THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC and if you haven't read the Maximum Ride books, then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING FANFICTION ABOUT IT? If you haven't read the books, well I'm not going to explain anything.

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My life as a mutant bird-kid


"This is nothing I've ever seen before." The doctor muttered to his fellow colleague. They were both staring at the premature new-born that they had just helped to deliver.

The woman who had delivered the miracle baby had gone into labour while visiting relatives in Sydney. Her new doctors were dumbfounded as to how the little baby girl acquired wings while in her mother's womb. It seemed most likely that someone with a lot of funding and medical technology had altered the foetus while it was still developing, giving it wings.

The baby's parents were found later, just watching their baby lying in the Humidi-crib. "She's so beautiful," the mother whispered to her husband. She reached out her hand, as if to touch her baby through the clear plastic. "I like the name Ruby." She said.

"Me, too" he whispered back.

Well, what do you think? This is my first fanfic and I hope you like it.

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