Ashley was in her parent's room when she found a notebook filled with paper. Her mother, Allison, walked in the room while she was looking through it.

Ashley asked, "Mom, what is this?"

Her mother answered, "That is my notebook where I put my stories when I start writing them."

Ashley asked, "What is the really long story about?"

Allison answered, "That is the story about the Potters and your father and I."

"Will you read it to me?"

"Of course, I will. Let me get your father and your brother. Will has been begging me to tell him this story forever."

Allison went to find Nick and Will and brought them back to the room. They all sat down on the bed.

Allison said, "Before we tell you about the Potters when they were at Hogwarts, we need to tell you about before they ever went to Hogwarts."

"I'm pleased to announce that you have two healthy baby girls," said the doctor.

"That's wonderful! James, we have twins!" Lily exclaimed to her husband.

"How will I ever tell them apart?" asked James

"That won't be too hard," replied the doctor.

"Why do you say that?"

"The one who was born first kept smacking one of the nurses, but the other one calmed her down."

"Who the nurse or her sister?"

"Her sister. What are their names?"

"Alison Lily and Marietta Sinclair"

"Lily, which one is which?"

"Alison is the one who hit the nurse and Marietta is the other. May I hold them?"

"Yes you may. I will go get them."

The doctor left the room and returned a few minutes later carrying the girls. One of the girls kept kicking the doctor.

"We know which one is Alison"

James roared with laughter.

One week later…

"Your girls are perfectly healthy except that their brains are far more developed than other children their age," the doctor said.

James asked, "What does that mean?"

The doctor replied "It means that your girls have the potential of becoming geniuses."

The doctor wasn't lying. A few weeks later the girls said their first words and three days later they were talking in full sentences.

A few months later, Lily found out she was pregnant again. In May, Rose and Daisy were born. Unlike Alison and Marie, Rose and Daisy seemed perfectly normal. In November, Lily found out she was pregnant again. Harry was born in July. Lily and James allowed Alison and Marie to come in the room to see Harry. While they were in there Harry would not stop crying.

Alison looked straight at Harry and said "Stop crying, Harry."

Surprisingly, he stopped crying. Lily and James were shocked that Harry actually knew what she said. What they didn't know was that not only was Alison a super genius but she was also telepathic.

Everything was wonderful until Halloween of the next year. There was a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort who hated Lily and James. This had caused the Potters to have to hide in their own house. The only person who knew that they were there was their secret keeper.

That Halloween, the Potters were all in the living room except Alison. Alison was coming down the stairs when she saw him walking towards the house. She told her father who told their mother to take Rose, Daisy, and Harry upstairs and hide.

He turned to Alison and said, "Alison, I want you to promise me that you will take care of our siblings, especially Harry."

Alison asked, "Dad, what if it has some strange side effects?"

"Alison, promise me."

"Fine, I promise."

"Mommy, why did Aunt Alison not want to promise her dad that she would take care of her siblings?" asked Will.

"She was afraid of what might happen," answered Alison.

"What did happen?" asked Ashley.

Alison grabbed Marie's hand and together they ran to the kitchen. In the kitchen was a staircase that led up to the nursery. When they turned around, their father was struggling with Lord Voldemort. When Voldemort pointed his wand at their father, the girls ran up the back stairs.

They flung the door open that led to the nursery. Their mother was standing there with Harry sitting behind her on the floor. She turned around when they ran into the room.

She told them, "Hide in the closet and don't say a word."

Alison and Marie ran and hide in the closet. Voldemort burst through the door and told their mother to step aside. She begged him to kill her instead. He laughed and then he killed her. Marie sank to the floor with tears streaming. Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry but the spell backfired on him.

After Voldemort fled, the girls came out of their hiding places. When Daisy saw their mum she flung herself on the floor beside her. Alison walked over and picked Harry up and Marie got Daisy off the floor.

Alison turned to Marie and said, "Marie, go get Harry's diaper bag and pack the five of us some clothes. I'm going to take them downstairs."

Marie left the room to get what Alison told her to. When Daisy saw their dad, she flung herself down on top of him and refused to let go. They had been sitting downstairs for quite some time when Hagrid showed up and told them that he was taking them to live with their aunt and uncle. That was when their godfather, Sirius, arrived. He asked Hagrid if they could live with him. He was the one who managed to get Daisy to let go of their dad. Alison made him promise her that he would come get her, Rose, and Daisy the next day. He gave his motorcycle to Hagrid, who then to them to their aunt and uncle's house where Dumbledore waiting for them. He left them on the front porch where their aunt found them the next morning.

Alison kept true to the promise that she made her dad. She spent most of her time trying to keep Harry out of trouble. The three youngest were led to believe that their parents died in a car crash. Only Alison and Marie knew what really happened, but they were forbidden to tell their siblings what really happened. The Potters had no contact with the wizarding world until Alison and Marie turned eleven.