I do not take credit for the characters from Twilight and the other characters are ideas from friends.

Chapter 1

Renesmee POV

"Sorry Jacob," I stated, "I can't lead you on anymore. We are over." I had fallen for this human at school or at least I think he is human. His name is Ivan. He is from Italy. He is perfect in everyway and I couldn't go on pretending I still loved Jacob. Jacob finally said something after what seemed like an hour. I understand if he is a little upset because I'm breaking up with him. Today of all days but I hope he doesn't take it to hard.

"I thought you said you were in love with me," he replied clearly upset, "and to top it off you decide to break-up with me on Valentine's Day!"

"Sorry about that but I just can't live with this plus I've fallen for someone else," I said. I didn't want to hurt Jacob, but when Alice saw him proposing to me I just knew I had to end it.

Ivan had those big, brown eyes just like my mom had when she was human. He has the same short, brown hair as my best friend. I haven't told him that I love him, but my dad heard him thinking how much he loved me. I always knew there was some reason why he didn't get along with Jacob. I can't stand the look on Jacob's face when I told him I fell for Ivan. My phone started to vibrate. I took it out and saw it was my mom.

"Hey mom, what's up?" I asked.

"How could you break-up with Jacob?" she yelled.

"Well, because I just don't love him, I replied to her question while walking away from a very shocked Jacob.

"Why would you do a crazy thing like that you love each other or at least I thought you did," she stated.

"I broke up with him because I fell for Ivan and I didn't think it was fair to him," I replied.

"Ok, can we talk about this some more when you get home?" she asked.

"Sure, see you then," I answered. I hung up and went to see, my best friend in the whole world, Jennifer. She needed help with her history project. She knew all about my power but didn't know what I was which is good for her. It would be horrible if she ever found out because she might not be as lucky as my mom. My mom was lucky to have lived when she found out my dad was a vampire. After helping Jen for an hour I went home to find a very angry dad and a not so pleased mom waiting for me. Oh great, this better not be about me breaking up with Jacob besides my dad never really liked him. I understand why mom is upset Jacob is like family to her. Well I better face the music sometime.

"Hey mom, hey dad," I said.

"We need to have a talk missy," my dad replied.

"Ok, what do we need to talk about?" I asked.

"First, why did you break-up with Jacob and second I thought you and Ivan were just friends?" he asked.

"Well, I broke up with Jacob because I fell in love with Ivan. We are just friends but I haven't told him how I feel," I replied.

"You know Jacob imprinted on you right," my mom asked.

"No I don't even know what that is," I replied.

"It means you are soul mates. You will go back to him to make a long story short," she said.

"Oh, we will see but for now I don't love him enough to date him," I replied.

"Ok, but just remember what we said," they said.

"Fine, can I go now," I asked.

"Sure," they replied.

I sat in my room listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift, my favorite song in the whole world. My phone beeped from a text message. I saw that Ivan sent it. It said "I luv you do u luv me?" I quickly replied back "I luv u 2."

Author's Note

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