Hey I do not own Twilight characters and almost all other characters were made up by my friends.

Ivan Pov

I saw Renesmee and Jacob talking about something important and since I am I vampire I heard every word of it. I heard her say she was sorry about dumping him on Valentine's Day but that she couldn't go on pretending that she loved him. She said something about falling for someone at school and when he asked who it was I was surprised by her answer. She said she had fallen for me. Could it be true or am I just imagining things. She doesn't know I am a vampire because of my powers. I can make people believe that I am human. Actually I can make them think anything I want them to think. If I wanted them to think I was dead they would. The only person that my power doesn't work on is Bella, Renesmee's mother, and my dad warned me it wouldn't work before I came to Forks. I guess you are wondering who my father is and how he knows so much about Bella and her family. Well my father is Aro, the most important vampire in the vampire world, and when he met Bella his powers didn't work on her either. She is a mind shield, which means she can block all powers that involve the mind. Since my power doesn't work on her she knows what I am and told the rest of her family except Renesmee. I was in so much shock that I missed my dad's call. After I got control of myself I called my dad back. Later that night I texted her saying "I luv you do u luv me." She replied very quickly "I luv u 2."

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