Alright guys I was supposed to write a sequel to my other story but I can't seem to get this out of my mind so I'll write this down first...

"Mom?" a 4-yeor-old boy came up rubbing his eyes,

"Yes honey?" Raven asked her son, she loved her son he was blonde just like Beast Boy had been and had her amethyst-blue eyes, he also had her mouth, no fang. His skin was kind of a mix between blue and green, Raven though he was the cutest baby boy anyone could have.

"Summer sent me to get you" Her son said simply Raven smiled and nodded

"I'll go to her in a few minutes" she told him, just then Beast Boy entered the room he'd just come home from work

"Good Evening to y'all!" he said then grabbed his son and ruffled his hair "How are you Jake?" he asked lovingly

"Fine dad just let go!" Jake said then laughed

Beast Boy came up to Raven and kissed her then he turned to Jake "Go get your sisters" he said then Beast Boy kissed Raven again and slowly and gently carressed her stomach Raven rolled her eyes and smiled up at her husband

"It's amazing I'm pregant with one of your children again" she said

"Yes" BeastBoy replied looking at the door where Jake had gone through "It seems like yesterday when you were pregant with him-it seems like yesterday we-" he couldn't continue and Raven knew why, it had pained him so much and he still missed it so she completed his sentence

"Yes I know what you mean" Raven replied "It seems like yesterday we desserted the Teen Titans"


"Beast Boy I'm pregnant" a terrfied sixteen-year old Raven had told Beast Boy at his room after a battle

"WHAT!" he'd cried, he'd looked troubled for a bit then said "It's mine isn't it?" Raven rolled her eyes

"No, it's Slade's, of course it's yours! Who else have I dated in secret for nearly a year now?!?"

"Shhh Raven not so loud!" Beast Boy had whispered frantically "If Robin finds out about this-"

"I know" said Raven

Slade had come back and was now with a powerful army- half of which were vampires so, in order to keep his team focused he'd explained later, he'd made dating among them wasn't allowed anymore, he himself had broken up with Starfire. Raven and Beast Boy neverthless had continued dating in secret, they were good at it because they'd hidden their relationship for a long time-ever since they came back from Tokyo and confessed their feelings for each other, Cyborg and Bee had continued dating in secret as well-at least until Robin caught them but now this...

"Raven do you want to keep it?" Beast Boy had asked her

"Of course!" snapped Raven "I won't murder and innocent child!"

"Okay okay it was just an idea!" said Beast Boy

"What will happen though?" asked Raven "I mean, they'll notice sooner or later" Beast Boy nodded

"We'll figure something out when the time comes" he had whispered then kissed Raven...

4 months later Raven was beginning to show though she'd managed to call it off as though she'd put some weight

"But Raven!" Cyborg had argued "How could you? The only thing you eat regularly is your weird herbal tea" Raven had known then, it was time to decide.

So a few hours later she and Beast Boy had their bags packed and they'd left a note for their friends explaining that they were desserting the Teen Titans (though they didn't say the reasons of course) and had left their hero/heroine life they'd been leading for nearly two years now just as the first few ras of sun started to show on the horizon...

End of Flashback

As their son had turned one Raven had realized she was pregnant again, thistime though they were ready, Raven had managed to get herself a job as a vet with the help of an old friend and Beast Boy had started a tofu-shop which had thankfully went well and they now had a large amount of money. Not long after Summer was born (Raven named her summer because she was born in a particular hot June 24th day) Beast Boy had proposed to Raven since he wanted to be married with the mother of his kids and Raven had happily accepted, though they had married with fewer luxuries than they'd like they accepted that rather than risk a big ceremony and their friends and former teammates getting wind of it, then, about a year ago Raven had become pregnant yet AGAIN this time Jade was born and she was completely green, ther wasn't a trace of Raven in her unless you counted her fang-less mouth, Summer though was every bit like Raven except her eyes were a mix of blue and green and her hair was longer, now Raven was pregnant again, it seemed to her like she and Beast Boy simply coudn't get enough of each other.

Just then Summer and Jake came in with a look of disgust and Raven and Beast Boy immediately knew why, the smell was terrible, Beast Boy briefly hugged his daughter then took the smelling baby from it and went ot the bathroom to change it but as he went he whispered in Raven's ear

"Really Rae she's two we need to toilet train her" and Raven smirked boy was she glad they'd made the deal that she'd wake up whenever they cried and he'd change the diapers!

Raven was now deep in her thoughts, she knew Robin had stopped the anti-dating rule now, she even knew he and Starfire had two kids and were expecting another one but she knew she and Beast Boy would be unable to bear the expression on their teammates eyes when the told them why they had desserted them in their crucial points. Raven knew much about the Teen Titans though she wasn't in them anymore, she knew Cyborg had just proposed to Bee, she knew both of them had an adopted daughter and that Bee was pregnant with one of their own. She missed them so much, but her life was here with her children Raven snapped out of her trance and decided to go and talk with Beast Boy...