"Afterglow" by Emily

My hair just barely tickled Alice's face as I snuggled closer into her arms. She nuzzled her cold face into my cheek and I felt her perfect smile form against my skin. My eyes were still heavy from sleep and I let out a yawn. Alice giggled.

"Aw. My little sleepy head." She said and lifted her head to kiss me. No matter how many times I felt it, the feeling of her full sweet lips on mine still made the world temporarily disappear. She pulled away and her golden eyes connected with mine. She gave me a silly half grin. I grinned back noticing her adorable short black hair all messy from the night before.

I usually felt so ordinary, awkward and ugly whenever I was with the Cullens; even with Alice. Their beauty, speed and strength all greatly surpassing me like they were living in a different world that I had accidentally wandered into. But, in these brief moments after a tender, passionate night with my angel, when the dew had just barely set on the grass, I felt perfect.

"Awww!!! How cute!" Cooed a voice from the hallway followed by a belly laugh that could only belong to one person. I heard Alice growl and then swiftly throw a pillow at Emmett.

"Buzz kill." She murmured, her bottom lip pushed out. I just chuckled softly and nuzzled into her once again.