Enna Burning Fanfiction

Chapter one

The man looked oddly familiar. Enna could see that he was slightly shorter than Finn, and he had light brown hair. Enna squinted, but he was still too far away for Enna to see his face.

She walked casually past the man. It took the time of a heartbeat to recognize him, and when she did, her knees grew weak, her blood ran cold, and she felt an uncontrollable desire to burn.

"Hello, Enna," he said. "I came back for you."

Enna glared at Sileph so intensely she thought he ought to quail with fright. He didn't, but he looked surprised at her anger.

He looked different. His long hair had been cut short, and he wore Bayern clothes that were much different from his Tiran uniform. But he was just as handsome as he had been the last time she'd seen him.

Enna felt tempted to slip back into her old habit of liking him, and she conjured an image of Finn. All kind feelings towards Sileph vanished as she remembered what he had done to Finn and Razo. Suppressing the urge to burn, she spoke to him in a tone that was ice cold.

"What do you want, Sileph? Quickly, before I change my mind and burn you."

"I only want you." Sileph made his voice soft and pleading. "Don't you remember, Enna? We were going to go to Ingridan, and live in a large house with lots of firewood…" he trailed off. Enna rolled her eyes. She's heard it all before. A year ago, it was all she'd wanted. Now it had lost its charm.

"Get away from me, you son of a goat. I've had enough of your lies. Now, go on! Get!"

Sileph ignored her. Before Enna could either burn him or leave, he crossed the distance between them and kissed her. Enna didn't think- her hand had a mind of its own. She pulled away and slapped him.

He glared at her, and Enna wondered if he would hit her. He did. Enna was stunned, but something deep inside her wasn't surprised. Sileph looked mad as a hornet.

"Don't hit me," he said. Then, his face softened, and he looked sad.

"I'm sorry, Enna. I shouldn't have done that."

"No, you shouldn't have. You don't love me, Sileph. You know it and so do I. And, quite frankly, I don't love you either. I love Finn, and he loves me too. He would never hit me," said Enna. Then she turned around and walked away.

Enna found Finn practicing swordplay with Razo. Razo was an infamously terrible swordsman, so Finn had agreed to help him. Usually, the sight of Razo jumping around and trying to hit Finn would have her doubled over in laughter. But Sileph had her too distressed to find anything funny.

Enna sat on the grass and waited for them to be finished. She didn't have to wait long. Finn saw her and called a halt. He hurried over to her. Enna stood up and tried not to tremble.

"What's the matter, Enna?"

Enna opened her mouth, but instead of words, a loud sob ripped out of her throat. Finn looked alarmed and put his arms around her.

"Enna? What happened? What's that on your face?"

Enna struggled to stop crying and contain herself. She breathed in deeply and inhaled Finn's comforting smell.

"Finn, Sileph is here."

His reaction was expected. At the mention of Sileph, Finn went rigid. Enna didn't blame him. The scar on the side of his face had been from Sileph.

Enna absentmindedly rubbed at her cheek, which stung from the back of Sileph's hand. Finn noticed, and he caught her hand. His eyes tightened.

"He hit you." It was not a question. Finn's voice was flat. Enna nodded. She had never seen Finn so angry- not even when Sileph had dared to call her 'Enna' in front of him. Finn turned on his heel and walked away. Enna laced her fingers through his and they walked in silence.

Enna didn't know what his plan was, but she soon found out. Enna and Finn looked for Sileph. They found him skulking around the soldier's barracks. Enna had a feeling that he'd been looking for Finn.


It was one word, but Finn's voice quivered with anger. Enna was fervently glad that she was on his side. Sileph smiled in anticipation. He drew his sword.

"I don't want to fight you. I came to ask you to leave Enna alone." Finn stood casually, but he kept his hand on his sword. The atmosphere was so thick, Enna could have cut it with a knife.

"I'm not interested in talk, boy. Why should I leave her alone? She was supposed to be my answer! If I take her home now, then I will be a hero for capturing the Bayern fire-witch!"

"No." Finn stayed calm, and Enna marveled. She could barely resist burning Sileph.

"So we fight," said Sileph. Finn nodded.

"We fight for Enna," he said. "Unless you're afraid?" a tiny smile lifted the corners of his mouth. Sileph scowled.

"I've beaten you before, boy. I will gladly do it again. Say goodbye to him, Enna," said Sileph. Enna glared at him. She was not under any obligation to honor their agreement. If Finn lost, then she would roast Sileph alive. There was no way that she was going to Ingridan.

"You are not the only one who loves Enna," said Sileph. "Or claims to."

Finn glared at Sileph and his veiled accusation. "I would never harm her," he growled. Enna was surprised that Sileph was so calm. If she were him, she would be scared silly. Sileph's eyes narrowed, then he adopted an expression that was supposed to be contrite.

"I know. I shouldn't have done that. It was foolish."

Finn stared him down. "Yes. It was foolish. And stupid and dim and a million other things."

"I apologized-"

"But I didn't accept," Enna fired. Sileph snapped. He dove forward with his sword raised. His sword met Finn's with a shower of sparks. Sileph pulled away and took a swipe at Finn's head. Finn ducked and retaliated with a swing at Sileph's leg.

But Sileph had expected it. He stepped nimbly out of the way, and his sword cut a line on Finn's thigh.

Enna panicked. She began to draw heat into her, then stopped- where would she send it? She couldn't kill Sileph! The heat became unbearable, and Enna released it into a small clump of grass. Finn's eyes flickered to the small flame, and Sileph made his move. He moved too quickly for Enna to call a warning, and when she did it was too late.

"Finn, look out-!"

Enna screamed. Sileph's sword plunged into Finn's side. Sileph yanked his sword out of him, and Finn's knees buckled. He knelt on the ground and stared up at Sileph. He looked so small and vulnerable that Enna thought her heart would break. Sileph raised his sword. Enna ran between them. She sent fire to Sileph's hand. He dropped his sword, and Enna picked it up. She held it to his throat. Then she took a step back so she stood next to Finn. She put her hand on his shoulder.

People had begun to gather. Razo pushed his way through the crowd. His eyes widened when he saw Finn and Enna.

"What happened, Enna?" he asked. It was a mark of the seriousness of the situation that he did not call her Enna-girl. He saw Sileph. "Hey, that's that Tiran captain who…" he faltered. He glanced at him, then at Finn. "Oi! You stabbed Finn? I'll have your head, you-you-" Razo stopped, too upset to finish his sentence. Enna decided to help him out.

"Son of a goat is my preferred phrase," said Enna. Razo nodded. He seemed unable to speak.

"Hey, you!" Enna shouted to the guards. "Arrest this man! He's a Tiran and he stabbed one of our boys!"

One of the guards shook his head. "Sorry, Forest girl. Can't."

"Do you know who I am?" demanded Enna. "I'm Enna, the Queen's best friend. So arrest him, now, or I'll report you!"

The guards hastened to do as she asked. Enna watched in satisfaction as Sileph was arrested and led away.

"Razo, Conrad. Come help me take him to the castle," said Enna. She was trying to stay calm. Razo and Conrad did as she asked. Finn was at least a foot taller than them, so they struggled a bit. But they got him to the castle. Enna followed anxiously.

Fortunately, it was marketday, so Geric and Isi were in the throne room. Enna rushed to the front of the line. She ignored the people who called for her to get in line. Isi and Geric looked surprised to see her.

"Enna, what's the matter?"

"Sileph is here, Isi. He stabbed Finn. The Peace-Keepers arrested him. Razo and Conrad have Finn in the other room. Come quickly, Isi!"

Isi didn't ask any questions. She slid off her throne, and with a nod to Geric, she and Enna hurried from the room.

They went into the other room, and found Razo and Conrad. They knelt over Finn, who had evidently passed out. Enna and Isi helped them lift him. They got him up three flights of stairs to the palace physician.

"Henri, come here! This man was stabbed by a Tiran in disguise. He is my friend and needs to be treated immediately. I command you to drop everything and help! Now!"

Enna was shocked at Isi's behavior. She had never treated anyone that way before. Henri, the physician, frowned.

"I am busy at the moment, my Queen. I am treating a stable hand who has the fever-"

Enna had had enough. "Listen up, you. This is the queen's friend, and he is closer to dying every moment you wait! So, hang the stable hand and help us!"

The man looked affronted, but he agreed to help Finn first. He eyed Enna speculatively.

"You must leave," he said to her. "The others may stay, but I do not want you upsetting these people and interfering with their recovery."

"How dare you tell me to leave! This is my fiancée, and I want to be near him!" Enna said. Isi grabbed her arm.

"Come, Enna. This has been a bad day. Let's go get some food."

Enna grudgingly allowed Isi to lead her out of the room.