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Back to Forks - Chapter 34 - Bella's Stories

***Bella's POV***

After we had hunted, Angela's granny clothes were tattered. It was her first time after all; my clothes were ruined after my first time too. I gave her a pair of my jeans and a t-shirt of mine once we got back to the cottage and then settled down in the small sitting room to talk Angela taking the one chair, and Edward and I occupying one of the couches. Angela still seemed pretty freaked out, and overwhelmed by everything, and I couldn't at all blame her. I knew that if I hadn't already knew about all the vampire stuff I would have been completely freaked out and I did know all that stuff and was still kind of overwhelmed by all the new things.

"Rose, Emmett? Would you mind going to get Jacob and Renesmee from their apartment? I am sure they would like to know all that has happened. And I think it would help explain a lot if they were here. You may have to pry them apart, knowing them, especially all this free time they have. Just bring them back here presentable to re-meet Angela." I asked them quickly, and quietly under my breath, knowing Angela probably could hear me, but hoping that she didn't hear everything.

They both nodded, and I smiled nicely at them, "That would be great. Thanks guys!"

They both got up quickly and ran out of the cottage and forest in the direction of the apartment.

"So Angela…. What do you have questions about? I am sure you have tons. We would like to answer them all, we have all the time in the world, if you just want to start asking anything…." I turned in my seat towards her, and smiling sweetly.

"Ok…" Angela looked like she had too many questions to pick. I knew she must. I did when I first heard that the Cullens were vampires. "What is your real story Bella? When did you find out about the Cullens? What happened after you got married? What really happened all those times you left school?"

Of course she asked me the toughest question for me to answer, first.

"Well… I first found out about the Cullens… Well starting at the beginning… after Edward saved me from the van I expected they were different… But he wouldn't tell me. I ended up finding out through Jacob. He told me the local legend about the Cullens and how his tribe thought they were vampires… I started searching for a book about it, and found a title of a book that looked promising. That's why I needed to go to the bookstore when we were dress shopping for the dance. The bookstore you had pointed me too, wasn't at all what I was looking for, so I started to walk around looking for another one, and ended up getting lost. That was when four drunken men found me and were going to mug me, or worse. Edward zoomed up in his car though, scaring them away, and saving me. Like superman." I turned smirking to Edward, who playfully glared at me, "He drove me back to the restaurant, as you know. He was acting weird though, completely filled with anger at the men, asking me to distract him, and saying he wanted to rip the men's heads off. He invited me to dinner, as you also know… that was when he told me he could read minds and that was how he found me when the men were going to attack me, be reading the minds of the people I passed. It was on the drive home that I actually found out from him what he was.

The first time I was out of school was when I had supposedly fallen down the stairs and out the window. I had actually been attacked by a bad vampire, James. So all of the broken bones and bruises and such were caused from him, as he threw me around the ballet studio I went to when I was a kid.

The second time was because I had run to Volterra, Italy with Alice to save Edward from getting himself killed because he thought I was dead."

Angela gave me a questioning look, obviously wondering why Edward would have thought I was dead.

"You know how Alice sees the future? Well it is only if that person is a vampire or human, because she has been both. But she can't see werewolves because she hasn't been one, and if you are with a werewolf, she also can't see you because your future is then intertwined with theirs. Alice had seen me cliff jumping recreationally, during that time without Edward whenever I did something reckless I would hear his voice, and so that was why I did that. But, Alice had never seen me come back up from the water, because Jacob, being a werewolf, had jumped in to save me. Alice had thought I had commit suicide, she told Rosalie of her vision, who had told Edward once Alice had come to Forks to see if the vision was right; which it obviously wasn't. Alice saw a vision of Edward going to Volterra, Italy to see the Volturi, the vampire's equivalency and beg them to kill him. They said no, but Edward planned a way to provoke them to kill him. I ended up stopping him right before he did it. "

"Wow. And wait, Jacob is a werewolf?"

"Yes I am." Jacob said smiling widely, just now finally entering the cottage with Renesmee, Rosalie and Emmett following behind.

Angela choked and started coughing, "What is that… terrible smell?" She croaked out between coughs.

Jacobs grin faltered as he stilled his movements toward the other couch.

"It's pretty disgusting isn't it." Emmett teased Jacob, plugging his nose and waving his hand in front of his face as he passed Jacob going to the couch, Jacob punched him in the arm, glaring at him. Emmett plopped down on the couch and Rosalie sat on his lap.

"That stench would be Jake. Since werewolves and vampires were made to be enemies, we smell terrible to each other." Edward explained, smirking at Jacob on the word stench, "But don't worry, you will get used to the smell. Eventually."

"Ah." Angela choked, covering her mouth and nose with her hand.

Jacob took a seat on the other side of the couch then Emmett, punching him again. Renesmee sat on his lap, giggling incessantly over Jacob and Emmett, who were now having a tongue sticking out match. All of us were chuckling at their childish behavior.

"So do you want to hear about werewolves now or later?" Jacob asked once everyone had stopped chuckling, and an awkward silence had set in, now breaking it.

"Um…. Later I think. I would like to hear more about what happened to Bella and then about my own kind before I learn about the werewolf kind."

"Alright, what would you like to hear about me?" I asked.

"Anything, everything. What happened after Edward and the rest of the Cullens came back?"

"Well, everything pretty much went back to normal, except for the fact that the boys, Edward and Jacob, constantly fought over me. Edward proposed to me soon after graduation. Soon after graduation, an evil human drinking vampire, Victoria, came after me in revenge, because the Cullen's killed her mate, James. Edward took up to a cliff on the mountain to hide me during the fight ensued in a clearing in the forest. Victoria's army of newborns, taking us, along with the pack of werewolves, on. Victoria and her first in command came to find us and they succeeded. Edward and Seth – another werewolf- fought them, and defeated them, unscathed. As did everyone else and the newborns. The only casualty was a huge blow Jacob took that pretty much shattered all the bones in his one side.

We got married in August as you know, but it had been with many negotiations and deals. I only agreed to marry him so early so he would change me afterwards, and that we could try to have a normal honeymoon night…

Well we both followed through with our sides of the deal. And to our complete shock we had conceived a child. Because she is half-vampire the pregnancy only lasted for three weeks. But it was very hard on my body. It left bruises across my stomach, with her strength she broke a few of my ribs, and fractured my pelvis and on the last day, her birthday, it broke my back. Most people would have died just from the pregnancy, but the Cullen's took fantastic care of me, and we found that blood pleased the baby, and also brought my nutrition back up and I became stronger again. After she was born, Edward changed me literally right away, because otherwise I would have died from loss of blood, and all of the injuries I had. My daughter is Renesmee here."

I looked over to Nessie, who looked up and smiled sweetly at Angela.

I stood up from my seat, unclasping Edward and I's hands, as I walked over to Nessie and pulled her up and over to Angela, standing behind her with my hands on her shoulders.

"Angela I would like you to meet my daughter, Renesmee. We mostly call her Nessie though."

"Wow, a daughter. Congratulations. I can imagine you were not expecting to be able to have children. I am very happy to meet you Nessie. Well as Bella's daughter that is." Angela smiled up at us.

"It's nice to meet you again as well." Renesmee shook Angela's hand, and gave her a light hug.

"Wait. So she is half vampire and half human… How is it she is so hot? And her heart bear is so much faster that a humans…"

"We really don't know why," Edward explained, "She has the same amount of chromosomes as the werewolves, which is why as we can assume her temperature is as high as theirs is. As for her heart beat, we believe it is because of her accelerated growth. For the first ten years of her life, she grew at an alarming rate, just as the pregnancy was. So we believe her heart goes faster because of that."

"Oh. That is so interesting, and who would have thought she were even possible between a vampire and a human." Angela said quietly, shaking her head back and forth slightly.

"Yes, and she isn't even the first. There are some others." I added.

"Huh… Wow." Angela whispered, obviously just as dumbfounded by it as we were when we first found out about the pregnancy.

"Oh and Jacob here is Renesmee's… husband." I explained to her motioning for Jake to come over with us. He sauntered toward us wrapping his arms around Renesmee's stomach, and quickly kissing her neck, and then looking up to Angela smiling. He held his hand out to Angela from around Renesmee.

She held her one hand over her mouth, while tentatively reaching out and lightly shaking Jake's hand.

"Husband?" her words muffled by her hand, "But I thought he was in love with Bella all those years…"

"Well Renesmee is my imprint, which means something like true love at first sight, that binds you to the person permanently, and you can't love anyone else, and you never look at someone else in that way ever again. I since I was going to imprint with Bella's daughter I had to love Bella herself, because she is a part of Renesmee, and Nessie was a part of Bella back then. So I loved Bella because of that, and because I had to be close with her so that I would be able to meet Nessie and be able to stay with her." Jacob explained as we all sat back down in our seats.

"Oh. That makes sense. And do vampires have this imprinting thing?"

"No we don't," I answered.

"But you and Edward…"

"Edward and I just have a true love. That probably comes from the fate for Renesmee and Jacob, for if we didn't love each other, and get married, and have Nessie, Jacob wouldn't have his imprint. But, Edward and I do truly love each other with all of our hearts. Not just because of the fates. I can't ever see myself with anyone else, and I had never been with anyone else but Edward." I smiled, looking lovingly into Edward's eyes, which mirrored mine. I squeezed his hand as I turned to look back at Angela.

"So any more questions?"

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