The Potter children had been living with the aunt and uncle for eight years. Alison and Marie were eleven, Rose and Daisy were ten and Harry was eight. They were all sitting at the table eating breakfast when the mail arrived.

Alison said, "I'll get it."

She went out to the front hallway and picked up the mail. On top was a letter address to her and Marie. She flipped it over to open when she saw the seal. She recognized as the Hogwarts seal that her parents had shown her. She put the envelope in her inside jacket pocket and went back in the kitchen.

She handed her uncle the mail then sat down and finished her breakfast. After breakfast they went up to the room that they shared with Rose and Daisy. Only then did Alison show Marie the envelope.

Marie asked "Is that what I think it is?"

"It's our letters from Hogwarts."

Alison opened the envelope and handed Marie her letter.

After Marie read her letter she asked, "How are we going to tell Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia?"


"Why was Aunt Marie worried about how they were going to tell their aunt and uncle?" asked Ashley.

"Their aunt and uncle hated witches and wizards. They didn't even want to hear the word magic," replied Nick.

"How did they tell their aunt and uncle?" asked Will.


"Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia we have something that we need to tell you," said Alison after lunch.

"What is it?" asked Aunt Petunia.

"We received our letters from Hogwarts and nothing you say is going to stop us from actually going."

"And if we refuse to let you go?" inquired Uncle Vernon.

"We will still go."

After the girls left the living room they went and told their sibilings.

"Why are you leaving us? They treat us differently when you two aren't here," Harry stated.

Alison looked at Harry and said, "I will write to you every day and we will be home at Christmas and Easter."

Daisy asked, "When do you leave?"

"We leave on September first," answered Marie.

Their siblings left the room leaving Alison and Marie alone.

Alison looked at Marie and asked, "Do you think that they will ever forgive us for lying to them?"

"I don't know. We can't really know until we do tell them the truth."

That night Alison couldn't sleep due to her hear of how her siblings would respond when they finally knew the truth. In the morning Alison stumbled into the kitchen and saw Harry making breakfast.

"Harry go sit down."

"But Aunt Petunia told me that I had to fix breakfast."

"Well I'm telling you to sit down. I'll finish making breakfast."

Harry handed Alison the spatula that he had been using and sat down. When Aunt Petunia came in she asked him why he was sitting down.

"Alison told me that I need to."

"Well I told you that you were in charge of making breakfast."

"It doesn't matter now because I have already finished it."

"You have no control over what I tell them to do."

"Yes I do because last time I checked I was their older sister and the person our parents left in charge of them."

"You will not speak to me that way."

"Whatever." Alison replied as she sat down next to Harry.

"Eat quickly because we are going to London today."

"Why are we going to London?"

"Dudders wants new clothes."

Alison and Marie rolled their eyes at their aunt's last statement. Dudley always "wanted" new clothes but the truth was he kept getting fatter. An hour later they were on their way to London. When they arrived in London Alison and Marie were dropped off at the bookstore and their siblings stayed with their aunt and uncle. Outside the bookstore Hagrid was waiting for them. The girls walked up to him.

"Hagrid, what are you doing here?" Alison asked.

"Dumbledore sent me to help with yer school supplies."

"Okay, but we have to hurry. Rose, Daisy, and Harry are meeting in the bookstore in an hour."

Hagrid led the girls through the pub next to the bookstore until her came to the backroom. He tapped bricks with a pink umbrella and the entrance to Diagon Alley opened.

The girls bought everything that was needed and then hurried back to the bookstore next door. Shortly after their siblings joined them.

"Did you two find everything?" Daisy asked.

"Yea. How was shopping with Dudley?" asked Alison

"Lame as usual," Rose replied.

Marie, Rose, and Daisy wandered off to look at some of the books.


"Yes Harry?"

"Will you promise me something?"


"Will you promise you won't to lie to me?"

"I promise."

"Thanks Alison."

"They headed back home and Harry fell asleep on Alison's shoulder.