It was funny how much things could change in a year. One year ago, John Cena had been one of the happiest men alive. He had a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids, and a job at the FBI that he loved. One horrible day changed all that though. He had come home to find his entire family horribly murdered. The killer hadn't been caught yet, but John didn't want the FBI to catch the bastard. He was going to get the fucker all by himself.

Jeff Hardy was a dead man when he got his hands on him.

John knew quite a lot about Jeff. Jeff had been born Jeffery Nero Hardy in Cameron, North Carolina on August 31, 1977. His mom had died of brain cancer when he was nine and his dad had raised both him and his older brother Matt by himself. Jeff had been committed to an insane asylum when he was thirteen because he killed a classmate with a pen. Matt helped him escape four years later and the two brothers joined up with a…well, a family of psychopaths was the only way to really describe it. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and his wife Stephanie McMahon were the head of the family, and along with their "children" Maria Kanellis, Mickie James and Phil Brooks, the seven of them had captured the imagination of the American public. All together, the rough estimate of the body count was about 96. And that was only from the bodies that had been found. There was a good chance there were a lot more that nobody knew about yet.

John also knew stuff about the other members of the "family". Hunter liked to play games with his victim and it was a well known fact that the Saw movie franchise was based on some of his actions. Stephanie had killed her own family when she was nineteen and evidence showed she often helped Hunter with his own games. Maria and Mickie were lesbian lovers that lured frat boys into their own deaths by promises of threesomes. Phil and Matt were the more standard serial killers and Jeff was just completely insane. There was no other way to describe him.

John's boss Mark Callaway had officially ordered for the fugitives to be brought in alive if possible. That was the loophole that John was currently counting on. He was going to kill Jeff Hardy, and if Jeff's past history of attacking those who sought to captured him, he knew he could probably get away with it. Besides, he had three other agents ready to back up his claims: Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy and his partner of six years, Candice Michelle.

Randy was a rare victim of Hunter's that had managed to get away. That had been about ten years ago, and he was longing to avenge his girlfriend and best friend, who hadn't been so lucky. Ken's brother had been killed by Maria and Mickie, and Candice was just willing to do whatever it took to support John. The four of them had a pact: Jeff, Hunter, Maria and Mickie were definitely getting taken out. If the others could be brought in alive, then that would happen. If they couldn't, then oh well. At this point, the thirst for revenge was more important than any job on the face of the earth.


If someone would have asked Stephanie as a child how she imagined what her life would be like as a grown up, she would have said she would be a famous actress or singer. But fate and her homicidal tendencies led her on a completely different path. Now she was sitting in some fucking cabin in the middle of God knows where because Hunter wanted to "lay low" for awhile. Now she didn't mind laying low, but damn it, she wanted to do it in civilization. A piece of shit cabin was not in civilization.

"We need to get the hell out of here," Phil complained. Matt, Maria and Mickie nodded in agreement. They weren't happy with their current predicament either. "This place blows."

Stephanie looked at each of her surrogate children. She couldn't have kids of her own, so she mothered these guys like they were hers. "I know it does. But Hunter won't leave unless we absolutely have to. He's very determined to stay here."

"So let's guarantee a reason to leave," Maria suggested. She was sitting in Mickie's lap, who was massaging the side of her breast. The two of them were quite open with their affection for one another.

"But how?" Stephanie asked.

Matt glanced at the basement. "You know, Jeff hasn't had a chance to come out and play much since we've been here. And earlier I saw four campers about two miles from here." He grinned. "I think that might be reason enough for us to have to move."

Stephanie bit her lip. Letting Jeff off the leash had a lot of risk to it, but she couldn't tolerate staying in this dump anymore. "Okay," she agreed. "But you have to go with him so you can make sure he comes back. We don't want him wandering off too far from here."

With that decided, she and Matt went downstairs to the basement. Jeff's neck, wrists and ankles were shackled by the chains that were connected to the wall. According to Hunter, they could not lay low if Jeff was running around and pulling his usual bullshit. At first, they had tried to keep Jeff heavily sedated, but after he nearly bit Hunter's hand off, they had to change their tactics.

"Oh Jeff," Stephanie said slowly. She carefully approached the very unpredictable man. He was rocking back and forth very fast and he was muttering to himself. "Do you want to go on a field trip with Matt?"

Jeff looked up and eyed her carefully. "What kind of field trip?"

"The kind where you get a treat bro," Matt answered. He took the keys from Stephanie and unchained his younger brother. "We figured that mean old Hunter's kept you down here for too long and you deserve something for being a good boy."

Jeff crawled over to the other side of the room so he could grab his knife. "I want a blonde girl," he announced. "A pretty blonde girl."

Matt grinned. "Well you're in luck Jeff. One of the girls I saw was a very pretty blonde girl. I know that's just the kind of girl you like." He reached his hand out. "Come on. I'll show you where she is."

"Don't need your damn hand," Jeff growled. He pushed past Matt and Stephanie and ran upstairs. Matt quickly followed him before Stephanie could encourage him to hurry. They both knew what could happen if they let Jeff get out of their sight for too long. The last time that had happened he actually broke into FBI agent John Cena's house and killed his whole family. That had led to John Cena's obsession with them and that was part of the reason Hunter wanted them to lay low for awhile.

"Hunter's going to kill me," Stephanie muttered. Now hopefully, he would only do that figuratively and not literally. She really did love the big nosed son of a bitch, and she didn't want to have to kill him in a moment of self defense because he couldn't control his damn temper. That would suck big time.