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Chapter 1

::Shh…quiet, he's coming!::

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe both watched from their two separate vantage points in Ratchet's medbay. Sideswipe hid in the ventilation shaft that gave him a good view of Ratchet's workstation while his twin brother hid beneath one of the numerous recharge berths along one of the walls.

They were mildly surprised when the clanking footsteps that entered the med bay did not belong to Ratchet at all.

::JAZZ?! What is HE doing here? If he doesn't leave, he's going to ruin everything!::

::Don't blow a circuit, Sunstreaker. This is the perfect opportunity to get back at that traitorous glitch as well!::

::Fine…but this better work::

The twins cut their internal comlinks and continued to watch silently as Jazz walked aimlessly around the med bay, finally stopping to take a closer look at one of Ratchet's projects sitting harmlessly on the countertop. Just as he was about to touch it, the CMO came storming into the room.

"Jazz, don't touch that! What in the pit do you think you are doing?"

"Sorry Doc, curiosity and all tha'." Jazz looked sheepish as he hastily withdrew his clawed hand away from Ratchet's unfinished device.

"Sit down, please."

Jazz sat down on the exam table and fidgeted as Ratchet looked him over. The CMO smacked the back of Jazz's helm in irritation.

"Hold still!!"

Jazz stopped fidgeting and remained silent, patiently waiting for Ratchet to finish the first scan on his systems. After the medic was satisfied with his reading he reached over to his worktable to pick up a screwdriver.

Sunstreaker snorted and half choked on a laugh in anticipation. He widened his eyes and clamped a hand over his mouth when the small noise did not go unnoticed and the medic's hand paused only a couple centimeters away from his tool. His eyes narrowed and he stepped away from his workbench and turned his suspicious gaze on Jazz.

"Did you hear something?"

Jazz was about to respond when a loud banging erupted in the vents from above them, alerting the two mechs to company.

Ratchet sighed and ordered Jazz to stay put before running out of the medbay.

Sunstreaker didn't dare move and remained where he was, wincing when he heard his brother's angry tone through their internal comlink.

::I told you to be quiet! This is the last time I save your sorry aft, Sunny! Now stay put while I draw the Hatchet away, then bail::

::What about Jazz?::

::What about him?::

::He's still here, dumb-aft!::

::So, find a good excuse and ditch him…oh slag Hatchet's coming, gotta go bro, later!::

Sunstreaker sighed quietly and slowly crept out from underneath his hiding place, making sure the remote was off and stored safely in one of his secret subspace compartments that he usually used for special pranking occasions such as this.

Sideswipe crawled hastily out of the ventilation shaft and made a run for it the second he spotted Ratchet come barreling around the corner. He transformed into vehicle mode and raced off, managing to lose the irate medic in record time.

He hoped his twin fared just as well, if not better…

Sunstreaker was not a happy camper.

There was no way he could get past Jazz. He ran through his probability paradigms one more time and came up with the same blasted results.

He…was hopelessly trapped.

Just when he opted to simply transform and race out, his worst nightmare entered the med bay.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

Jazz smiled.

"Let me take one guess…the prankster posers?"

Ratchet chuckled before turning to grab his tools to finish Jazz's maintenance.

"As a matter of fact, one of the culprits is still nearby."

"You mean you saw only one of 'em?"


Jazz grinned and nodded his head in understanding. It was rare that the twins were ever apart. If you saw one of them alone...something was up.

"It has been quite some time since their failed attempt at revenge."

Ratchet mumbled as he finished up his work and gestured for Jazz to get up.

Jazz complied and wished the doc happy hunting before returning to his post back in the command center of the base.

"If ya' need anythin', jus' let me know doc."

"Of course."

Ratchet kindly showed him to the main entrance of his domain. The second he left, Ratchet cackled evilly and activated the lock on the medbay door. It shut and locked with an ominous click. The CMO turned back and began to walk slowly around the room, searching for someone.

"I know you are here, Sunstreaker…and I will find you. There will be no escape!!"

Sunstreaker's eyes widened at this unfortunate turn of events and inched his way further beneath the recharge berth, hiding in the shadows. He barely restrained a yelp when his internal comlink beeped, alerting him to an incoming message from his brother.

::Where the pit are you Sunstreaker?!::

::I…uhhh….seem to be stuck::

Silence lasted a few moments before he received a response.

::What kind of stuck?::

::The Hatchet somehow knew I was here and locked me in…alone with him::

Sunstreaker shuddered with the realization and hoped to primus he wasn't found. There was no knowing what the Hatchet was gonna do to him if he was caught.

::Sorry bro, I hate to say it but…you are on your own::

::Gee, thanks for your concern::

::When he catches you--::

::IF he catches me, you mean…::

::No, WHEN he catches you, don't reveal ANYTHING about our prank or everything is lost and we are doomed as failures the rest of our lives!!::

::I'll do my best but you know how hard it is with him::

::Good luck…Don't mess this up::

The link was cut before he could retort, leaving Sunstreaker to his doomed fate. Some help he was.

Sunstreaker froze when Ratchet's feet stopped directly in front of his hiding spot. He remained perfectly still and silently powered down his unnecessary systems to give him more stealth. He shuttered his optics in relief when the medic continued on, searching elsewhere.

The lonesome twin saw the ceiling vent was still unlocked and knew this was his only chance at escape. For a moment, he suffered a short bout of déjà vu and shook his head in disgust.

As soon as Ratchet had his back turned on him he quietly crawled out from his hiding place and made a run for it.

He had almost pulled himself completely through the vent opening and sighed with relief.

YES! I made it…so long doc psycho!

Sunstreaker's victory was short lived when he felt a strong hand grip one of his feet from below.

"Oh, no you don't Sunstreaker! There will be no escape for you…"

The yellow twin struggled to pull himself free but was no match for the seasoned medic's strength. His hands lost their grip and he felt himself falling. Ratchet roughly shoved him down on one of the recharge berths and activated the restraint systems, keeping his victim pinned down.

Sunstreaker struggled against his restraints and screamed both aloud and through his comlink, his words making the CMO chuckle darkly as he shut and locked the ventilation shaft.


::Sunstreaker, just chillax…I told you he was going to catch you. Just act natural and you will be fine::

::What is he gonna do to me Sides?::

::How should I know? He only caught me once before and that was when you were still offline from that one battle we got slagged in back on Cybertron::

Sunstreaker's eyes dimmed at the memory and his struggling ceased.

::We were still younglings practically but…what did you get caught for?::

::Hatchet threw a hammer at my head when I refused to leave you alone in the medbay, cause I thought you needed company…::

::And then what?::

There was a short silence on Sideswipe's end before he decided to continue.

::…I threw the hammer back at him.::

::You WHAT?!::

::Yeah, I know::

::How are you still alive, bro? No one throws something back at Hatchet and lives to tell the tale!::

::He threatened to weld my mouth shut for eternity if I told anyone. Oh, and he welded my aft to the ceiling until you finally woke up. You were still out of it, so I'm sure you don't remember…::

Sunstreaker tried to recall seeing his twin hanging from the ceiling but his memory banks had been corrupted thanks to the chunk of rubble that had fallen on his head. He sustained that injury by shoving his twin out of the way just as the building had been hit by incoming missiles, sending the building down in a pile of rubble.

Sideswipe had been so panicked when his twin disappeared beneath the debris and their spark bond dimmed, he had been thrown into a near rabid frenzy to dig him out. When Ratchet appeared on scene, he had been forced to violently knock him out.

It seemed that Sideswipe was the one always saving him. Of course Sunstreaker had his moments of glory as well and he never let his twin forget it.

His trip down memory lane was cut abruptly short when a dark shadow loomed above him, blocking out the light. Sunstreaker shrieked to see Ratchet holding a syringe in one hand.


::Will you mute it already?! Oh… yeah, forgot to tell you that if Hatchet is desperate enough, he will most likely use some sort of truth serum. Just focus on one thing, such as "The Hatchet is Crazy" or "Prowl is boring"::

"NO! Don't do it Ratchet, I'm begging you!"

Ratchet looked mildly surprised for a moment.

"Why, do you have something to hide from me?"

"N-no! Hide from you? W-when have I ever had anything to hide from you? Are you crazy?"

Sunstreaker babbled so quickly, his words almost blended together, a sure sign of nervousness.

::You can do it, Sunny! Remember, don't tell him about our prank…not one word::

The internal comlink was cut once again, leaving Sunstreaker to deal with the Hatchet himself.

Ratchet waved the syringe threateningly in front of the yellow twin's face and began his interrogation once more.

"I would rather not use this truth drug on you but you are severely tempting me. Tell me what I need to know and you are free."

"You wouldn't dare!!"

"Wouldn't I?"

Ratchet's hand descended towards his arm and Sunstreaker shrieked again, stopping Ratchet.

"OKAY! I'll tell you EVERYTHING! Just…just put the syringe down."

Ratchet complied and placed the syringe down on his counter top and crossed his arms awaiting an explanation.

"Please, do tell."

"I…w-we were gonna, um… well actually its sort of…"


Sunstreaker looked like he was about to cry, a look the medic hadn't seen on his face since the troublesome twin had been a youngling. It nearly broke Ratchet's heart…until he remembered who he was dealing with.

"It was supposed to be a surprise party, that's why I was hiding—happy birthday Ratchet."

Ratchet did not look impressed and blinked his optics a few times.

"How glitched do you think I am? Today is not my birthday."

Sunstreaker wasn't going to admit defeat so quickly and put on his best acting skills. He looked shocked for a moment and then angry before screaming both profanities and death threats towards both Jazz and his twin.

"THEY LIED TO ME!! THOSE SLAGGERS!! JAZZ…SIDESWIPE! Just wait until I'm free, nothing will stop me from turning you both into slag heaps!!"

Ratchet actually bought it and released him from his restraints and unlocked the door. He watched the twin race down the hallway in a murderous rage with mild amusement before turning around and getting back to work. He put the empty syringe back where it belonged with a small laugh. The Lamborghini twins were so gullible.

-4 Hours Later-

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker returned to their quarters after a harrowing escape from an enraged 1st Lieutenant. Their prank had been a success…


::At last, our revenge will be complete!::

::You said it Sunny::

Jazz entered his quarters after finishing his shift and went to sit at his desk to catch up on some work that Optimus required later that evening. The second he sat down, his comlink beeped. He answered it cautiously only to hear snickering on the other end.

"Argh…what do ya' want?"

"Nothing Jazz…nothing at all."

The call ended with a heavy click and Jazz had that feeling. The twins were nearby and from the sound of it, they were about to strike.

"Bring it on! I dare you…"

After sitting still for another five minutes with nothing out of the ordinary occurring, called it a false alarm…

"Heh, those two slag-for-brains jus' wanna make me paranoid."

Jazz reached over to grab his datapad off of his desk and the moment he lifted it up, a humming sound filled the air around him as something was activated. He tried to put the datapad down, only to find that it was stuck to his hand…magnetically.

Outraged, Jazz yelled for the twins while trying to stand up…only to find that he could not move. His aft was also magnetically sealed to his chair.

Now that he was completely incapacitated and helpless, the twins entered his room with huge grins on their faces, both waving smugly back at him from the doorway. The sight of them alone was enough to set him off.

"Both of you are DEAD!!"

"Sure we are…but not for another ten earth days at least."


"Unless you call Ratchet of course…he is the only one who can free you, although it might take him a few days to figure this thingie-majig out."

"You have Wheeljack to thank for this gizmo…we've been saving it for a rainy day."

"Excuse me?!"

"Attempt to prank us back after this and we declare WAR."

"Oh, don' worry… it already IS WAR!!"

The twins laughed as they left, completely ignoring the rest of Jazz's death threats.

They had already let Bumblebee know what they were up to. Bumblebee in turn had informed Ironhide, who told Optimus, who called Ratchet…now all of them were on their way to view the spectacle.

Bumblebee also carried a note for Jazz from the twins…further humiliating instructions on how to free himself. There was a password that could shut down the magnetic device but it was voice encoded so that Jazz and only Jazz alone could say it.

The twins had hidden cameras in Jazz's room and watched the spectacle from the safety of their quarters. The others got there and couldn't believe their optics.

"Jazz…what have they done to you THIS time?"


He struggled against the magnetic force binding him to his chair and continued swearing death threats on the twins until a beeping silenced him. He looked down at the datapad still stuck to his hand and read the flashing message.

::Voice command activated. Password required::

"What in the name of Primus…"

Ratchet walked over and assessed the situation before looking gravely down at Jazz.

"I'm afraid it could take some time for me to override this one, my friend. The twins knew what they were doing… for once…"

Jazz growled low, nearly crushing the datapad in his clenched hand but remembered his situation.

Two laughing voices rang out from hidden speakers in the room. How had he missed those?!

"Heh-heh…you gotta admit Jazz, we got you good this time."

"We have been avenged!!"

"No one humiliates or outpranks us and gets away with it!"

"The password is easy."

"Just say Sunstreaker and Sideswipe win and you are free."

Jazz's visor slid over his face as his rage forced him into battle mode and he screamed back at them.

"I'll neva' give you the time o' day!!"

"It's your choice…"

The connection was lost and the other autobots were left standing there in total shock.

"Well, I guess you have no choice Jazz but to do as they say. Unless you want to sit there another three days at least," Ratchet offered from where he was standing beside him.

The others were trying to hold back laughter.

"I'll neva' let them win!" Jazz defiantly held his ground, intent on sitting there for the rest of eternity if that's what it took.

And that is exactly what Jazz did…for a full 24 hours at least until the base's sirens went off, alerting them to a Decepticon attack on an oil rig only 50 miles north. Optimus ordered Jazz to join them, apologizing as he did so.

"I'm sorry Jazz but these petty games between you and the twins will have to wait. I need you out there on the field with us."

"Yes sir…"

Optimus left Jazz alone and in the dark of his quarters Jazz growled out the password.

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe win."

The humming immediately stopped and his datapad clattered back to his desk. He stood up and stretched stiff joints and servos, racing out with murderous intent. If the twins crossed his path now, they were scrap…

"This isn't over by a long wan' a prank war...I'll give ya' a prank war!!"

End Flashback

And so quite fortunately for them, it was their turn to guard the base. Sunstreaker had never been so thankful for a duty roster in his life. Jazz would no doubt be gunning doubly for them after their latest mission was completed.

In the quiet of the base, the twins made sure that Ratchet's medbay was set up…they owed the doc a little 'present' as well… stage two of the Twin's Revenge was about to commence.