I don't have writers block per-say but I have a million things going through my mind and this is just what accumulated on paper...or screen!

I actually got part of this idea after reading BLC's In my dreams. I did not copy it in any way like some people... I'm not even going to mention their name but you know who you are! The whole dream thing got me going and as much as I daydream I thought it would be cool to write a Booth daydream/ thought process and his actions afterwards. So I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: don't own Bones.

This is a Booth POV. If you couldn't tell right from the get go!!



I watch as my partner discovers yet another clue to another case to help put another asshole that didn't deserve to be on this planet to begin with away. I love to watch her face light up when she does this, it's like she can take all the bad in our world and make it better with just her smile.

She doesn't know I'm watching her and her squints from my perch high above the platform. I just like it when its quiet and I can focus on her without her or anyone else questioning my motives.

It gets harder and harder every day to keep from telling her how beautiful she is and how important she is in my life, and not just because of the work we do but how she makes me feel like a man. She makes me feel strong and invisible, like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I learn from her as she learns from me.

She has done wonders for my career at the Bureau, my boss may not like her attitude but our numbers can not be denied. We may have different motives but our goals are one in the same...to find answers and bring justice to those who can no longer speak for themselves.

She might be socially inept but that doesn't matter...she knows me and my moods. She listens when I talk and trusts me with her life as I trust her with mine. I have never...not even with my ranger team, put this much stock in something in my life. The closest thing I could think of is my promise and dedication to be a good father...but this. She is my team, my partner, my friend, my equal.

I can tell her things that I never felt I could anyone else for fear of being misjudge and scaring them away. I know when I tell her about my past that she might not understand it all but she knows better than anyone that the world is a fucked up place and we do what we have to do to survive.

She has risked her life to save mine just as many times as I have for her. There are no limits to how far we would go to help each other.

We deal with so much bad it would drive a normal person crazy. I laugh when I think of telling her that and I can hear her say, "There is no such thing as normal Booth. Normal is just a stereotype to classify cultures. Just because something isn't normal to us doesn't mean it couldn't be normal for someone else."

She really does get me with all that scientific mumbo jumbo. I try to break her of it every day but she never gives it up and I will never give up trying.

She finally looks up and sees me watching and gives me a sideways look before smiling and waving. My partner...my Bones, if she only knew what she does to me.

She probably knows she is after all a genius, that's why she tries to get under my skin and pick a fight whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have no room to talk, I love the way we bicker and make each other a little nervous. I am patiently awaiting the day when one or both of us snap and jump each other. I will need at least a two week vacation to perform and express my feelings and desires for that woman.

Whoever said opposites attract was right. We are so different yet so similar. We are a modern day Mr. Darcy and Elisabeth Bennett. To stubborn and to proud to admit when we're wrong and to scared to say how we feel.

I watch her gaze at me then walk into her office; the other squints scatter and gather their things to leave for the day.

This is my chance; no longer will I be scared or let my pride get in the way. To long have I waited to tell her how I feel, to long have I watched dumbasses crave for her attention only to break her heart again and again. Well to long will now be no more.

Well???? Short...I know I'm sorry but I will make it up to you I promise! We all know what the next chapter will entail, but I thought a Booth off in La La Land would make a good opening. I am almost finished with the last chapter on Just to hear you Scream so be on the lookout for that, and the next chapter of this will also be out shortly!