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"Night Jake, bye Billy!" I said good night to the blacks and walked back inside to help Charlie clean up.

I was putting the dishes away when I plucked up the guts to ask Charlie about living at Jakes for a while.

"So dad," I started by breaking the silence. His ears perked up and he turned his head around to look at me.

"Yeah bells?" He replied

"Well, I and Jake were talking, and I wondered if maybe there's a possibility I could stay at jakes for a couple of days?" I asked nervously.

What are the possibilities he would even consider it, I'm asking to live at my boyfriend's house for a week.

"Bells-" He began- but I cut him off, he couldn't say no, it was such a dumb thing to say no to, does he not trust me?

"Dad, I'm 18, I'm old enough to stay at my boyfriend's house if I want to! I mean, do you not trust me? Mom would let me; I don't see what the big deal is!" I yelled frustrated.

He didn't say anything just yet- only stood there and smirked. "Sure." He laughed, took his beer and walked off.

"Seriously..? Thanks Cha- Dad" I smiled, I finally got what I want, and its amazing!

I took my can of Pepsi and walked upstairs to my room and began packing.

I woke up at 7am, bright and early.

Chances are, Charlie has already left, and Jake wont be awake yet. So I had about 5 hours to kill.

After showering and getting ready I still had almost four hours until I can go over to Jake's. I slowly stepped downstairs and wondered around the house until I found myself in the kitchen toasting a bagel.

Where were all the knives? I asked myself and searched the kitchen for a clean one- I hadn't done dishes in a while- with the exception of last night.

Finally. I thought when I found a knife, along with a photo from months ago. My heart started to ache when I saw it; it was a photo of me and Edward. I pulled out a lighter from the cupboard next to me and starting lighting it on fire. I watched it burn, the heart ache left, but at the same time, it still hurt to watch us burn. I put the fire out and held the photo in my hand. We looked so happy- I looked so happy. Why did everything have to change?

"Bells?" Somebody yelled as they walked into my house.

I folded the photo and shoved it in my back pocket. "Yeah in the kitchen" I replied to the stranger running through my house.

"Hey" The stranger turned the corner and was no longer a stranger but my boyfriend. Oh, how I loved his smile.

"Jake!" I smiled at him "What are you doing here- this early?" Jake isn't usually even awake this early, let alone out of the house.

"Well I was kinda excited for you to move so I thought id help you get your things to my house." He was so happy, like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Jake, you know I'm only staying a week, I don't have boxes to bring, just a bag" I laughed.

"Right, well anyway ill help you get it an we can chill at mine until tonight."

"Until tonight? Why what's going on tonight?" I asked curiously.

"You'll find out." He laughed and walked off to my room.

Ideas flew through my mind, what could he have planned for tonight? A date? Bonfire? Ill find out tonight I suppose.

I strolled up the stairs to grab my bag when Jake came running back down the stairs.

"Come on slow poke, I've already beat you to it, your bags right here" Jake laughed and sprinted through my front door.

Sitting out side, along with my beaten up truck was a brand new black Chevy truck, not jakes remade rabbit.

"Jake, where's the rabbit? I asked him confused.

"Oh this is Sam's, but I'm considering selling the rabbit, saving a couple hundred more bucks and buying one just like this, so I wanted to see how it ran and he let me borrow it for a couple of days." He told me.

Jake with out a rabbit doesn't seem right, it was his life, all he ever did was work on it, but I guess a new car that didn't break down every week would be better.

After a couple of hours of sitting in jakes garage, drinking coke, working on Seth's car for him we called it a night of fixing cars and it was time for the "surprise". Jake sent me out to pick up the pizza and told me when I get back the "Surprise night" will begin.

Right then and there I kinda limited out the idea of having a date, considering he told me to pick up the pizza. Which honestly, I don't mind, dates are rather cheesy and awkward; I would prefer a night in with pizza anyway. Maybe he's rented some movies for us to watch, actually knowing Jake; he would have that planned, but totally forgot to get the movies.

I got to the pizza place and told them I was picking up an order for "Jake Black" and they handed me five king size pizzas.

What the hell does Jake have planned for tonight and how many werewolves does it include?

I took the pizzas, hopped back into my truck and called Jake.

"Jake, I picked up the pizzas…" I told him when he answered his phone.

"Ha-ha yeah so what about them?" He laughed

"Why is there so many, of such large pizzas?" I asked Jake

"Guys shut up I'm on the phone!" I heard him yell to who ever else he was with "you'll find out when you get back bells, bye!" He yelled and hung up.

Well that answers that. I thought to myself sarcastically.

Twenty minutes later I finally got back to Jakes house. There were at least five other cars parked in the drive way and every light in the house was on. I grabbed the pizzas and strolled into the house.

"Jake!" I called when I walked into the house.

I took a look around his house and finally got an idea of what this "surprise" night was about.

"Bella! Gunna be a sick party!" Embry yelled as he took the pizzas from me and walked off with them.

A party, that's what this night was, a party. To be honest, I don't know if I was a little annoyed. I hate parties, everything about them; it kind of makes me nervous actually.

I walked down the hallway and through the crowds of people, and literally I mean crowds. In jakes small house there must have been at least 50 to 100 people. With only five cars in the drive way you would think there was only 10 people here, but being la push, there are probably twenty bikes around the side and back of his house, and everyone else would have walked.

I finally found my way to the kitchen- and no surprise here- Jake was sitting there, drinking a beer, talking to some girl. I hovered outside of the kitchen before walking in. I didn't really like the look of her, i could only see the side of her, but when she's another one of those gorgeous blondes, flirting with Jake, its sort of a good enough reason not to like her.

I walked in the kitchen and up to Jake.

"Hey Jake, Embry already took the pizzas from me." I told him as I gave him a hug.

"Yeah he showed me." He said bluntly, and turned to continue talking to the blonde.

"I'm Bella- Jakes girlfriend" I introduced myself to the blonde next to me and emphasized the word girlfriend.

She gave me a dirty look and replied, "I'm Amanda. Jake I didn't know you had a girlfriend?" She replied. (there you go Amanda, I started writing the chapter before I got your review so I put you in still just for a minor part)

"Yeah, best girlfriend ever too" He told her and pulled me in for a kiss.

He tasted very much like beer, I'm guessing this wasn't his first beer.

When the kiss broke Amanda had left and I laughed.

"So being a sixteen year old, how the hell did you get this much alcohol?" I asked him when I noticed the coolers, beers, vodka, rum, Malibu, more coolers, more beer, more rum.

"Bella, I can easily pass for 21" He told me, "and when that doesn't work, Sam's just turned 21 so he got us it." He laughed.

"Jake, drinking's bad for you…" I told him.

Okay it wasn't that bad for you, but for a sixteen year old, he shouldn't be drinking a lot.

"Bella, no its not. Now relax and have a drink." He told me and handed me a beer.

One beer, no big deal, I'm 18, old enough- but not legally- to have a beer, or two.

I took a sip of the beer and smiled, maybe this night won't be that bad after all.

Two hours later it was creeping closer to 10 o clock, people were still partying, music was still playing, people were still dancing, drinks were still being drunk, and the party was still going on. All five pizzas had been eaten up, so the pack made another order- delivery this time- for 5 more pizzas, and there is no doubt in my mind they will be eaten up too.

I was on my second beer, whilst Jake was on his 6th, or 7th, I started to loose count.

"Bella, ill be right back, but remember I love you" He slurred his words together and walked off yelling, "Damn I have to piss." Awesome Jake, just awesome, everyone has to know that…

I wondered round the house and found many drunken couples making out, and then I found Leslie.

"Leslie!" I yelled and walked over to her.

"Bella! It's been so long!" She laughed. Even at 15 she was drinking, in her hand she held a cooler, probably not her first either.

"I know, well as much fun as this conversation has been, I have to go, bye!" I lied and walked off. I noticed Seth getting all 'touchy-feely' with her, and I didn't really want to witness that.

Two more hours later and everything was starting to blur, everybody was still here, and I swear there's even more beer.

To be honest, I lost count of the amount not only jakes had to drink, but me too. People were just handing me then one after another, so I drank and drank.

My walking was even more clumsy then usual, and my vision was defiantly not straight, and one way or another, Jake had managed to get me into his room, with the door locked. On the floor was a unopened bottle of vodka, and in my hand was my half drunken cooler, for some reason, I decided I wasn't drunk enough, and I poured the vodka into my cooler, and chugged, chugged, chugged.

With in minute's, I was more drunk then you could ever imagine.

I walked over to jakes bed, slipped one leg over his body to be straddling him, and the make out began.

That was the last thing i remember from the party, and the morning, wasn't to great.

Sneak peak for next chapter:

I opened my eyes and immediately felt the head ache. Welcome to hang over city, I thought, population: me and La push.

I stood up off of the floor and in took my surroundings, I sure as hell wasn't at jakes.

Where the hell is my shirt?

Shit. Was the first thing I thought when I realized where I was.

What the fuck have I done.

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