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I know I've been slow this chapter…stupid plot bunnies want me to write the next chapter first instead of this one: P but I'm working at it I swear! And for the troubles…a little preview of Chapter 10:

Okay so maybe the view from up here is a lot better now. Naruto smirked to himself as he stood in front of the windows of 'his' office and watched the daily bustle below him. Maybe Ryo was not the only one who liked the view from the top. He was really starting to get a feel for his job and he thought it was frustrating most of the time he was really enjoying it.

A lot. Which kind of surprised him a little. He'd been nervous as hell during the whole 'induction' and 'ceremonies'. He'd been nervous the moment Ryo came back in the village and he knew what was going to happen. Still that hat was damn impressive and though he normally did not don the usual robes that Sarutobi used to wear, he was always wearing the hat.

It just suited him.


Naruto craned his head over his shoulders behind him to the door. Sakura was standing there with a good armful of paperwork she was hauling to his desk. The strangest thing yet was Sakura calling him by that particular suffix. He smirked remembering their days at Genin when she would haul off and whack him in the head, call him a baka, or just plain berate him for his stupidity.

He grinned wickedly. As Hokage he was meant to be a calm, steady presence in the village. But that did not really suit him all of the time so he'd begun making up games. Actually both he and Ryo did and one that he was starting to come up with was 'make Sakura blow up at me'. Sakura had inherited Shizune's place as his assistant and he really did welcome her knowledge. She knew things that had happened in the village in his absence and she had a good handle on all the personnel while he was still learning them all.

But all this formality just did not suit him, especially between friends so he had begun pushing buttons just to see how long it would take him to break down this new sense of duty in Sakura and get her to call him just one insulting name.

"Honestly Sakura-chan, you have to start so early?"

Naruto saw just the slightest twitch of her eyebrow and smirked. He'd been getting closer in the past couple of weeks. "You should know by now Naruto-sama this happens the same time almost every day."

"Could switch it up a bit, might make it more exciting!" Naruto smirked happily as he took a seat and began leafing through what she had brought. A lot of personnel reports, missions requests and mission reports. Boring stuff just needing his signature to saying he saw it.

"You wanted the job you…." And she caught herself frowning at Naruto as she ended the sentence prematurely.

Damn almost had her.