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"Nothing is quite like it used to be

Deep down inside of me

I'm done searching for myself

I call it Bliss"

Carlisle POV

I slowly opened my eyes and remembered it was Sunday. I smiled to myself. I loved Sundays because it was the day I had entirely to my girls. I kept my cell phone turned off the whole day because the most important people in my world were with me so, just for the day, nothing else mattered.

I turned my head left to look at my beautiful wife. My Esme. She was pregnant for the third time. I couldn't get over how beautiful she was carrying my baby. It was a boy this time, our first boy.

Our first baby came five years after our wedding. We got married right after Esme's college graduation and waited for me to be out of college to have our first baby. I had just finished Medical School when Esme gave me the news.

Rosalie Lillian Cullen was born on February 10th. It was the most beautiful and happiest day of my life. Both my girls were great and our lives have been pure bliss since then.

Rose has blond hair like me, but her face is a wonderful mix of my own and Esme's. Her eyes are sea blue like her mother's. She is most beautiful little girl ever. She is much more than all the other blond girls with blue eyes, and it's not because she's my daughter, everyone gets very impressed by her beauty. She is five now. She's very smart and is a tomboy sometimes. She loves to dress up like a little girl, but she also loves cars and to play soccer.

Our three-year old daughter is Mary Alice Cullen. Her hair is black, which she got from Esme's father and her looks couldn't be more different then her sister's. Her eyes are dark blue, which she got from me, and her face is the cutest with really smooth shapes, like her mom's. She and Rose are opposites in body shape as well. While Rose is really tall for a five-year old, Alice is extremely petite. She loves new clothes and dressing up everyone in the house. She also has a very peculiar trait. She can really tell what's going to happen. When Esme got home to tell the girls that she was pregnant Alice got ahead of her and said: "I know Mom. It's my brother Edward!'' We were really impressed by her since we didn't know if it was a boy and we definitely hadn't told her that if we had a boy we would name him Edward.

My reminiscence was cut off when I heard soft footsteps outside out bedroom door. Oh, yes. The girls always came by on Sundays to lay with us in bed. Rosalie slowly opened the door and looked at me with a questioning look. I gestured to her to be quiet and to come in. She entered the room and Alice came to me while her sister was closing the door. I put her between Esme and me and made her lay her head on my arm.

"Morning, Dad.'' She said while I was kissing her forehead.

Rosalie arrived at the bed and I opened my right arm for her and she placed her chin on my chest and smiled brightly. I couldn't help but smile back. "Morning, darlings." I said softly to both of my daughters.

We all looked at the sleeping beauty on our side the next moment. Alice put her hand on her mom's belly and greeted her brother. She loved to do this.

We just stood for God's know how much time just staring until Esme started to wake up. She opened her eyes and chuckled.

"You're all here of course.'' We all smiled at her. She kissed Alice's forehead, and then my lips and lastly Rose's head.

"I'm hungry, you know. I kinda want breakfast.'' She smiled.

" Me too, but I don't really want to get up.'' Rosalie smiled back. Her mom agreed with her, so we just stood there in our perfect bliss.

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