. Misty was the first to regain some of her composure. "Ash, you've done all three of us this week. Do you really think we want to do you again?"

Ash looked blank. "Yes?"

May was the next to speak. Well, it was muffled in her shirt, which was currently being pulled over her head. "I'm up for it, dunno about you two."

Misty obviously was. The two of them were naked within seconds. Dawn, being the closest to Ash, was already pushing herself into him.

May and Misty, already too late, were waiting for their turn. Then Misty grabbed Ash's hand, and shoved it inside her. This caught him by surprise, causing him to fall over backwards, and him to pull out of Dawn. May was on in a flash, and they continued on the floor. They were making quite a commotion. Misty was wondering when Nurse Joy would come to investigate when…

"Misty?" Dawn was looking at her shyly. 'Oh no,' thought Misty. 'Just no.' But Dawn was quite cute, and she submitted, against her better judgement. She shoved her fingers inside the younger girl, and started stroking the younger girl's breasts. Dawn moaned in pleasure, and started to do the same back. Misty felt like she was about to cum. 'Ash. Must save something for him.' She prised herself off Dawn.

Dawn looked quite disappointed. Misty ignored her. It looked like May was finished. She was on Ash instantly, and started pushing herself onto him. She swore that it hadn't been this big last time. Well, that was hardly a bad thing.

The two of them kept going for at least ten minutes. Finally, Ash finished, and got off her. Misty finished herself off, then got up as well. The four of them lay panting on the bed.

That's this one finished. I have suddenly got a passion to write, so expect something new by the end of the week. I'm thinking of something similar with May and some Pokemon. But I don't think the 'sexually retarded' thing will work again. So maybe May will have a clue what she's doing. Maybe.