A/N - This is my first ever NCIS fanfiction. I would like to apologize for any OOC, it was intented. I've only seen the show twice and I think I have an idea of where these characters stand and are like. I would really appreciate and constructive cristism that you may have. Thank you and I hope you enjoy Must Stand.

Chapter One - We All Fall Down

Her hair hung over her shoulders shadowing her face. Her hands covered the rest. Why did she have to wait so long to tell him her feelings, what she wanted for life.

"Abby?" McGee stood there in a black suit. "Are you ready?" He walked over to the black hair lady and knelt down to her level. "He was a good man. We all are going to miss him, some more than others." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "We should get you home." He helped her to her feet. "Do you want to press the button?" Her hand moved away from her face to press the up arrow.

"He's…" McGee caught a glimpse of how passionate her emotion was. "dead." McGee wrapped his arms around her. She tried hard to hide the redness in her eyes.

"You don't have to be afraid." McGee knew that she wasn't scared. He also knew that she was Abby and Abby contained a bunch of different emotions. The elevator doors opened.

"I'm…" Her voice trailed off again. "Can I stay in here for a while?" McGee didn't say anything. He pressed his back against one of the three walls and slowly slid down.

"I'm not leaving you, not now." He smiled and wrapped his right arm around her for support.

"He use to do that." Abby allowed more tears to flow. "He use to do a lot for me." McGee knew already but didn't say anything.

"Maybe we should get you home."

"I can't." There was a time when he had come over. It was the night of confessions.

"Then we'll stay here till you can." He pulled her closer.

"Thank you." She placed her hands around her knees.

"Abby, everything is going to be okay." The words came out of his mouth but he didn't believe. The job was going to be completely different with out him. Completely different. Bad enough that had to lose the director but now, now that lost the heart, soul, and most importantly the glue that kept the team at ease with one another.

Right now McGee had to be strong, had to be strong for her and be strong for himself.

"Why do the people we love have to die?" Abby looked at an empty tile.

"So they can move on and be with the ones that they loved and that loved them." He smiled. "He gets to be with his wife and daughter."

"Mhmm." Abby didn't want to think of Gibbs being with his true love, the one he married. "McGee?"

"Yeah?" His voice was low but audible.

"Can we go back to your place?" Abby made eye contact for the first time that evening.

"Yeah, yeah, come on lets get going." McGee stood up and finally pressed the button the lobby button.