The Revision of Nagato Yuki
A Haruhi Fanfic
Chapter 1: Requests
By: yeahreally

Disclaimer: I do not own the world of Haruhi.

Every morning I walked up the steep hill on the way to North High School. Sometimes I wondered if whoever created this world made this hill just to torment me. Of course, if I payed any mind to Koizumi's theories, then that might not be too far from the realm of possibility. Oh well, at least the weather hadn't gotten too hot yet. We were still enjoying the cool air that comes between the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

I reflected on the events of this past winter as I made my way up the slope. From Haruhi's disappearance, to Asahina-san's melancholy, to my brief stint in the hospital... So much has happened recently. I prayed fervently to all the gods and deities that I can think about, 'Just let this year pass without further craziness, please'

Even though I know my prayers are futile, as the local deity is not known to answer prayers for peace. Knowing Haruhi, she'd probably demote me fifty ranks if she heard me asking for the next few months to pass by uneventfully. Asking her to keep out of trouble is like asking a category 5 hurricane not to make landfall. It might or it might not, but it wouldn't change its plans because you asked. After almost a year of chasing after Haruhi and containing the damage she leaves in her wake, I expected her to be the source of my next headache. Little did I know that the one who usually is my port in the storm, the Great Goddess Nagato, would be be the one to make me exhaust myself running here and there.

"Yo, Kyon"

I felt a hand come down on my shoulder as my classmate, Taniguchi, ran up behind me. After almost a year, I had stopped trying to convince him to not to use that stupid nickname for me. He seemed way too positive for a morning like this. "What do you want from me today, huh"

"What? Can't I say hi to my good friend, Kyon"

That'd be more convincing if I couldn't already tell that you want something from me. Just spill it already.

"Tch... just trying to be friendly. Anyway, you know Nagato pretty well, right"

Eh? Nagato? You mean the girl you classified as A-, Nagato Yuki? She's out of your league, so just forget it, already.

"Oh? Are you saying I don't have a chance because you're already having a secret affair with her"

I told you already, that was just a case of Nagato's anemia acting up!

"So you shouldn't have any problem relaying a message to her for me, then"

We had topped the hill and entering North High School where I had spent most of my last year. Walking over to the shoe lockers, I glanced at him in annoyance.

"Why don't you just leave your message in her shoe locker"

"Come on, Kyon! Some things are just better said face to face. Just ask her to meet me during lunch tomorrow by the cherry trees, alright"

I sighed as I opened my locker to change my shoes. "Fine, fine, I'll tell her, but even then there's no guarantee that she'll show up, you know"

Taniguchi gave me a grin, "If its from you, I'm sure she'll listen. And if she doesn't show up then I'll have my answer anyway. Don't worry, if her anemia bothers her again, I'll just follow your example"

If I didn't know Nagato had less of a chance of being forced to do anything by Taniguchi than I did, I might have been worried. But I'd almost like to see her clobber Taniguchi if he tried anything, so I didn't respond except to nod my head while sighing at his stupidity. Maybe I'll eat lunch over by the cherry trees tomorrow in case I might be able to watch him get his romantic ambitions crushed by Nagato.

As I walked into our classroom, I could see that Haruhi was already seated at the desk behind mine. I dropped my bag by my desk and sat down, looking at her. She'd be prettier if she was actually smiling instead of scowling at the space outside the classroom window. Haruhi had been relatively calm these past few weeks, but it's hard to tell whether it's real calm or just the eye of the storm. Trying to ditch Taniguchi, I tried to start a conversation with her.

"What's bothering you today, Haruhi"

She turned her scowl to me and said, "Nothing interesting, that's for sure. Can you believe that my parents are dragging me to some resort for the rest of the week just because they won some free tickets? At least I'll get to skip the rest of this week of classes"

I stared at her in amazement. "You get to skip school to go on a trip and you're annoyed? If my parents let me do that, I'd write an essay nominating them for a best parents in the country award"

"It's just going to be a boring tourist trap, and besides, it's the off season. That's the only reason they're giving away tickets for free. It'll probably be more than half-deserted anyway. There's no way I'd find any interesting people there like that"

Even if you do have a point, don't expect me to acknowledge it anytime soon. Anyway, where does that leave the SOS brigade for the rest of the week?

"Don't think you can just slack off while your commander isn't around! As my second-in-command, Koizumi will preside over the normal meetings in my absence. If he's not there, the chain-of-command follows to Mikuru and then Yuki"

Wait, didn't you just leave someone off of that chain of yours?

"Well, if you're the only one left, obviously the brigade would be non-functional anyway, so I doubt having someone in charge would even be useful. Anyway, don't think you can skip out just because I'm not there! I'm going to instruct Koizumi to give me a full accounting of your actions while I'm away"

Hey now, why just me?

Haruhi's face became flushed and she yelled, "Obviously as the lowest ranking member you need the most motivation to improve"

I swallowed my reply as the last bell sounded and Okabe-sensei chose that moment to walk into the classroom. The rest of the day crawled by at a snail's pace. I tried to pay attention to my teachers' instruction, but kept day-dreaming of taking a trip with my own family away from the noise and the nonsense of Haruhi. Lunch was remarkable only in that Taniguchi reminded me four times of the message he wanted me to relay to Nagato. Even Kunikida was shaking his head at Taniguchi by the third time. I don't suppose he's been afflicted by the same thing that guy Nakagawa was... Nah... no way Taniguchi could suddenly develop even that lame of a special power.

As class ended, Haruhi and I made our way to the Literature Club room, otherwise known as the den of the infamous SOS brigade. I averted my eyes as she burst through the door. The last thing I needed was to embarrass the innocent Asahina Mikuru by accidentally seeing her change into her maid outfit. Fortunately, she was already dressed and making tea when Haruhi made her entrance. She turned to us and smiled as we entered. Oh Asahina-san... you're loveliness is just what I need to lift my heart on a day like this.

Surprisingly, Koizumi Itsuki was already there setting up a chess board. Probably so he could play with himself. He smiled at us as well with his trademark yes-man grin, but that did nothing for me except raise my Limit Bar. And rounding out this cast of eccentrics was none other than Nagato Yuki, sitting in her chair by the window reading. Also for a change, she lifted her head to look at Haruhi and I as we entered instead of ignoring us as usual. Nagato gazed at me over the cover of her book and nodded her head exactly 1 cm before going back to her reading.

A greeting from Nagato? Maybe she already knew the message that I was supposed to deliver from Taniguchi and was trying to tell me not to bother. Or maybe she's just trying to reassure me that she's still doing alright. After the incident this past winter, I still have dreams about what would happen if something like that were to happen to Nagato again. Well, I'll just check with her after Haruhi gets done with whatever it is she has planned for us today. I took my usual seat at the table and sipped the indescribably wonderful tea that Asahina-san had set in front of me with a smile. Haruhi dictated her instructions for our meetings during her absence while I savored my tea. Koizumi smiled and nodded to Haruhi in his usual brown-nosing fashion while I tried not to stare too much at the lovely Asahina-san. She really is like a.

"KYON! Are you even paying attention to what your commander is saying"

My attention snapped back to Haruhi as she slammed her hand down on the table. You should be more careful or you'll break it. And anyway, you were just telling everyone what you already told me before class.

"That's not the point! When your commanding officer is talking you should pay close attention. If you don't listen to me now, how am I going to believe that you'll listen to Koizumi while I'm gone"

I sighed heavily. I already patiently listen to his long-winded explanations too much as it is. And besides, if anything important happens, I'm sure that he'll have my full attention.

Haruhi turns to Koizumi's smiling face and said, "Make sure to keep a record of all of his insubordination while I'm gone so that I can give him the correct number of penalties when I return. You have my cell number in case you find anything interesting. Since I have to go pack now for my trip, all of you are dismissed for today"

With that pronouncement, she turned around and walked out the door. Maybe I should have suggested that she convince her parents to let her skip her trip and stay the rest of the week, but I'm not sure that it would have changed anything. Once she left, Koizumi just shrugged and said cheerfully, "Well if no one has anything else to add, let's call it a day. I should head over to see if they need me at my part-time job"

Why don't you just say you're going to hang out with your ESPer buddies? Would it kill you to just speak plainly for once? With that, I left the club room shortly after him and waited for Asahina-san to change. Leaning against the wall outside, I tried to keep from picturing how all the rustling sounds on the other side of the door translated into actual movement. Once Asahina-san finished, she came out and smiled at me while saying goodbye for the day. I walked back in to see that Nagato was still sitting, reading her book. As I walked toward her, the alien humanoid interface marked her place with her bookmark and closed her book. She looked up at me placidly with her golden-brown eyes, like two undisturbed lakes in the middle of the woods.

Aren't you going to go home now?

"I was waiting."


"Yes. To speak with you"

Oh? So you should already know that Taniguchi wanted me to relay a message to you. He wants to meet you by the cherry blossoms tomorrow at lunch.

Nagato blinked three times and paused before saying, "I see"

You don't have to go or anything if you don't want. I was just asked to relay his message.


After uttering her short reply, she continued to look at me with direct gaze.

"Anyway, have a good night Nagato."

As I turned around and to pick up my bag from the table, I felt a slight tug on my jacket. I stopped and looked back to find Nagato holding onto my sleeve, just like that other Nagato back in December. Just like she does sometimes in my restless dreams.

"I have a favor to ask of you"

Eh? Nagato needing me to do anything is rare enough that I could count all of the occurrences on one hand alone. Well, since I've relied on you so many times, how am I supposed to say no? What can I do for you anyway?

She nodded once and said, "Bookstore. You can transport some books from there to my apartment"

"Ok... I guess that's fine"

Nagato nodded again and packs up her book. We locked up the clubroom and made our way towards the school entrance.


A/N: I have the story for the second and third chapters mostly mapped out, but I write pretty slowly so I have no idea when I'll actually post them. I have to say trying to write Yuki convincingly is enough to make any fan fiction writer cry. If you can't tell by the title, this will eventually be a Yuki centric story.