The Strength of the Wolf

Megan Pendleton
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Story Summary:AU-verse. There is always another way, another path; some are just too blind to see them. But if one decides to trust in fate and leaps into the unknown, they might be rewarded. Naruto, seemingly single-sighted and focused on only one goal, decides maybe his goal is just unattainable, as everyone has tried to tell him. In a bid to find himself Naruto sets out to find another path and another future…

Author Notes:I don't own any bit of this save for my characters…and even then it's not like I can do anything more than create my own little plots and enjoy the wonders of writing while I play in Masashi Kishimoto's world that he created. Also keep in mind this is AU. I came up with the idea before the release of chapter 382-383 so a lot of stuff has happened that probably won't be happening here…heck it's taking on a tiny bit of weird…but weird isn't always bad, hai? It's just a different point of view *wink* the title is part of a quote from Rudyard Kipling "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." Each chapter will have a little quote with them as well as any terminology I use that others may not be familiar with…I used an online translator so lord knows some of the terms and the meanings may be screwed up to no end…but for me…a couple of them just sound right so I chose to believe the site I had found and used 'em.

Planned Chapter Outline:

Chapter 1:The Wolves at the Door
Chapter Summary:
It takes one to know one and for Naruto, there has only been one other individual to 'know' him. Even with his 'precious' people, he can feel the glares and remaining hatred of the village that still fears his inhabitant and still wonders why he was allowed to live. Deciding to grant the village their one wish, Naruto sets out into the unknown. And it is there he will finally understand the true strength of the Jinchuuriki.

Chapter 2:Between Fox and Wolf
Chapter Summary:
Four years have passed with Naruto in the Land of Grass, training and traveling with Rajan and Ryoki. The Container for the Demon Fox has grown and learned from the fabled Demon Wolves that are merely whispers and myths to the Shinobi of Kuso, and he has learned to trust in his own skill. With the three slowly inching their way towards adulthood, Naruto's training will take another turn he wasn't yet expecting. Is the fox now become a wolf, or will the wolf become a fox?

Chapter 3:A 'Pack' of Three
Chapter Summary:
Stability. It is what one craves most out of life. To know where one is needed and one is wanted and to know what the future holds. In time we all adapt routines and customs that makes are lives more stable and enjoyable. With age comes certain wisdom, and also certain confidence. Many of the Grass Country now knows of the mercenaries living in Grass' most notorious territory. They have begun to recognize the skill and the range of these three shinobi… And they call them the Wolf Pack.

Chapter 4:The Fox's Den
Chapter Summary: Life among the Tree of Houkou has never been better for the Wolf Pack. It is no secret that wolves love pups and celebrate their coming and fiercely protect them as they grow and learn to become members of the pack. Naruto and Ryoki must learn to adjust to life in their new role…as parents…all the while preparing for the worst, should Akatsuki show up at their door.

Chapter 5:Of Clans and Packs
Chapter Summary:
Wolves and humans are not so different really. They both enjoy the companionship of their kin, they form tight bonds of family and friendship, and so if you look very closely, you will see the pack of humans and the traits of humanity among the fur. It is not too hard to blur the line between pack and clan...and yet the line seems so very clear cut to those who have never known the trappings of human life.

Chapter 6: A Fox in the Hen House
Chapter Summary: Where once a Wolf stood proudly, now only the memory remains. Returning to Konoha was the easy part of their journey, adjusting to this new world may be the hardest. For Naruto it is losing his hard won freedom, for the rest of his 'clan' it is learning to be human. But as always, the Pack will find a way.

Chapter 7:Rain-Slicked Pelts
Chapter Summary:
A cleansing rain is sometimes best, washing away the dirt and debris built up over the years. A wolf holds little concern towards the rain droplets that runs off its back. But when it floods, damage is more severe and the pack must move to higher ground to find the safest footing.

Chapter 8:The Fox's Leaf
Chapter Summary:
At one time the Land of Fire burned with the fire of foxes and the Land of Grass marveled at the howl of wolves. Will the Clans of Demons so easily forgive the transgressions of those who sealed away their lords and will the humans so easily overcome their old fears? Great things could come from the rejoining...or a great war.

Chapter 9: To Pass Down and On
Chapter Summary:
There is a saying in the Land of Fire; that the generation before always takes to heart. They always know when the time has come to pass down and pass on. The time has come for those of the generation before to pass down the knowledge to the next that will leave them ready to face the future of their world. They can only hope that they prepared them properly and that they will all carry on the will of fire.