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Chapter 9

Hiei could only shiver and surrender as Kurama's next kiss pushed him back on the bed. With Kurama looming over him, Hiei felt his clothes being stripped from his body. For three long years he had waited to feel Kurama's hands touching him and feel his body inside of him. Now, finally his wait was over.

The moment they were naked, Hiei spread his legs and reached out to pull Kurama over him. Sensing Hiei's urgency, Kurama braced his hands on the bed and nibbled on his neck. "Not so fast my Dragon. I've waited too long to rush things now."

Hiei gave a frustrated growl. "Damn it Fox, I've waited too! Just take me already!"

Pleased with Hiei's eagerness, Kurama chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his soon to be lover and rolled them. Seeing the startled look in the ruby eyes looking down at him, Kurama smiled wickedly. "I don't care how horny you are Hiei, I will not be rushed."

As he spoke, Kurama's hands slowly began roaming Hiei's body. With only the gentlest of persuasion, Hiei rose to his knees, straddling Kurama's hips. allowing those strong hands to touch him everywhere. With every touch, Hiei's resolve began to crumble. When Kurama's voice purred softly, Hiei shivered. "Tell me Hiei, is there a particular place you've fantasized about us making love in?"

Uncertain about what Kurama meant, Hiei just shook his head. "That's alright Dragon, I'll share one of my fantasies with you."

With soft hands still caressing his body, Hiei almost didn't notice the rise in Kurama's ki or what was happening in the room. All around the room, in every nook and crevice of the rock walls, a variety of plants and flowers began to grow. From a crack in the ceiling, a red plant sprouted and grew three huge oval leaves. Hiei's eyes widened when the leaves began to sway, creating a gentle breeze. Within seconds he could smell the various flowers. "Now Hiei, would you like to make love in the warm sun or under the full moon?"

Confused, Hiei shrugged. "You pick Fox."

There was a brief pause before Kurama spoke again. "I think I'd like to love you under the warm Makai sun this time. Close your eyes Dragon, I'm going to create the scene for you."

As he closed his eyes, Hiei became more aware of the fragrant aroma filling the room, but the scents were all jumbled. Slowly, as Kurama spoke, each different scent became more distinct. "We're in the mountains Hiei, not far from my den. There is a clearing surrounded by tall pine trees. The trees here are so thick they act like a shield, protecting us from the rest of the world."

Suddenly, the soft breeze filled Hiei's senses with the sweet scent of mountain pine. "All around us there are beautiful wild flowers. The soft scent of the wild flowers is mixed with the spicier scent of …"

A breathy whisper cut him off. "Roses! I want lots of roses Fox."

Smiling happily that Hiei was getting into the fantasy, Kurama redirected his ki and suddenly the rich scent of roses replaced the sweet wildflowers. "If you want roses my love, you shall have them. There are wild white Makai roses as well as beautiful long stemmed red roses. High up in the trees we can hear the distant sound of birds singing."

Suddenly, along with the distinct scent of pine and roses, Hiei could hear birds singing. Not the annoying sound of birds driving you crazy first thing in the morning, but a subtle song of love from the sky above. Thinking he must be losing his mind, Hiei could hear the distant rustling of the trees blowing in the breeze. "Since I refuse to make love to my beautiful Dragon on the hard ground, there is a thick carpet of the softest grass you have ever felt beneath us."

Deep in Kurama's fantasy now, Hiei could not only smell the grass, but actually feel the soft turf beneath his knees. "Don't open your eyes yet Hiei, I'm not quite done. It's after noon, but the sun hasn't moved behind the trees yet. It's cool this high in the mountains and the warmth the sun offers our naked bodies feels good."

The whole time Kurama spoke, setting the scene for his little fantasy, his hands had not stopped moving. Everywhere Kurama's hands touched him, Hiei felt his flesh tingle as if it had just been kissed by the warm sun. "Now open your eyes Hiei and let's make love."

Almost fearing what he would see, Hiei slowly opened his eyes. Wondering what kind of magic Kurama had used, Hiei looked in awe at the tall pine trees swaying in the breeze. They, along with more roses than Hiei had ever seen, surrounded them protectively. Looking down, Hiei couldn't help but appreciate how beautiful Kurama looked with his long red hair fanned out across the thick grass beneath them.

Hiei was about to ask Kurama how he had done all this when long fingers closed around his cock and began stroking him. The scene around him was forgotten as Hiei gave himself over to Kurama's touch. With the heady scent of pine and roses filling his senses, Hiei gasped and moaned. "Kurama!"

Knowing he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer before taking the sexy creature above him, Kurama grew an aloe Vera plant to use for lubrication. "Rise up higher on your knees Hiei so I can get you ready."

With his thighs quivering, Hiei rose up on his knees so Kurama's hand could move between his legs. The moment Kurama's slick fingers slipped inside him, Hiei shuttered and fell forward. With his hands braced against Kurama's shoulders, Hiei threw his head back and moaned with need. "Kurama! Ahh, that feels so good!"

Unable to take any more, Kurama removed his hand and drove himself deep in Hiei's body. "HIEI! I missed you so much my Dragon."

Feeling Hiei's body tremble, Kurama held him a moment. Soft kisses were trailed along Hiei's neck and cheeks until Kurama could claim his lips. As his tongue slipped inside Hiei's mouth, Kurama felt him begin to move. Needing no further encouragement, Kurama's hips rose to thrust long and deep into his lover. Needing to cry out, Hiei tore his lips from Kurama's. "FOX, YES! MORE!"

Rising back to his knees, Hiei rode Kurama, eagerly meeting every thrust. Only when Hiei's muscles were quivering with the strain of their vigorous lovemaking, did Kurama roll them again. Feeling the soft grass beneath his naked back, Hiei looked past Kurama to the beautiful clearing they were making love in. Since every part of the trees, grass and roses were part of Kurama, Hiei felt as if every one of his senses as well as his body were being made love to.

With Kurama over him, kissing him, touching him, thrusting inside of him, surrounding every part of him, Hiei arched his back and screamed out his release. Barely aware of anything beyond Kurama and his pleasure, Hiei only vaguely heard the squawk and flutter of the birds taking flight at his loud cry. Fantasy birds were forgotten however when Kurama's body demanded his attention.

With the last of his strength, Hiei touched and kissed Kurama, wanting to give the same incredible pleasure he had received. Before long both men were panting and moaning as their passion spiraled out of control. When together they cried out, Hiei couldn't miss the shower of rose petals raining down on them when hundreds of roses exploded at their mutual climax.

Exhausted, Hiei collapsed. Holding him close, Kurama used his hands to soothe his lover as they caught their breath. When Hiei could move again, he turned his head to kiss Kurama. When their lips parted, Hiei looked around confused. As if waking from a beautiful dream, Hiei once again found himself on the bed in Kurama's den. Every plant and flower from before was gone. "Fox, how the hell did you do that? By the time I opened my eyes I would have sworn you somehow transported us to the clearing you described."

With a chuckle, Kurama rolled to the side and nestled Hiei against him. "Contrary to the stories you might have heard, I actually spent quite a lot of time alone before I died. My dens were my secret safe havens. Until you, only one other has ever been privy to the location of any of my dens. Kuronue knew the location of one of my larger dens east of Tourin. We lived there for several years before he was killed."

Interrupting him, Hiei whispered. "Has he ever been here Fox?"

Smiling, Kurama kissed his temple. "No Dragon, only you. Some times, when I wanted to be alone, or after a dangerous heist, I would hold up in one of my dens for weeks at a time. Several of them have a room set up like this one. I have thousands of seeds hidden around this room to help create almost any scent and sound you can imagine. Then I use pollen from a dream flower to create any illusion I want. If we were sleeping, the dream flower would create dreams, but awake it works like a hallucinogen. Unlike some drugs that can be dangerous or addicting, the dream flower is completely safe."

Barely able to hold his eyes open, Hiei asked. "If I were the one setting the scene, could I do what you just did?"

Green eyes sparkled as Kurama nodded. "Anything you described, I could create the scent or sound for, but you would control the hallucination with you words."

When Hiei yawned, Kurama grinned. "Maybe I'll give it a try next time."

Pulling the covers over them, Kurama gently kissed him. "I'm sure you'll dream up something good Dragon."

Cuddled together, Kurama and Hiei slept.

Hours later, when they woke, Kurama led Hiei to the pool where they bathed and made love again. Since the water streaming into the pool came from high in the mountains, Kurama allowed Hiei to heat the cold water. That however was the only thing Kurama allowed Hiei to do while they stayed at the den.

Over the next five days Kurama saw to Hiei's every need, never once allowing him to leave the den. Kurama treated him to delicious meals of meat and vegetables cooked to perfection. The fox must have snuck out to hunt while he slept, because Hiei never saw him leave the den, yet the meat was always freshly killed.

The time they spent making love however was Hiei's favorite part of their time together. They made love in each of Kurama's treasure coves. The Youko enjoyed covering Hiei in jewels before they made love. The redhead wickedly liked making love with them surrounded by mirrors so that everywhere they looked they could see their naked bodies moving intimately together.

They also experimented with Kurama's dream flowers, using them to create everything from wild fantasy love nests to Kurama's high school where the redhead played teacher molesting his young ruby eyed student. Hiei almost felt like he was living in a dream with all the attention Kurama was giving him.

Now that he had Kurama all to himself, when it was time for them to leave Hiei was more than a little reluctant to have to share his fox again. Without protest though Hiei fully dressed for the first time since they'd arrived at the den and accompanied his fox to the Ningenkai. Before leaving the Makai Hiei sent word to Mukuro that he and Kurama would return soon.

Their first stop when they reached the Ningenkai was the temple. Hiei stood proudly at Kurama's side as his fox explained about Maya to their friends. When he finished Yukina rushed forward to hug them both. "Oh Kurama, I just knew the minute I saw the dragon on your arm that you considered yourself Hiei's mate. I'm glad your relationship with Maya was an innocent friendship."

Kuwabara slapped Kurama on the back. "I told them you were an honorable man Kurama. I'm glad you didn't let me down."

With a hand on Hiei's shoulder, Yusuke laughed. "I think it's Hiei he didn't let down Kuwabara, not you. Hiei, I'm glad everything worked out for you both."

Embarrassed by all the attention, Hiei grunted. "Hn."

Yusuke laughed. "Eloquent as always Hiei. So, what now Kurama? Are you headed back to Makai?"

Tightening his arm around his mate, Kurama smiled. "Very soon, yes. We'll take the next few days to pack my things and get rid of my furniture, then we'll go home. Keiko, why don't you come by tomorrow and see if you could use any of my furniture in your new house. You're more than welcome to it."

Smiling at the generous offer, Keiko's eyes lit up. "Thank you Kurama. That would be wonderful."

Yukina smiled at Hiei. "You and Kurama must promise to visit often Brother. Your room will always be waiting here for you."

Shyly, Hiei nodded. "With both of our families here, you don't need to worry Yukina."

Smiling at the twins, Kurama leaned down to kiss Hiei's cheek. "We should get going Hiei if we're going to see Mother before I have to take Maya to the airport."

Two hours later, Kurama and Hiei sat beside each other in his parent's living room. Shiori was beaming happily at them. "Oh Shuuichi, Hiei, I'm so happy both of you and Maya are all able to be with the ones you really love. I'm going to miss you both when you go back to Makai, but if you're happy, that's what really matters."

Leaning over, Kurama took her hand. "Hiei already promised Yukina that with both of our families here, we'll visit often."

Kazuya gave his son a curious look. "Shuuichi, will we be able to visit you in Makai?"

Seeing the hope in his eyes, Kurama grinned. "Do I detect an interest in seeing the demon world Father? Aren't you afraid demons will eat you?"

With a laugh at the sudden shock on his face, Kurama didn't let him answer. "I'm just teasing Father. Once we get settled, I'll make arrangements for you both to come visit."

Shiori's eyes sparkled excitedly. "Oh Shuuichi, does that mean we'll get to see the den where your treasure is hidden?"

Feeling Hiei stiffen beside him, Kurama's ki reached out to appease him. "Actually, one of my dens is in the forest just south of Alaric. It's not one of my larger ones, but it should be safe to take you there and let you pick a few souvenirs to bring home."

Remembering that this was the den they had slept in when they went to Makai last month, and not the one they had consummated their mating in, Hiei relaxed. Kurama's ki soothing him let him know that the fox understood that the large den they had just left was special, and not to be shared with others. "We have to go now mother if I'm going to get Maya and her family to the airport in time for their flight."

With promises to see them soon, Kurama and Hiei left. As they walked Kurama's arm rested lightly across Hiei's shoulder. "You needn't worry that I will ever share the location of our den with anyone Hiei. Besides being our special place, a Youko doesn't just conduct tours of his hidden treasure coves. You are the only one I will ever share my secret treasures with My Love."

Hiding his happiness, Hiei unconsciously leaned closer to his mate. Within minutes they were at the apartment. When Hiei hesitated, Kurama smiled. "It's alright Hiei. I'll be taking them to the airport in less than an hour. You can wait at the apartment if you like."

Not wanting to reveal his uncertainty, Hiei just nodded. When they entered the apartment, Michael was just carrying a suitcase out of the bedroom. "Shuuichi, hi. Welcome home."

Having never heard English before, Hiei frowned. That frown grew when Kurama answered in the same language. "Thank you Michael. Is everything ready?"

Hearing voices, Maya came out of the bedroom. "Shuuichi, you're just in time. We were just finishing our packing. Oh Hiei, it's nice to see you again."

This luckily had been said in Japanese so Hiei understood and answered softly. "Hi."

In slow Japanese so Michael would understand, Kurama introduced them. "Hiei, this is Maya's husband Michael. Michael, this is my partner, Hiei."

Smiling, Michael did his best to respond in Japanese. "It's nice to meet you Hiei. I hope Maya and I haven't caused too much trouble between you and Shuuichi."

Taking her husband's arm, Maya agreed. "Thank you so much Hiei for being patient while Shuuichi helped me. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been there when my parents disowned me."

Hearing the sad tone in her voice, Kurama interrupted before Hiei would have to feign politeness. "Maya, I take it things didn't go well with your parents."

Michael slipped a reassuring arm around his wife when she shook her head. "Nothing has changed Shuuichi. For a moment I thought my mother would relent when she saw the baby, then my father yelled at us to get out and she bowed to his will."

Kurama sighed. "I'm sorry Maya."

When a sudden cry came from the far bedroom, Hiei visually stiffened. As Maya and Michael both hurried to see to their daughter they didn't notice. Thinking the human child was making Hiei uncomfortable, Kurama leaned over to whisper in Hiei's ear. "We'll be leaving in just a few minutes Koi. Why don't you come in our room and have a nap while we're gone?"

Leading Hiei to the bedroom, Kurama took his cloak and boots before he could protest. "That's better Dragon. Now give me a kiss. Even though I'll only be gone about an hour I'm going to miss you."

Wrapping his arms around Kurama's neck, Hiei leaned up for a kiss. Rubbing Hiei's back reassuringly, Kurama poured all his love into his kiss. When the redhead pulled back, Hiei was embarrassed to find his knees had buckled from the passionate kiss and Kurama was holding him up. Helping him to the bed, Kurama kissed him again. "I love you my Dragon. I'll be back soon."

Three days later, the last of Kurama's things had been packed and were loaded in his car. Kuwabara and Keiko were picking up the furniture on Saturday and then turning in his keys. There was only one thing left to do before their goodbye party at the temple. When Kurama pulled up in front of a small grocery store, Hiei frowned. "Hiei, can you wait here a moment? There's something I need to take care of."

Getting out of the car, Kurama went inside the store. Carefully looking around he found what he was looking for. Careful to avoid the man in the back of the store stocking shelves, Kurama went to the woman behind the counter. When she saw him she started to gasp, but Kurama held up a finger and shushed her. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought you might want this."

With a nervous look, the woman looked down to find a picture in her hand. Kurama saw her lip quiver at the picture of Maya and Michael holding their new baby. "Put that some place safe. If you ever change your mind about your daughter, the information where to contact her at her husband's home in America is on the back."

Not waiting for a response, Kurama left the store. When he got back in the car, Kurama leaned over to kiss Hiei. "Let's go say goodbye to our family Koi. Tomorrow we start our new life together."


Three months later, Kurama lay holding Hiei in their bed at Alaric. "Damn Hiei, I will never tire of making love to you. Three years ago I worried that we might never be together, now I don't know how I could ever live without you again. I love you Hiei."

Snuggling closer, Hiei murmured against the Youko's neck. "Me either Fox. Before you gave me your love I thought my life was complete. Then for three years, I barely existed. I love you Kurama, don't ever leave me again."

After a little more cuddling, Hiei went to the bathroom to clean up. From the bed, Kurama watched him with a frown as he took something before come back with a towel. "Hiei, I know you said those were vitamins but how come I only see you take them every time we make love?"

With a shrug, Hiei tossed the towel at Kurama to clean himself up. When it was clear Hiei wasn't going to answer Kurama's concern grew. "You can tell me about those little pills Hiei or I can take them down to my lab and analyze them myself."

Staring at the Youko, Hiei considered his options. Kurama watched as Hiei wrestled with some inner demon. After a moment the fire demon sighed and went to the dresser. From the bottom drawer he took out a small box. Kurama could see that it was made of wood and was about the size of a small ningen shoebox. Intrigued, Kurama watched as Hiei's hands appeared to tremble as he stared down at the little box.

After a moment Hiei sighed and climbed on the bed. Kurama turned so Hiei was now sitting across from him. Hesitantly, Hiei placed the box between them on the bed. Wondering what this small box could have to do with Hiei's alleged vitamins, Kurama waited patiently. After a moment Hiei spoke softly. "This box holds items that have hurt me, yet are more important to me than any treasure."

Worried, Kurama watched as Hiei pushed back the lid to the box. The first thing Hiei took from the box was his mother's tear gem. "I was told that my mother cried this when I was born, then a few days later she threw me from Koorime Island. I later found out someone else threw me away and my mother killed herself mourning me."

Setting the tear gem aside, Hiei next reached in the box and withdrew the rose and note Kurama had left him three years ago. Seeing them, Kurama couldn't hide his surprise. "Yes Fox, I kept them. Though they remind me that you chose your human life over me, I know now you gave them to me out of love."

Thinking the box was empty, Kurama looked at Hiei confused. "I don't understand what your special keepsakes have to do with your little pills Hiei."

Setting the rose and note aside, Hiei once again reached into the box. A moment later he withdrew what looked like a small golden vase. With a sense of dread, Kurama watched Hiei's hands visibly trembled as he lovingly cradled the vase. There was a long pause as Hiei seemed to struggle with what to say. When he finally spoke, his voice was barely a whisper. "I understood why you left Kurama, and I did my best to go on with my life hoping that someday you would come back to me. A few weeks after you left though something happened that would change the way I felt. I found out that… I was pregnant."

Stunned, Kurama stared at Hiei, positive that his heart had just stopped. "Hiei?"

Hiei's eyes never left the vase as he drew a deep breath and continued softly. "I was so confused Kurama. What the hell was I going to do with a child? But it was your child and I wanted it so much. Then the anger started. Anger that you had left me… left us for your human life. Eventually I came to terms with it all, and started to accept that I was going to have your baby and raise it alone."

Kurama's heart was now pounding so hard within his chest he thought it might explode. "Worried that I might do something reckless and endanger myself or the baby, Mukuro basically put me under house arrest. Needless to say by the time I was four months along I felt like I was going to suffocate. One day I managed to escape her watchful eye and ran until I finally felt like I could breathe again."

Kurama had a sick feeling of foreboding as Hiei continued. "I didn't sense the demon until it was too late to get away. He wasn't anything I couldn't handle under normal circumstances, but with the… baby… I didn't want to take any chances. I decided a quick burst with the dragon would take care of him and everything would be fine."

When Hiei's eyes closed as if the pain were too much for him to bare, Kurama knew he was about to have his heart ripped out. "The next thing I knew I woke in my bed and three days had passed. Mukuro was there waiting to tell me that using the dragon had put too much of a drain on my energy and that I'd l… lost the baby. She'd had the baby cremated and this special urn made to hold h… her ashes. She said that it's shaped like a vase with a small hole down the center so that when I was ready, I could use it to hold your rose."

Hiei almost jumped when two large hands wrapped themselves around his where they held the urn. For several minutes Kurama and Hiei sat across from each other just holding the urn. Eventually, Kurama could stand it no longer and reached for Hiei. Not even sure if his comfort would be welcome, he wrapped his long arms around his mate and pulled him close. "Gods Hiei, can you ever forgive me? I've hurt you so much."

Still holding the urn, Hiei nestled against Kurama's chest. "You didn't know Fox. I'm a male, you couldn't have known the forbidden child had been born a freak."

Not wanting to upset Hiei further, Kurama struggled to control his emotions. Later he would find a quiet hole where he could cry for their lost child and the pain he had caused his mate. "You're not a freak Hiei! You are my strong, beautiful, precious Dragon, and I love you so much. I'm guessing the pills are some sort of birth control. We'll do whatever you want Hiei. Whether it's just the two of us or if you want a dozen children, that's entirely up to you. I will love you no matter what."

Hiei lay quietly in Kurama's arms for a several minutes before he answered softly. "I want children Kurama. Not right away, but some day."

Relieved, Kurama pulled back to smile down at him. "We'll have as many as you want Hiei. You just say when, and I'll take care of the rest."

Happy to see Hiei blush, Kurama reached over to pick up the rose. Seeing this, Hiei held up the urn and Kurama gently placed the rose in it. "Where should we put her Fox? Now that I'm ready, I don't want her in the drawer any more."

After looking around, Kurama made a suggestion. "How about on the mantle over the fire place? That way she will always be near us. We can have special case made to protect her."

Nodding, Hiei slowly moved out of Kurama's arms. Together they went and placed the urn with the rose on the mantle. Neither spoke as they stood looking at the rose. When Kurama pulled Hiei against him, they both knew they would never allow anything to ever keep them apart again. When Kurama leaned down to gently kiss his mate, the little rose bud bloomed to reveal Hiei's tear gem, held firmly at its core by two of the petals.

In the years to come, Kurama and Hiei would have two strong sons. Though many had seen the fine glass case that held the little gold urn and it's beautiful rose, only Mukuro understood why it was so special and the true meaning of the little gold plaque at the bottom that read: 'Our Rose'