During game drabble set late on in the game featuring Zelos, Lloyd and Sheena. Hints of Colloyd.

Zelos frowned slightly as he noticed that Lloyd had been sat on his own a little way away from the group for a while. Sensing that his friend might appreciate some company but that he wouldn't want to talk much yet he moved to sit beside him.

Propping himself against the fallen log that Lloyd was also leaning back on Zelos casually slung an arm around his friend's shoulders. Lloyd turned to look at Zelos' arm, shrugged slightly in an accepting sort of way, then returned his attention back to the stars.

After a few minutes of companionable silence Zelos spoke.

"So, what's on your mind bud?" he asked.

"The future, possibilities…" Lloyd replied vaguely.

"And Colette?" Zelos asked, nodding in her direction as he saw where Lloyd's gaze now rested.

"Heeeeey!" Lloyd whined, blushing slightly.

"That's a yes then," Zelos chuckled gently.

"Well, maybe," Lloyd admitted, his blush deepening.

"So, what possibilities with her were you thinking about?" Zelos asked, nudging his friend's arm suggestively with his elbow.

"Zelos!" Lloyd yelped. "I was just thinking about when we're going to travel together to collect up all the exspheres. It'll be nice to travel together alone with her. Maybe I'll even get to build that boat I've always wanted."

"If you did you could wear that crazy pirate outfit," Zelos laughed at the thought.

"Colette doesn't think it's crazy, she told me she likes it," Lloyd huffed.

"Oh, you should definitely wear it then," Zelos winked then burst out laughing again when he saw Lloyd's expression. Wondering if it was actually possible to make Lloyd's face even redder than his shirt he continued.

"Maybe you could ask her to wear something that matches. I bet she'd make a really cute pirate girl," he said.

Zelos' laughter rang out around the campsite as he ran away from first Lloyd and then Sheena, too, who joined in the chase shouting that punishing the idiot Chosen was her job. He winced as Sheena summoned Efreet but decided that whatever she and Lloyd did to him would be worth it for seeing that Lloyd could, indeed, blush even redder than his shirt.