Fandom : House

Rating : T

Title : Becoming House's Business

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : HouseChase

Warnings : Slash, MxM, Making out

Summary : House confronts Chase Sr when he states that's it's not House's business what he tells Chase. House seeks to prove him wrong. HouseChase

Timeline : During Season 1 Episode 13 'Cursed'

Dedication : Me :)

Date : 1-6-08

Spoilers : Just 'Cursed'

I noticed that i seem to watch scenes in House, then see them a completely different way. 'Trapped' (my HouseForeman story) was the first example. This is my second. I'm sure more are to come. 83 Enjoy the HouseChase makeout scene. I did ^.^

"It's not your business."

House growled and slammed his cane on the floor, looking at Chase's father.

"It became my problem when I started sleeping with your son." House growled. "He's never talked about you. And I want to know why."

Rowan Chase looked away, and looked back at House. "Sleeping with my son?"

House rolled his eyes. "Don't change the subject." He spat out.

"I left Chase and his mother when Chase was 15, and his mother was on nothing but gin and tonics. I tried to patch things up, but he didn't want me too…" Chase Sr. trailed off, and looked at House, no remorse for what he did shining in his eyes.

House frowned and shook his head turning and walking away.

"Now I know why he never talked about you." Was all he said as he walked away, Chase Sr. leaving after a second.

House walked up to his office, seeing his lover sitting in his chair.

"Wat he say ta you?" Chase asked, tossing House's ball in the air.

House started to tell Chase about the Cancer, then paused for a split-second.

"Nothing. Something about an afternoon panel…" House trailed away with a wave of his hand.

Chase rolled his eyes, and got up. "I'm going to get the blood panel for the next round of tests on Gabe."

House nodded, and walked forward, throwing his cane into his chair, and pulling Chase close, seizing the lips of his lover into a deep and fast kiss, holding the aussie close to him as they kissed furiously.

Chase groaned lightly, kissing back as fast as he could, trying to keep up with House's passion.

House slowed the kiss, deepening it slightly before pulling back and resting his forehead on Chases.

"I love you. I don't say it often, but I do." House said quietly, opening his eyes to look into Chase's eyes.

Chase smiled. "I love you too." He smiled, and sidestepped slightly. "Now I really need ta get back ta work."

House pouted but moved back, smacking Chase on the butt as he left, and moving back to his desk.