I climbed out of the plane, only half hoping that Charlie had remembered to come pick me up. I made my way to the baggage claim swiftly, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. It was crowded and loud, both things I wasn't comfortable with. After I had gotten my luggage, just one suitcase along with the carry-on I was already carrying, I heard a gruff voice calling my name. For a moment I was frozen in place, dreading the sound, and then I turned around and faced my father. He grinned wickedly at me, and I shivered in fear.

It was just my luck that Renee had gotten too sick to take care of me. Social Service found out when I skipped school for a week to take care of her. They had forced me to come here, despite my protests. Everyone always thought that Charlie was perfect due to the fact that he was the police chief. I almost snorted in disgust, before I remembered that Charlie was in the seat next to me in the car.

"So, Bella, you have come back to me, I knew you would. No one can escape once I have any say in it." Charlie hissed.

It was true, not one person who he had thought or said guilty had come out of it. The Forks prison was filled with every person Charlie had ever held a grudge against. Even if they were innocent. A shudder went through me as I thought about what was coming. He gave me a knowing look, and sped up, eager to get home and start my punishment for escaping with Renee when I was 6.


I jumped as someone shook me awake, afraid it was Charlie with a second beating. It wasn't. Renee, my mom, was standing over me, her eyes telling me we were finally getting out. I released a relieved sigh, knowing everything was going to be alright. We hurriedly packed my stuff together and snuck out the back door. The drive to Phoenix was filled with laughter and hope.

-End Flashback-

We had arrived at the house, and Charlie was pulling my two bags out of the trunk, and I just got my hands up in time to catch them.

"Come." He growled, and I followed him to the room that was a living hell when I was a child. I put my things on the bed and stood, waiting for what I knew would come. He stalked up to me and slapped me in the face. It's starting, I thought. Silent tears started running down my face as the next hit, on my stomach, threw me into the wall. Getting closer he growled out.

"You thought you and your pathetic mother could get away from me, didn't you? I disagree. I knew you would be back, I knew I would get my revenge on you. Too bad your mother is too sick to join us, I so wish she could be here to see this."

He then proceeded to hit me, always making sure that they could be hidden by clothes, knowing I would hide them. I cried the whole time, his words boring into me. Once he was done, he told me I was to fix his dinner every night, or else. He exited and left me, probably to watch TV and act like nothing happened. I couldn't even write it off as drinking, as he never did.

I dragged myself up and into bed and proceeded to cry myself to sleep.

- ~ - ~ -

In the morning my alarm clock woke me up. I pulled myself up, and felt a searing pain where he had hit me. Gritting my teeth I got up and got ready. Afterwards I went out and to the truck Charlie had gotten for me, so people would not be suspicious about our relationship. The car scared me when it started up, and I knew he had gotten this car just for that. I loved it anyways, just the feel of it felt safe. Which was something I knew would be a rare experience for me. As I drove to school I thought about what I would tell them. I thought up a story as I pulled into a spot, putting my head down to arrange my features into a smile. When I didn't succeed, I just settled with a blank expression. Arranging my brown hair in front of my face, I got out and walked to the building with the sign saying 'Office.'

"Hello deary, you must be Isabella Swan, pleased to meet you." said a grandmotherly voice as I approached the counter.

"It's Bella." I replied. Apparently I was already gossip in this town. I inwardly groaned.

"Ok, Bella. Well, I have your schedule and map here. Also a slip you should give to all the teachers to sign. Good luck!" I took the paper, and tried to smile, mot succeeding in any way. Turning, I made my way out of the building. Before I could look for my first class, English, a boy came up to me. He had blond hair and blue eyes that scanned me as he walked up. Wow, someone just looked at me like that! I thought, he must not have much taste in girls.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton! You must be Isabella!" He said in his chipper voice. I almost rolled my eyes.

"I go by Bella." I replied stiffly. He didn't notice and went right on.

"Right, Bella, do you need help finding your way to your first class?" He asked. I was polite, and let him lead me. I had my teacher sign the slip, and then settled in for a long day.

Mike led me to all of my classes until lunch, when he led me over to sit with his friends. He told me their names, but I couldn't remember any of them. After we had been sitting for a while I looked around the cafeteria.

When I saw them I froze, drinking them in. When I had regained the ability to speak, I asked the girl next to me, who's name I thankfully pulled out of the recesses of my mind, "Hey, Jessica, who are they."

She didn't look, knowing who I was talking about. "They're the Cullens. They don't talk to anyone else. They are all the adopted kids of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. They're all together to, if you get what I mean. There's Alice and Jasper," she pointed to a short girl with short, black, spiky hair and a tall, slim boy with messy blond hair, "They are Rosalie and Emmett," she pointed to the goddess and a big burly boy, who scared me a little, "and that is Edward. He doesn't notice anyone though." I vaguely wondered when he had turned her down. He was the one my eyes were fixed upon. His hair was messy and bronze, while his eyes were a beautiful topaz. Suddenly he looked over at me and I lowered my eyes, not wanting him to know that I had been watching. When I looked back he was gone.

I left lunch early, not wanting to be last for Biology. Of course Mike came with me. Though this time he had the class with me.

After I had given the teacher my slip he directed me to the only open seat. Of course, it was next to him.