I drove the cruiser home by myself. Charlie was having a little too much fun and didn't want to leave. Jake said that he would drive him home in the morning. Well, that was after Jake offered to take me home. But, I knew that if Edward was waiting on me when I got there,…it wouldn't end pretty. So, I drove home by myself…a nervous wreck over what was awaiting me.

I pulled up in front of the house and took a deep breath. None of the lights in the house were on. For the first time, I was afraid of Edward.

I unlocked the front door and flipped on the lights. In fact, I walked around the house turning every single light on and locked the door behind me. This is ridiculous, Bella! You're acting like you're the helpless victim in a horror movie! He's your boyfriend! He's Edward! Chill! I wasn't hungry, so just walked up to my room to put more comfortable clothes on. Honestly, I expected Edward to be there…but he wasn't. My heart sank. Maybe my teasing went too far? I noticed, too, that my window was closed. He must have shut it. I just stared at it fighting off tears. Get a hold of yourself, Bella. I grabbed some pajamas and went to take a shower.

My head was bent down, as I finishing rinsing my mouth with antiseptic. I stood up to put my toothbrush back in the cabinet and my heart almost stopped. There in the mirror…was Edward.

"Ahhh!!!!" Edward immediately covered my mouth with his hand.

"Shh!! Have fun?" He asked my reflection in the mirror, but with evident rage. My sweet boyfriend looked like he was going to murder me. He spun me around and pushed me back against the sink.

"I thought I told you to tell him you didn't want to go!" He held his hand over my mouth, still, so that I couldn't answer. "Bella, I'm going to teach you to obey me, if it takes me all night!" He let go of me and turned around. His hand turned on the water in the shower and he leaned against the wall.

"You have no right to tell me what to do! I'm not your property, Edward!!" He just laughed.

"This just to keep you safe, Bella. I'm allowed to protect you!"

We stood there for a few moments just looking at each other. He still had that evident smirk on his face like he was planning something. As mad as I was, I couldn't help but to notice how hot he was. He was wearing jeans and a tight gray t-shirt. Mmm…I'd love to rip that off.

"Are you going to leave so I can take a shower?" I put my hands on my hips and raised my eyebrows.

"Silly, Bella." He laughed a little more. "You will do as I say…when I say…for the rest of the night."

I was mixed with the feelings of irritation and curiosity at the same time. This could be interesting.

"Now," he began. "Strip."

My mouth dropped open. "You're kidding, right?" I could feel my arousal strengthen at his words.

"No, Bella." He walked up to me and ripped my new shirt down the middle.

"Edward!" I didn't get to say anything more. He put a finger up to my lips to "shush" me.

"Now, do you want to continue with the rest or should we get rid of them my way?" still with that damn smirk on his face. Urgh!!

Not wanting to tease him, I practically threw the tank top off my torso. I had already stepped out of my shoes, so I pulled my socks off with my feet and unbuttoned my jeans. My furious eyes stayed on him…he ruined my shirt! I shoved my jeans down and stepped out of them. There I stood, in my black bra and black thong.

"Satisfied?" I asked with my hands back on my hips.

"Not yet." His eyes ran up and down my body. "You're not done yet." I noticed that his eyes glanced to my chest and up, again, to my face.

I was still furious, but my emotion was quickly being taken over by desire. Edward had never seen me naked before. I couldn't even speak. I swallowed hard and reached my hands around my back. I paused…

"I'm waiting." His hands were folded in front of him. I was hoping he was hiding what would be an obvious erection.

I unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor. My hands were covering my breasts, instantly, and I was too shy to look up at Edward. I'm sure my face matched my red top that was in tatters on the floor.

"Good girl." Why was this turning me on? "Now…your bottoms."

I happened to glance up and meet his eyes. That lustful look was still there. They were almost begging me to continue. The room was being filled with the steam from the shower…I was hoping it would obscure his view. I let my hands travel down my stomach and hooked my thumbs under the strings of my thong. My breathing was embarrassing. As if I didn't feel exposed enough, my chest was heaving up and down in front of him. He never looked away from my eyes, though. I'm not sure if he was doing it to make me feel comfortable, but I'm glad he didn't look away. My hands slid down my thighs, over my knees, and dropped my panties to the floor.

I heard Edward gasp. Realizing the view he must be getting, I stood back up – quickly.

It took him a moment to speak again. This time my hands didn't cover my breasts. No, they covered my arousal. Upon pulling down my underwear, I realized how wet I was. I'm sure Edward could tell. By the look on his face, it was obvious.

"Shower." He didn't say another word. His hand reached out and forcefully grabbed my arm, shoving me in the shower. Of course the shower had a glass door. Who would have thought that I'd ever been in a situation at my father's house that would make a glass shower door a problem!

I had to admit, the shower felt nice. It was chilly at the beach, and the hot water was warming me right up. I almost forgot Edward was even in the room. My eyes closed and I let the water fall over my body. Three minutes after standing under the steady stream, I finally opened the shampoo bottle and started washing my hair. I closed my eyes and turned my body towards the showerhead. Relaxing, I let out a deep sigh.

"Did I tell you to wash your hair?" Edward's hands were on my waste! I jumped, opened my eyes, and leaned into the water. Ahh!! It's burns! It figures that I would get soap in my eyes at an, otherwise, intimate moment.

"Ow!! Urgh!" I tried to rinse my eyes out and get all the soap out of my hair. Opening my eyes in water isn't very easy for me. I leaned my head down and just kept blinking my eyes. Edward's hands remained on my waste. Resting my hands on my knees, I exhaled, loudly.

"Are you okay?" he actually sounded concerned.

"Yes. I'm sorry." I stood up and turned around, but kept my eyes closed. I felt his forehead brush against mine and he kissed each of my eyelids.

"I'll warn you next time." He kissed my forehead. "Now,…open your eyes."

Hoping that my eyes weren't red, I opened them. Oh, My. God! There he was…my glorious Edward…completely…and utterly…naked! I must have looked like a complete idiot, because he got that famous crooked smile on his face.

"See something you like?" I was speechless. Too afraid to look down, I closed my eyes again, but my mouth remained open. He pushed me against the wall of the shower and licked my top lip. His tongue traced the outside of my lips, down my jaw, and down my neck.

"Are you going to obey me from now on, Bella?" Who's Bella? I don't know who this 'Bella' is that you're speaking of but, God, keep going!

"Mmm Hmm." Was all I managed to get out.

"I'm not sure if I can believe you." His mouth traveled down my chest and I could feel him breathing on the nubs of my breasts. "Tell me that you belong to me." His tongue grazed the tip and sucked hard.

"Ugh….please…" my hands tangled in his hair.

He moved to the other breast and rolled it between his lips. "Tell me."

His hand went down my stomach and slid right over my wet arousal. "TELL ME!"

"Ahh….I'm yours!! Please,…don't stop!!" I looked into his eyes and they mirrored my own arousal.

"Mmm…you're so wet, baby." He continued rubbing me while the other hand was resting on the wall beside my head. "I'd love nothing more than to taste you right now." He got just an inch away from my face. "Would you like that?"

"Yes! Please, Edward! Please! You're driving me crazy!" He messaged me a little bit harder.

"Mmm,…no. I don't think you've learned your lesson, yet." My sexed up Edward stepped away from me. "On your knees."

Oh. Sweet. Jesus! Please, tell me he's going to let me do what I think he's going to let me do!! I want him so bad!

I knelt down and looked up at him.

"Now, that's a pretty picture." He smirked at me. His index finger started waving me closer. Still looking up at him, he stepped closer and rubbed the tip of his member over my open lips. "You want this?"

"Yes." I opened my mouth a little further and started to move forward.

"Ah-ah-ah!!" He pulled back. "What do you want?"

"You." I stared at his hard cock.

"Be more specific, Bella, or you won't get any part of me tonight." He raised his eyebrows.

Here goes nothin'!

"Just let me suck your cock, Edward!!" I got a tinge of anger back into my voice. It was his turn to open his mouth in shock.

"Mmm…good girl." He moved forward again and I glided him into my mouth. "Ugh…." His head was thrown back and his hands were wrapped in my hair.

Edward kept steady as I licked up the underside of his cock, over his head, down each side, and kissed the tip. So, delicious. Without warning, I opened my mouth and pushed as much of him in the mouth as I could and moaned.

"Damn!! Mmmm…..Christ, you feel so good!! Don't stop, Bella!…Faster!" My warm, wet mouth was gliding up and down his shaft as fast as his hands were making me. This was all up to him. I didn't control any of my movements anymore. It all depended on how fast his hips were thrusting into my mouth.

Astounded by his composure, he pulled my head back and looked at me.

"Stand up!" I felt how slick my pussy was when I did so. Sucking his amazing member got me so turned on. I wanted him…bad! "Turn around and lean against the wall." I'm not sure I like where this is going.

I looked back at him when I leaned against the wall and saw him sink down to his knees…stroking himself. His left hand came up to rub circles on my ass and he kissed all over me.

"Mmmm…." My moaning was getting out of control. If he didn't touch me soon, I was going to reach down and touch myself! He continued kissing every inch of my exposed skin and took turns gripping my ass and my thighs.

"You are so perfect." I just looked back over my shoulder to see him when I felt a finger plunge into my center.


"You like that? You want more?" He was still stroking himself.

"Yes!! Faster, Edward!! Faster!!! Please!!!" He slid another finger into me and worked faster.

"God, you're so tight!! I can't wait to fuck you, Bella!!" If possible, his moaning was even louder than mine.

"Please, fuck me, Edward,…please!!" In an instant he spun me around and held me against the wall. His arms hooked under my legs and brought my pussy to his face.

"Can I taste??" He winked at me and didn't wait for an answer. His tongue slid over my clit and started circling it fast!!

"Mmm!!!!! Yessssss!!!!!" I was practically grinding my wetness against his face. Just when I was about to reach my much needed orgasm, Edward thrust two fingers inside me and started pumping them furiously. He moaned against me causing vibrations to coarse through my body.

"Mmm….you taste so good!! You've been holding out on me." He thrust even faster.

"Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMmm!!!!! Don't stop!!! Yes!!!" My walls tightened around his fingers and I felt my body was pulsating! That felt amazing! He went to set me down, but my knees wouldn't allow me to stand. I slid to the floor and noticed his, still, prominent erection in front of my face.

I looked up at Edward to see that his eyes were closed and he was letting the now cold water run over him. Jumping at his moment of weakness, I slid his cock back into my mouth and started sucking….hard.

"Shit!" His hands gripped my hair. "Mmm….that's it….Yes!!!" He was furiously thrusting into my mouth. I grabbed his thighs and dug my nails into him. "Fuck!!!!! Ugh!!!!"

I let him slide out of my mouth and my hand did the rest of the work. His left hand grabbed the top of the shower door, and I heard a crack. Oops! Covering my hand with his, he stroked himself three more times before his come shot down my chest and over my stomach. It's a wonder that his moaning and growling didn't alarm the neighbors.

Edward's eyes were still closed as he leaned his head against the shower wall. I walked behind him to wash my body in the freezing water as quickly as I could, and I shut the water off. When I turned around he had a couple towels waiting for me. They weren't so much used for me to dry off as they were to keep me warm.

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. "Are you okay? I'm sorry I acted like that. That's really not what our first time should have been like." Edward's face was apologetic.

"It was perfect." Was all I said, and gave him a slow kiss. "So,…are we going to talk about what comes next?" I smiled at him as I stepped out of the shower.

"Bella,…" he smiled back. "the only reason I didn't take you right there in the shower was because I don't want our first time to be out of anger. You're worth more than that."

"Promise to stop being so controlling?" I swore it was the last time I'd ask. If he didn't want me to see Jake,…I wouldn't. I've made my choice.

He sighed, "I promise…maybe we can work something out about this whole Jacob situation." Edward put his pants back on and tried to help me into my pajamas.

I cleared my throat, "Eh-hem. I don't think so. You had your fun…" he looked at me, questionably. I gave him my best demanding voice, "Strip!"