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The Volturi demands that you along with your entire family congregate in Volterra, Italy in two days. We have recently discovered something that might just be of use to your coven. Do not worry, the terms on which we meet are much more peaceful.

With Respect,


Carlisle read the letter aloud to us. The family exchanged worried glances. Renesmee, who looked to be about twelve years old now, whimpered and placed her palm to Edward's cheek, showing him a memory of the last time we'd seen the Volturi. The time they'd wanted to kill us all.

"No Nessie, the Volturi doesn't want to hurt us." Edward comforted.

"They just want to have a tea party that's what." Emmett laughed sarcastically. The room sighed and rolled their eyes. Leave it to Emmett to joke about the choice of life or death. But, that's why I loved him, he was the lighthearted childish spirit that loomed over the family and made me smile even when I didn't think I could. I was content when the love of my entire existence put an arm around me. I nestled closer into his side and he kissed my forehead. I smiled up to meet his perfect amber golden eyes.

"Alice?" Carlisle wanted clarification from my sister who can see the future. Alice took a deep breath and closed her eyes. For a long moment it was silent.

"What do you see?" Jasper whispered winding his fingers through Alice's. Alice shook her head.

"The Volturi give us… A …. needle and the bright red fluid drained out of the shot quickly…. then I saw Esme… No… now its… its…Rosalie?!" She seemed shocked. Her mind was still in her vision. Her eyes were far away and vacant. It must have been still changing. The future wasn't decided yet. "Rose is different, but I can't… I don't know how. And now… a white room. In the bright white room something is laughing. The new thing is happy." Alice shook her head to shake the vision away. I noticed I'd clung tightly to Emmett while I was listening. Me? She saw me.

"Ooookay. What does it mean though Al?" Emmett asked and twirled one of my golden curls around his fingers absentmindedly. I was still trying to make sense of the bizarre vision. It had to mean something…

"I don't know. But, I don't think the Volturi means us any harm." Alice said certainly. "Your call Carlisle. But, let me tell you, there is this new designer that has his place in Venice, so while we're in Italy, we might as well take the shopping advantages." Alice smiled to me. I grinned back. It would be an amazing chance to get some shopping done. I so needed some new clothes.

"I don't think there would be any harm in paying the Volturi a tiny visit." Carlisle said looking around the room to see if anyone objected.

"Are you sure it's okay?" Bella asked timidly.

"I see no reason for a malicious intent. Everyone will be perfectly safe." Edward told her and stroked her cheek.

"What about Rose?" Emmett objected. One of the many things I love about him is that he protected me. It probably was just a silly vision, yet he still wanted to protect me. I trailed my fingers along his perfectly sculpted right arm and he pulled me tighter to him.

"The vision could have just been a collection of random events. I don't think it really means anything Emmett." Esme comforted. The rest of the family nodded.

"All right. Let's get packing then. Alice, check on the weather would you?" Carlisle asked quickly as we all dispersed to pack all of our things. Alice closed her eyes shut again and looked at the weather for the extent of our stay.

"Sunny the day we return back to America. That's in exactly one week. That's it…" Alice smiled. "Rosalie, I want to borrow your Prada sunglasses. I'm going to buy he cutest hat in Italy that will match them perfectly." She grinned as she followed Emmett and me upstairs to our room.

"Sure Alice. If I can borrow your Burberry scarf." I said and stepped into my enormous walk in closet. There were two closets in mine and Emmett's room that had a door in the very back that connected them. My closet alone was probably bigger than Bella and Edward's entire cottage. It was like a mini mall. It had pale white carpet and a high ceiling with a gold and diamond chandelier hanging from the top. There was a rotating rack of my endless clothes on the back wall. There was a pale latte brown colored futon in front so I could sit and watch my clothes like a movie while I picked out something to wear. I had a large wardrobe cabinet full of handbags and purses only the latest season of course. Accessories had drawer shelves organized by color and formality of course. Jewelry had its own section of the wall where it was as well organized y color. There were roses painted on everything too. I had my sunglasses in a section to itself organized alphabetically by designer. "M-N-O-P! Aha here they are." I said taking out a pair of big brown sunglasses. Alice smiled.

"Thanks Rose!" She said.

"Here. These shoes would match too." I said. I opened the glass double doors of the huge shoe closet that I had begged Emmett to build for me two months ago, because I didn't have enough room for all my shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes you know. I threw her some Steve Madden brown gladiator styled heels that buckled up to her ankles. It was a wonder that Alice, Esme, Bella, and I were all close to the same shoe size. I was thankful for that.

"Thanks a lot. I'll be right back with the scarf, and I'll bring you my new earrings okay?" She said flitting out the door.

"Oh and Alice, could you so bring me those new Prada shoes you got yesterday. They'd look stunning on me don't you think?" Emmett appeared at the door from his closet to mine and smiled widely.

"Uh no. Please don't give me that mental picture." Alice wrinkled her nose and laughed. Emmett rolled his eyes and grinned.

"Come on Rose. We've got to pack." Emmett urged. I groaned, he knew how much I hated packing.

"Will you do it for me?" I pouted out my bottom lip in pleading.

"Okay." He shrugged. Wow. That was easier than I thought.

"Oh no. What do you want?" I teased him.

"I can't do something nice for my wife without being interrogated?! What kind of a sick twisted world is this?" He gasped theatrically over doing the acting. I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow.

"Em?" I urged. He went over to the place where I kept my entire luggage stock and pulled out my biggest Louis Vuitton suitcase. He unzipped it wordlessly. He started humming a song I'd never heard before as he grabbed an old t-shirt and a pair of his old sweatpants that I'd adopted as mine that I used only when I was going to tune up the cars. They were both covered in permanent grease stains. He threw them in the suitcase and closed it.

"Done." He smiled innocently. I sighed loudly.

"I should have known." I narrowed my eyes. I grabbed my remote for my turning rack of clothes and pressed the on button. I sat on the futon trying to decide the perfect outfits.

"That one." He said looking up from where he was packing his things. I pressed the stop button and smiled. It was a plain black strapless Roberto Cavalli cocktail dress. The fabric clung to my skin tightly accenting my flawless figure and the short hem came just to my mid thigh showing off my long legs. It was truly a beautiful dress. Plain and simple, but still breath taking. I'd never worn it before. With a diamond choker and my hair pulled up in an elegant bun with those new Prada heels and… I rolled my eyes.

"You don't wear formal cocktail dresses on a casual trip to see the Volturi Emmett." I smiled. He nodded.

"I know." He grinned widely.

"So, I'm saying I can't wear this darling." I cooed like I was trying to explain it to a baby.

"So I'm saying you might be going some where fancy with this really really handsome guy one night in Italy; so you might want to bring this dress. But don't take my advice… It's just a wild guess." He winked.

"A handsome guy wants to take me around Italy? Wow. That's an interesting theory Emmett." I smiled and wrapped my arms around him. "This really wonderful girl wants to tell this devastatingly handsome guy that she accepts his invitation." I kissed him on the cheek. "Now please stop distracting me. I need to pack." I told him taking the black dress off the hanger and throwing it to Emmett who put it in the suitcase. I opened another suitcase and threw in the shoes to match.

"A whole suitcase for shoes?" Emmett asked appalled. I nodded and rolled my eyes like that was a seriously stupid question. "Fine. Fine. That's fine." He said putting his hands up in surrender. I smiled and continued on my packing with the same routine, I would throw the clothes to Em; and I would pack shoes and accessories in the other suitcase.

"Plane leaves tomorrow at five a.m!" Alice called for the family to hear. Emmett and I hurriedly finished our packing at our quickest vampire speed and looked at the three huge suitcases that we'd managed to get everything packed into. We decided we should go hunting before the trip so the entire family met for 'dinner.' We all had snagged a few elk and deer each. All of us satisfied. Except the men of course…

"Dinner is served." Edward smiled taking off in the direction of a large mountain lion's scent. Emmett ran in the opposite direction, smiling and tugging me along behind him. I rolled my eyes when he saw a grizzly bear. He always liked to have a little fun before killing them. I crossed my arms as I waited for him. The bear snarled and stood up on its hind legs standing at least two heads taller than Emmett. He grinned widely and growled back. The grizzly took a swipe at him, and the metallic sound of the bear's claws screeching against Emmett's granite skin made me shiver. I knew he was virtually indestructible now, but every time I saw the bear snarl and try to hurt him, it reminded me of 1935 when he wasn't so indestructible and he was the one with the bottom hand. It was irrational really, the way I still feared for him, when there could be no harm inflicted, but I did. Emmett smiled like a kid on Christmas as the bear took another swipe, the claws screeching against his skin once again. He threw the bear back into a tree and the bear went limp, its spine cracked and Emmett happily sucked it clean. He wiped his mouth with his hand.

"That one was pretty strong. I could almost feel it put up a fight that time." Emmett laughed.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to wrestle with your food?" I joked with him. He rolled his eyes.

"Whoops." He smiled innocently and he gestured to his shirt. Or what was left of it anyway. He took me in his arms and I trailed my hands down his bare chest, and the flat planes of his stomach. The bear's claws had ripped Emmett's shirt that I'd bought him, to shreds. So his beautiful body, perfect in every way, was visible. It was very handsome I might add.

"You never cease to amaze me." I smiled and kissed him quickly on the cheek. He swept me off my feet, carrying me bridal style through the forest. He smiled down to me, as he opened the door and walked into our house.

"Are you two even packed for Italy yet?" Carlisle asked. Emmett pulled his gaze from mine and nodded. He disappeared up the stairs and returned, balancing the heavy looking suitcases on his fingertips. I rolled my eyes my lips spreading into a smile.

"Showoff." Jasper muttered to Emmett as he brought down the suitcases in a conventional way, in his arms. Emmett took a bow then disappeared back up the stairs. I went to Alice's room to get the scarf then returned to mine and Emmett's room.

"Ciao il mio Rosalie." (Translation: Hello my Rosalie) Emmett greeted me in Italian as I opened the door. He was lying flat on his back on the bed tossing a football up near the high ceiling and catching it in boredom. He sat up and threw the football to me with blinding speed and I caught it and smiled. He was such a kid sometimes that it made it a little more bearable not being able to have a child of my own. I hopped up onto the bed, sat and folded my legs under me. He propped up on his hands and I decided to get closer in so I crawled so I would be sitting right next to him my head on his shoulder. "Dunque che lei pensa che il Volturi voglia con noi?" (Translation: So what do you think the Volturi wants with us?) He asked and stroked my cheek.

"I'm not sure. I'm not sure why you're speaking Italian either." I smiled.

"Perché andiamo all' Italia!" He laughed. (Translation: Because we are going to Italy!) I kissed his cheek and hopped up off of the bed. Emmett remained lying on his back gazing up at the ceiling. I went to my closet, and he sat up straight. I reached for the lingerie and got exactly what I wanted. I slipped it on quickly, looked at myself in the mirror. Perfect.

"Ciao il mio bell'amante. L'Italia è piacevole, non è? " (Translation: Hello my handsome love. Italy is nice, isn't it?) I murmured seductively and propped open the door with my ultra long legs in thigh high fishnet tights with a garter. I gestured toward my Italian label lingerie and he smiled unbuttoning his shirt and coming closer to me. He kissed the corner of my lips planting random kisses along my jaw and neck as he traced his fingertips from my ankle, up my leg. His lips found mine at last and he cradled my face in his long protective hands. I wrapped my arms around his neck and clutched him closer to me. He picked me up, never breaking the kiss and to the bed. We sunk into the sheets his shirt on the floor as well as his belt. I ran my hands down his bare chest, down the perfect, flat planes of his stomach. He reached for the ribbon on my corset.

"Just hold me." I whispered against his lips; immediately he stopped and wrapped his arms around me simply holding me in the one place I felt safe. His arms. At the most inconvenient time, another of my recently frequent daydreams entered my mind. I was with Emmett of course, but someone else was there too, in my arms was a pale pink blanket and I was gazing down at it in joy. Emmett put his arm around me kissed me sweetly on the cheek and looked down into the blanket in awe, for wrapped in the blanket was the most gorgeous baby girl in the entire world. Her eyes fluttered open. Her beautiful violet blue eyes. My eyes. Emmett cooed at the little angel and she smiled. I had to catch my breath at her smile, for it was Emmett's smile… The baby changed into a grown child running and jumping outside in the sunlight, her thick blonde ringlets bouncing behind her. Her bright eyes and wide smile full of joy made me want to smile back at her, but all these things in the daydream weren't why I was pulled back to reality gasping for breath and clutching to Emmett tightly. It was because the child's skin was glistening, sparkling in the sunlight…