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In My Defense Part II

Apparently Carlisle isn't too fond of me replacing his nice Littmann cardiac stethoscopes with the yellow disposable ones. I told him to use his vampire-given gifts and not worry about having a "top of the line" stethoscope in order to be able to hear his patient's heart and lung sounds. He could hear them from at least 10 feet away. But he insists its all part of fitting in. Besides, I had to keep up with my little sis and I needed all of the tubing to reach the cottage. I have to replace them now. It's a good thing I still have my credit cards…wait. Never mind, Alice got her revenge.

So now that I do not have my credit cards and I can't ask Rose because of the joke I pulled on her, I'm going to have to find a job I seem qualified for. The only thing Carlisle could find (or only one he tried to find) for me was bussing tables at the diner. Not only is it food I'm working around, but it's the left over food that even the humans won't eat! If only I hadn't glued pictures of Carrot top (with his hair dyed blonde) exactly where Rose's face would hit all of her mirrors, I wouldn't have to be doing this!


A/N: Sort of disorganized, but it sounded like something Emmett would do.