Soulful brown eyes clouded with irritation

Stare into amused blue ones.

A thin line is quirked,

A tug of the lips

Jerking them up to the right.

Warm brown eyes narrow

Peering intensely into the laughing blue.

Soft melodic soprano asks,

What has you so irked?

A rich tenor replies,

Your eyes, I can't see past those

Ice crystal barriers.

Harmonious giggles float through the atmosphere.

I beg your pardon? Soprano asks tenor.

Eyes are the windows to the soul

The answer begins,

But I can't see into your soul.

There is a shadow, a veil,

A mask over your heart.

There is so much I know about you,

And yet so little.

The soprano maintains her mirth

I could say the same about you.

True, the tenor voice concedes.

But I'm willing to share, tell you anything about myself.

I want to know more about you,

Your hopes, your dreams

Childhood fantasies.

The tenor drops into a whisper

Your nightmares.

The amused smile fades into a disapproving frown.

Crystal blue orbs darken with a protective haze.

A battle ensues;

He tries with valiant effort to remove her mask,

As she tries with equal effort to tighten the strings over her heart.

I'm sorry…but I can't do it

Soprano whispers brokenly.

I can't let down my shields for you,

Be vulnerable.

I don't want to get hurt again.

Who's going to hurt you? Tenor asks soprano.

His voice never going an octave higher than hers.

Silence rings as his answer.

Maintaining his soft tone he says

I will take my mask off for you.

Please take your mask off for me.

I hope you guys liked this poem...the eye color doesn't really matter; if your pairing has green and grey eyes, that's fine. The blue and brown are a personal pairing for me.