Changing Stars:

Chapter 4- Shapeshifting

A pack of hungry looking wolves circled me. Their eyes were scrutinizing me. I almost shivered. It had been too long since I had encountered wolves; the past time wasn't pretty. A certain black wolf had a hesitant look, almost as if he didn't plan on hurting me. The others were seconds from tearing me apart.

I tried with all my might to read their minds, but I could not reach Edward. I didn't know him well enough to use his power from a distance. I tried and tried until I found that there was no use. They were still circling me. I could practically see their conversation in their eyes. I stood my ground and kept my face bland. I would give nothing away.

"What do you want?" I snarled.

The dark wolf, larger than the rest, broke away from their orbit and approached me. I felt 3 inches tall. He turned his head from side to side, looking at his pack. He was the Alpha, I could sense it. The wolves all sat on their haunches, still boring me with their eyes.

The name Jacob flashed through my mind. I don't know where it came from, or who's voice it was, but I heard it.

"You're Jacob." I breathed.

The animal dipped it head, not taking his eyes off of mine.

"You're the one the Cullen's speak of." He seemed flattered by that remark.

All at once a flood of voices clouded my mind. My hands shot up to my ears and I dropped to my knees. It was madness. I pushed everything out of my mind until I heard silence; perfect silence. I slowly opened my eyes to see Edward standing there, having a thinking conversation with Jacob.

"Thanks a lot." I spat at him.

"You're very welcome." He replied dryly.

Just to be a pain I took his power away. Jacob's face went blank and Edward clenched his palms against his sides.

"Elle, give it back now." He stared into the distance with concentration.

"Are you gonna...make me?" I challenged.

The wolves got excited and started to group together, as if some show was about to take place. I wouldn't fight Edward...I didn't want to hurt him.

"Elle, please, give it back, this is important." Edward pleaded, his voice calmer.

I released his power, but butted in on the conversation.

"She's a bloodsucker. A human bloodsucker. I don't want her anywhere near Nessie." Jacob's thoughts screamed.

"It was Carlisle's doing. I disapprove as well. Bella sees no harm, and Alice hasn't a clue what will become of her. All we can do is wait and see." Edward explained.

"What about school? She looks like shes, what, 12?" He looked me up and down.

"14, for your information." I sighed dramatically.

"Well ex-cuse me!" Jacob rolled his eyes, "How is she listening?"

"She's using my mind," Edward squinted at me, "Can you use their power too?"

I thought about it. "You mean, can I shapeshift?"

"Yes." Edward stepped back and leaned against a tree.

The wolves had lost their anticipation and now looked uncomfortable.

"I won't hurt anyone," I waved them off. "But I guess I could try."

"Do you think she could shapeshift into something different?" Edward voiced aloud.

"I don't see why not. But does her power work on us?" Jacob spoke not only to the rest, but me.

"Elle, have you ever tried on a werewolf?" Edward asked.

"They are not werewolves. I've tried on werewolves. It's horrible," I didn't say more on the subject, "Shapeshifters I have yet to try."

Please proceed. Another wolf joined in.

I decided that the Alpha, Jacob, would be the easiest to take over, so I wound into his mind. I searched corners and shadows until I found his ability. I tightened around it and felt myself start to shudder. My body rippled and spasmed. A feeling took over me and my senses blurred. The shaking got stronger and stronger until I thought I had exploded. Blackness came.

"She tried to shapeshift." A voice was saying out loud.

"But, Jake, she isn't a wolf." I recognized Bella's voice.

"I can see that," He answered with heavy sarcasm, "But she isn't a vamp anymore."

"What is she?" I heard Rosalie come up.

"I'm not sure. A mammal for sure," Carlisle's hands moved down my back.

I involuntarily took a snap at him.

"Feisty." Emmett laughed.

I opened my eyes. Everything was multicolored. Even my vampire vision couldn't compare to this. It was as if I were looking through a kaleidoscope, but it was perfectly clear. I adjusted them to focus on Carlisle's face. All parts of him were different shades.

"Are you okay, Elle?" His tender words rung cleary.

I could almost taste his sound waves.

I wanted to say yes, but a growl came out instead. I tried to speak again, but animal noises came out. I raced through my head trying to find my glitch, but there was none. My pattern of thinking was different though. Something I had never experienced was taking over my body.

My only means of communication was through Edward.

"What am I?" I asked him cautiously.

"We're not sure." Edward repeated my question to the rest.

I rose to my feet. I had four paws on which my lean, feline body balanced. I took a few careful steps in a forward direction, but quickly collapsed down to my stomache.

"The transformation has left me weak." I closed my eyes, which seemed to weigh a ton.

"Do you want us to carry you?" Carlisle offered, after Edward told them my struggle.

I wanted to tell them I was fine and could take care of myself, but my dreariness took the best of me and I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.