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If Emmett hadn't been killed that day in 1935, we would have never been together in the end…

Not even a second had passed before Felix had Emmett pinned to the ground. I felt unnatural strength pulsing through my veins and I ripped out of Demetri and Edward's grip making my way towards my fading love.

"No Rosalie! Don't do it! No!" Emmett yelled at me fiercely as Felix laughed at him in victory. The rest of the Volturi mocked him, dancing around in celebration. I looked to Rosslyn, Everett, and Emmelie stopping in my tracks. Rosslyn was beside himself and crying like I'd never seen him cry before as he watched Emmett's fight. Emmelie was trembling and waiting for me to tell her what to do, and Everett… Everett was silent as he held tight to Emmelie's hand.

"Make your choice oh troubled Rosalie." Caius snickered as the fire that my love would burn in blazed into the sky. I watched the fire twist in a taunting dance and the crackle of the sparks seemed to whisper Emmett's name. I couldn't find my voice…

"Don't you even dare give up Rosalie Hale! It's not over until it's over…" Emmett told me, his eyes meeting mine for the shortest of milliseconds. He was snarling as this time Felix jumped back clutching his arm where Emmett had ripped through his granite skin. Felix was giving up on trying to rip Emmett apart, he was just going to try and knock him into the fire...

I panicked for a moment, looking to I thought about Emmett's words for the briefest of moments. It wasn't over. It wasn't over...

"Stay strong my baby, Emmelie. Bring unity to us all." I told her softly. She looked once at her father then turned with her brothers to face the Volturi. Through the shrieks of victory of the Volturi as Felix knocked a protesting Emmett closer to the fire, and the cries of hopelessness from our side, Emmelie took a deep breath and clutched the hands of her brothers tightly. The sun came shining in hope from behind the clouds.

An image flashed before my eyes quickly.

It was a beautiful gala, full of smiling faces and laughter. Everyone was happy. I noticed then that the joyful faces were our own. The Volturi were mingling with the Cullens and their friends. Aro, Caius, and Marcus were socializing with Carlisle and Esme. Felix was smiling at Tanya as she approached him. Heidi was dancing happily with Vladimir. Renata was twirling in a beautiful dress as Zafrina admired and talked like best friends. Kate and Garrett were more than happy associating with Santiago and Chelsea. Then, everyone turned and began applauding as they looked to the staircase. I descended the grand staircase on Emmett's arm in a stunning red ball gown, with a grown up Emmelie, Everett, and Rosslyn at our side. Emmelie and Everett had beautiful silver crowns resting on their heads majestically while Rosslyn had a golden crown tilted sideways on his messy dark curls. Aro, Caius, and Marcus grinned and looked out on the balcony of Volterra, the sun was shining, and people outside were clapping loudly and joyously. We all looked so happy…

Everything was silent….

I looked to make sure Emmett was alive. Indeed he was. Felix had stopped dead in his tracks to stare at the beautiful, sparkling children. The three gorgeous children were smiling widely and beautifully, tinkling laughter escaping their lips. Emmelie used her fingertips to wipe away the traces of Rosslyn's tears and Everett squeezed her in a hug. Everyone in the clearing was gazing at them in awe and utter silence, the fallen Volturi rising to their feet. Jane's expression was not evil, full of hatred, or smug. Her expression was full of remorse. Everyone on the Volturi held an expression of penitence, regret, and repentance.

"We saw the future we could have had… The child showed us what it could be like if we united." Aro explained gently his tone sorrowful.

"We saw the same…" Carlisle explained. Everyone had been shown a vision of the could be future.

"If I could speak please…?" Jane stepped forward, and for the first time in her entire life, she looked like the child she was.

"You need no permission from me, child." Aro spoke compassionately.

"I… I saw firsthand what my gift does to people. And… I wanted to apologize. I want to see what I can do without hurting people." Jane said softly. "So… Cullen coven, if you'll have me?" Jane looked down, asking our permission to join us.

"Jane, daughter. I think it is not necessary to leave Aro." Carlisle motioned toward Aro.

"Of course Carlisle. I wish peace and unity to be restored even stronger than before. Jane, my darling, we all are united under one so no need for swapping sides." Aro assured him and held out his hand to Carlisle, but not read his thoughts, to shake his hand. Carlisle shook his hand firmly and smiled.

"I am so glad this situation has been resolved." Aro said nicely giving Carlisle a hug. The rest of the Volturi guard looked to each other in confusion, but sighed in relief.

Felix released his crouch over Emmett, where he'd been pinning him to the ground and Emmett slithered from under him cautiously, standing to his feet. He flashed a sarcastic smile in Felix's direction and nodded. Felix found the piece of his hand that Emmett ripped off of him and reconnected it, flexing his hands. I didn't even wait for Emmett to turn around, before I ran full force jumping, and hoping he'd catch me. Emmett whirled around just in time to catch me as I flung myself around him. I wound my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He took my face in his hands crushing my lips to his. Happiness was just around the corner. For real this time, with no false alarms… Emmett was here, alive with me. I had three beautiful, healthy children in front of me and a family around me that loved me. All I wanted in life was to love and be loved…

The Volturi cleared their throats and I reluctantly kissed Emmett once more before turning their way.

"May we be friends now, and share the duty of justice in fairness." Aro announced. "The time has come when the world does not need the Volturi anymore…" He said, almost happily. He seemed to be happy to rid the burden of ruling the vampire world.

"I'd like to say one thing…" Emmelie spoke up and stepped forward.

"There is so much love that we have for people on our side, but why can we not extend this love across the ocean? From Volterra, to here; from here to Volterra, our ocean sized love can keep us unified." She spoke eloquently. "Because is it not love that keeps bonds so strong in the first place?" Emmelie challenged us all with a tiny smile.

"It is." Everyone agreed in a chorus.

That's when it hit, like an explosion. Cheers erupted from the clearing on both sides. The deafening howling and zealous celebration cries echoed through the sky. The joy was so extreme, and so intense inside of me, I felt like I wouldn't survive the exhilaration taking over my soul.

Emmett set me down and we both took off to where our children were standing. Emmelie squealed with beautiful laughter as Emmett scooped her up in his arms, twirling her. He cooed to her, calling her name over and over. I knelt by Everett and Rosslyn hugging them close and kissing their cheeks.

"We're all together, forever?" Emmelie asked me and I kissed her on the cheek, stroking her beautiful blonde hair. I kept trying to convince myself this was really happening.

"We'll always be together." I assured her, with a squeeze of her tiny hand.

"I love you all." She kissed Emmett's cheek then my own and smiled down to Rosslyn and Everett.

"We love you too, Emme. Always did." Emmett told her and he took my hand kissing my fingers. I took Rosslyn's hand with my other and Rosslyn took Everett's hand with his other hand. My family was united. My children had beautiful, wonderful futures before them.

But mostly significant in this wave of utter joy was that: Rosalie Hale, the broken, wistful vampire was finally allowed to be happy. I had children more wonderful than I'd ever dreamed, and… I had Emmett. Forever. These last few years made me realize just how much I loved him.

I resurfaced every memory I had of my Emmett and played in my head like a movie. I remembered the first time he made me laugh. I remembered the first time he told me he loved me I remember the first time he kissed me. I remember the day of our first wedding. I remembered the way he looked up to me when he felt his child kick in my stomach. I remembered the way he looked down at Rosslyn the first time he saw him. I remembered how he smiled at me. I remembered the way he made me different. He changed me for the better, and I could never thank Emmett enough for what he did for me…

I could never thank the three wonderful children before me for how many dreams they'd made come true. I could never thank Emmelie, Rosslyn, and Everett for every impossibility that they'd made possible.

I looked all around me, taking in everything, Not missing a single detail. Esme had already taken Jane and Alec under her wing, adopting them into our family. Renesmee had already made friends with Heidi and Renata. Edward and Bella were talking with Corin and Aro, Caius, and Marcus were even talking tightly to Vladimir and Stefan with Carlisle at their sides. It turns out that it wasn't impossible for our two worlds to merge. It was extraordinary.

The extraordinary was defined by the impossibilities that were overcome on the journey there. Triumphing over the impossible is what made the extraordinary.

And I realized, I'd broken the impossible and at last touched the extraordinary…

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Emmelie Cullen-age 15. October 2, 2009 .