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His job was finally done, he was finally going home for good. 'Home', did he really have a home? Restless, Kurama pondered that question as he gazed out at the Makai skyline. From the roof of Yomi's castle he was able to overlook the modern city of Gandura and focus on the beautiful wilderness beyond. Would this ever be his home again?

For the first fifteen years of his human life Kurama never wavered from his resolve to return to his homeland… Makai. In the years that followed though, he began questioning that decision, finally concluding that his human life was important enough for him to see it through to it's natural end. Now, as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to absorb the warmth of the Makai sun and it's powerful energy, Kurama was torn once again.

With a sigh, Kurama eagerly soaked up the natural energy that was uniquely Makai's. Without any effort on his part, without the usual swirl of smoke and lightning, Kurama felt his body transform. Allowing the transformation, it was the Youko's golden eyes that opened when he heard Yomi chuckle behind him. "You may wish to deny it old friend, but first and foremost, you are a demon. Though I cannot deny the beauty of your human form, this is who you really are."

Continuing to gaze across the horizon, Kurama sighed. "That may be Yomi, but for the time being, it is not who I choose to be. I will return to my human life and put my demon self safely away until I choose to return to this life."

Amused, Yomi laughed. "Well for tonight at least it, it seems that the choice has been made for you."

With a smirk, Kurama turned his golden eyes to the demon lord. ""Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to indulge my demon instincts one last time before confining myself to my human cage. I'll need your help though. Can you lure Mukuro away from Alaric for the night?"

Surprised, Yomi gaped at the Youko a moment before a smile crossed his face. "So, my old friend has developed a taste for fire demon. Hiei is a lucky man. This will be just like old times. Me luring the cat away from the keep so the fox can sneak in and play with it's mice."

A sad smile crossed Kurama's features as he turned his back on Yomi and whispered softly. "Not quite like old times old friend."

As promised, Yomi contacted Mukuro, summoning her to an impromptu celebration of the completion of their treaty. Yomi assured Kurama, that with the increased danger of traveling at night, Mukuro would not return to Alaric until morning.

Careful to avoid crossing paths with the demoness, Kurama arrived at Alaric just after sunset. Getting past the castle guards proved to be child's play for the infamous thief. Getting past the wards and traps surrounding Hiei's private suite however provided the Youko with the most entertaining challenge he had had since his death.

Looking around the sparseness of Hiei's rooms, Kurama went to work preparing for the night ahead. Going first to the large bathroom, Kurama found it to barely contain the essentials. Selecting a plain bottle of oil, Kurama grew several plants which he used to give the oil the desired scent and effect he was looking for. After setting the bottle of oil and a few towels beside the bed, the Youko grew several other plants and flowers which he placed strategically around the room.

When he was finally satisfied with the tantalizing mixture of scents he had crated, Kurama finally turned to the bed. First he drew back the heavy, unattractive bedspread, then he pulled down the sheet and carefully positioned the pillows. Looking around, Kurama smirked, happy with his handiwork. Only then did he take a seat at the foot of the bed, close his eyes, and reach out with his mind. "Hiei?"

Almost immediately there was a response. "Kurama? Where the hell are you?"

Knowing he needed to dangle some bait if he wanted to catch his prey, Kurama taunted. "Hiding in plain sight."

Within minutes, the fire demon's jagon, as well as his keen sense of smell, had tracked the fox to his room. Curious, Hiei slowly opened the door. One look and Hiei knew he had a decision to make. Enter, and let the Youko seduce him, or order his best friend and partner to leave, possibly never to see him again. Seeing that Kurama sat on the bed, neither asking or demanding anything from him, Hiei stepped into the room, closed the door and flipped the lock.

Staring at the Youko, Hiei whispered. "What are you doing Kurama?"

Choosing his words carefully, Kurama's golden eyes held Hiei's gaze. "I want one last night as a demon before I confine myself to my human existence. One last chance to say goodbye to the best friend, the best partner and the most special demon I have ever known… the most special man I ever will know."

When Kurama held out his hand, Hiei stepped forward and took it without hesitation. "Does it have to be goodbye?"

He had never lied to Hiei, and Kurama wasn't about to start now. "For now, yes. Hopefully not forever though."

Drawing Hiei between his legs, Kurama reached up to slip his other hand behind the fire demon's neck. Without much persuasion, he enticed Hiei closer. Ruby eyes fluttered shut as their lips met for the first time. As the fingers of one hand gently massaged Hiei's neck, Kurama used his other hand to reach for the clasp on his cloak. Hiei hadn't even realized his cloak had been removed until he felt Kurama's fingers begin to tug at his shirt. Sensing Hiei's sudden unease, Kurama drew back. "Relax Hiei, I was just removing your shirt so I could massage your shoulders better."

To Hiei's muddled brain, this made sense, so he raised his arms and allowed Kurama to remove his shirt. When the shirt was tossed away, Kurama's hands moved to Hiei's shoulders. With each stroke of those long fingers, Hiei leaned closer. After only a moment their lips met again.

This time the kiss was more than a gentle meeting of lips. Kurama used all his skill to coax Hiei's lips apart. Even when his tongue slipped inside Hiei's mouth, Kurama maintained control. Soft lips caressed as a warm tongue licked and tasted until Hiei gave a needy moan. Reluctantly, Kurama pulled away from the kiss. "Lay down on the bed Hiei so I can massage your back as well as your shoulders."

Craving more of Kurama's touch, Hiei complied without a second thought. Laying face down on the bed, Hiei closed his eyes and waited nervously. When Kurama's hands returned to his shoulders, they were warm and slick. Before his mind could even register that the Youko was using oil, Hiei caught it's soothing scent. Inhaling deeply, Hiei sighed and relaxed, giving himself over to Kurama's touch.

Kneeling beside him, Kurama worked the treated oil into Hiei's tense shoulders and upper back. When he was sure Hiei had fully succumbed, Kurama moved to kneel across his upper thighs. For the next half hour Kurama kneaded and rubbed all the tension from Hiei's back, shoulders and arms. Leaning forward, Kurama whispered in Hiei's ear. "Let's take your pants and shoes off so I can do your legs and feet next."

Mesmerized by the Youko and his magic hands, Hiei reached for his belts as Kurama removed his shoes. Since Kurama hadn't told him to move otherwise, Hiei remained on his stomach as his pants were swept away. Only when strong fingers began massaging his bare hips and behind did Hiei tense, realizing his boxers had been removed with his pants. When Kurama's touch remained impersonal and began moving down his legs, Hiei sighed and relaxed again.

Never in his life would Hiei have believed that he would love having his feet massaged. As Kurama worked the warm oil into first one foot, then the other, Hiei was unable to prevent himself from moaning. "Mmm, ahhh, Kurama."

With a knowing smirk, Kurama knew it was time to raise the stakes. Quickly removing his clothes, he purred at Hiei. "Turn over my sexy Dragon, so I can do your chest. With his eyes still closed, Hiei didn't see Kurama's smile of appreciation as he complied. Only when Kurama sat straddling his hips did Hiei's eyes pop open. He didn't have more than a second to register the Youko's huge erection brushing against his own impressive and very hard length before Kurama's oil slicked fingers began massaging his chest.

Ruby eyes locked with intense golden orbs as Kurama's hands continued their massage. With each stroke of his hands, Kurama rocked his hips forward rubbing their erections together. Fisting his hands in the sheet beneath him, Hiei bit his lip and struggled not to cry out at the pleasurable assault on his body.

Watching his soon to be lover carefully, Kurama saw the moment he was about to break and withdrew. Carefully moving back, Kurama pushed Hiei's legs apart to kneel between his feet. "I can't forget to do the front of your legs now, can I?"

Tormenting Hiei with slow, calculated strokes, Kurama meticulously massaged each shin and knee before moving to his thighs. When firm fingers moved to his inner thighs, pushing them further apart, Hiei's heart began to race. When Kurama's hands worked their way to the back of his thighs, bending his knees, Hiei held his breath. A moment later it was released in a half cry, half moan, when Kurama leaned forward and suckled the tip of his cock into his mouth.

Panting, Hiei blinked several times as he tried to focus on the warm mouth moving on him. Inch by torturous inch, Kurama's mouth moved lower. By the time the cock's tip hit the back of his throat, Kurama was moaning himself at the beautiful sight of Hiei's first taste of passion. Giving up his efforts to watch, Hiei's head was now thrown back and his left fist was between his teeth in an effort to stifle his moans.

With a smirk, Kurama knew just what to do to force that hand away so he could hear Hiei's pleasure. Just the right amount of friction from Kurama's tongue, a few long tight strokes in and out of his mouth, followed by swallowing around the tip at the back of his throat, and Hiei's hand flew out of his mouth to give the most primal of cries as he climaxed.

For a few seconds Hiei's body went limp, then slowly began to noticeably twitch when Kurama's mouth continued it's assault. Instinct, not conscious thought, made Hiei react when Kurama's oil slicked fingers began stroking him in the most intimate way possible. Any trepidation he may have felt quickly subsided as the building pleasure in his groin intensified with each new touch.

Only when Hiei's body began to quiver in anticipation did Kurama's mouth release him. With his fingers still intimately stroking the fire demon, Kurama moved over him and purred. "You like that, don't you my beautiful Dragon? If you'll let me, I'll make you feel even better."

Trying to tear his mind from the wicked fingers inside him, Hiei blinked and looked at the Youko. "There's more? Gods Kurama, I've never felt anything like this. Stop now and I think I'll kill you."

Thrilled to see that he hadn't lost his touch, even after over twenty years of celibacy, the Youko grinned and claimed Hiei's lips in a searing kiss. Hiei eagerly wrapped his arms around Kurama, grateful to finally find an anchor in the title wave of passion he was drowning in. Suddenly feeling bereft when Kurama removed his hand, Hiei moaned in protest. That moan suddenly became a gasp of surprise when he felt Kurama enter him.

Feeling how tight Hiei was, Kurama squeezed his eyes tight and turned to kiss his neck. "Take a deep breath Hiei and relax. I won't move until you're ready."

As Hiei did what he was told, Kurama took a few deep breaths of his own and tried to regain control of his body. After a moment, Kurama felt Hiei's legs move up and around his hips. Kurama then nibbled along Hiei's neck until he found a particularly sensitive area to suckle before he began to move. Giving a few experimental thrusts Kurama easily discovered that Hiei liked them long and deep.

After only a few minutes, Hiei was clinging to Kurama and moaning wantonly. Making sure he would be able to maintain control, Kurama reached down to add his hand to Hiei's pleasure. Within a few strokes, Hiei cried out his second orgasm. Unrelentingly, Kurama continued to stroke Hiei, inside and out. Kurama knew with just a little persuasion, Hiei wouldn't lose his erection.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Hiei was once again clinging to him gasping and moaning. Kurama knew that if their time together was going to last through the night, he too needed to find temporary relief. Pumping into Hiei in shorter, faster bursts, Kurama felt his body tighten, then explode as he released his long denied passion. Drawing deep breaths, Kurama forced his attention back to Hiei as his body resumed the long deep thrusts his lover enjoyed.

For hours this pattern continued. Hiei would climax once, sometimes twice, before Kurama allowed himself to find release. Experimenting with different positions, Kurama watched his shy little lover blossom under his expert tutelage. Hiei whimpered in pleasure when Kurama took him from behind. He blushed like mad when Kurama rolled him on top, then made Hiei sit up and ride him as he watched.

Though Hiei knew he would be sore in the morning, never once did he think to deny anything the Youko asked of him. He knew that when this night was over, it would be decades before he saw Kurama again, if ever. As morning approached he sensed a change come over Kurama. Up until now, Kurama had focused on first one of their pleasure and then the other. Never did he allow them to climax together, using one unsatisfied body to reignite the other. This time however, Hiei knew they would find their pleasure together.

With Hiei looking up at him, Kurama leaned down and latched on to the sensitive spot on his lover's neck. Though Kurama knew permanently marking the fire demon would be unfair, he couldn't resist leaving at least a temporary mark. Hiei responded instantly, moaning and turning his head giving the Youko silent consent to do as he wished.

Excited by Hiei's submission, Kurama drove into him with renewed passion. With Hiei's pleasure mounting, he was unable to control himself and raked his nails across Kurama's right bicep. Pulling his lips from the angry purple mark he'd left on Hiei's neck, Kurama growled out his release. "My Dragon!"

The possessive cry sent Hiei over the edge and he cried out. "Kurama!"

Several minutes passed while the demons struggled to catch their breath. By the time Kurama was able to focus on Hiei again, he found the fire demon fast asleep. Carefully moving off of his lover, Kurama reached for the towels he had placed by the bed and began cleaning them both up. As did, he saw something sparkle. Reaching down, Kurama was surprised to find a single tear gem laying on the pillow next to Hiei's cheek.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kurama watched Hiei sleep for over half an hour before reluctantly rising to dress. Looking around the room, Kurama went and sat at a small writing desk. Painstakingly choosing his words, Kurama wrote Hiei a note. When he was done he folded the note and wrote Hiei's name on it. Rising from the desk, Kurama went back to the bed.

Removing a seed from his hair, Kurama held it with the seed in the palm of his hand. Carefully manipulating the growth of the seed, Kurama grew a beautiful red rose bud. Hidden at the heart of the bud was Hiei's blood red tear gem. Placing the note and the rose on one of the pillows, Kurama gazed down at Hiei one last time. After pulling the sheet over his lover, Kurama leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his sleeping lips.

Resigning himself to his fate, Kurama drew a deep breath and whispered. "Goodbye Hiei."

Without a backwards glance, Kurama slipped from the room and disappeared.