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"Alright, I think we're done for today," Tadase announced. The other Guardians, Nagihiko, Rima, Yaya, and Amu, nodded their heads in agreement. One by one, each Guardian got up from their chair, picked up their bag, said their goodbyes and left until only Amu and Tadase remained.

Amu was looking through her bag, checking to see if she had all of her homework assignments. She didn't notice Tadase staring at her nervously. He was fidgeting and shifting from foot to foot as he tried to pluck up enough courage to ask her…

"Um, Hinamori-san," Tadase began. Amu looked up from her bag and her hands ceased their movements. "Do you mind if I um… walk you home?"

Amu's eyes brightened and a huge grin appeared on her face. She shook her head vigorously and picked up her bag, ready to go. Tadase smiled at her and gathered up his belongings as well. Both of them walked out of the Royal Garden with the sun shining through the windows and showering the young pair in warmth.

I was a warm day. The sun was shining in a blue sky with a few puffs of white passing it by. Today was the perfect day for taking a nap. That was exactly what Tsukiyomi Ikuto was doing. High up in a tree, the cat boy rested peacefully on a thick branch simply dozing peacefully. The sunshine seeped through the leaves and fell on top of him. He sighed in his sleep, completely content.

"Ikuto!" Yoru screamed in his ear. Ikuto mumbled something inaudible and covered his face with his arm. Yoru had waked him up, but the young man still wanted to get as much relaxation as possible. Ikuto kept his eyes closed as he tried to ignore the cat chara buzzing around head. "Come on Ikuto! Wake up!"

"Why?" Ikuto murmured into his arm.

"You have to see this!" Yoru exclaimed. He started pulling on Ikuto's arm though he knew that he would never be able to move it on his own. Ikuto took his arm away from his face slightly and looked at Yoru with annoyed eyes. "It's Amu and she's with the Kiddy King!" Ikuto bolted upright and turned to look at where Yoru was pointing. He saw Amu and Tadase walking on the other side of the street. Amu laughed at something the Kiddy King had just said. Ikuto gritted his teeth, but immediately took control of himself. He always had to keep his emotions under control otherwise Amu would realize just how protective he was of her. He grinned as a thought entered his head. Why not pay little Amu a visit?

Ikuto jumped from the tree to the ground below. He character changed with Yoru and followed the young couple soundlessly. Tadase and Amu turned at the corner and entered a deserted street. Ikuto smirked and snuck up behind the young girl and the King.

"Boo," he said quietly. Amu screamed while Tadase let out a shout of surprise. Both of them whipped around in the direction that the offending sound had come from. When they only saw Ikuto standing there grinning, their emotions abruptly changed. Tadase's expression of shock turned to one of anger. Amu's pale scared face turned bright red. She averted her eyes and her hands started to fiddle with one of the straps from her bag. Ikuto was grinning at Amu's embarrassment while Yoru was full out laughing hysterically at the Kiddy King's rage.

Ikuto reached forward and pulled Amu into his chest. Her entire face was an even brighter shade of red. She looked worriedly at Tadase who was now shaking with anger. Ikuto seemed unfazed though, because he tightened his grip on Amu and rested his chin on the top of her head.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto," Tadase began angrily. "Let go of Hinanori-san."

"Hm," Ikuto debated for a moment. "You know, I don't think I will." He smirked and brought one of his hands up to softly stroke Amu's pink locks. Tadase clenched his jaw and his grip tightened around the strap of his bag. Ikuto decided that he could tease the Kiddy King for just a little bit longer. He took a strand of Amu's hair in his long slender fingers. He brought it up to his lips and kissed it lightly.

Well, Amu flipped out. She jumped up and broke free of Ikuto's grasp. She backed up a few steps with a red face and shaking fingers. Tadase grabbed her arm and pulled her behind him.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto," Tadase said while glaring. "Never lay a finger on Hinamori-san ever again." The way Tadase was acting plus his expression was just too much for Ikuto. He put a hand up to his mouth to try to stop the laughter that was threatening to overflow. A few laughs escaped past his fingers and Tadase's glare intensified.

"Well well well, Hinamori Amu," a voice said. "Long time no see, eh?" Ikuto and Tadase whipped around in the direction of the voice. A few yards behind them, leaning up against a tree, was a man. This guy had a full head of silky black hair. He was dressed from head to toe in black. The really strange thing was his face. He had perfect features and dancing eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they were red. No, not red like Tadase's eyes. I mean red as in blood red. They seemed to glow from deep down inside and give you a feeling of dread. His face was the color of snow. He had a casual lazy stance, but it seemed that he would be quick to react if need be.

"Hinamori-san, are you okay?" Tadase asked when he broke his gaze away from the mysterious man and directed it towards Amu. At the mention of Amu's name, Ikuto turned around to face her as well. Anu's entire body was stiff and her eyes were glazed over as she looked blankly at the man. There were no thoughts going through her head and she looked as though she was carved from stone.

"Amu?" Ikuto asked with a small frown on his face. He reached forward and touched her arm. Suddenly, something inside of her snapped. Her entire frame started to shake with her teeth chattering loudly. Her golden eyes were filled with sheer terror. Ikuto reached forward and put his arms around her. She didn't fight him. She let him pull her close and support her, because she knew that eventually she would have collapsed. Tadase didn't comment, but you could tell that he wished to be in the cay boy's position.

A laugh escaped the lips of the man in black. He grinned at Ikuto and Tadase who were glaring at him. He turned his gaze to Amu who was now watching him closely, but she was still shaking from fear.

"Looks like Amu still recognizes me after all these years. And I must say, she really is turning out to be pretty damn beautiful."

Ikuto was pissed, even more so than Tadase. (And that's definitely something…)

"Never, and I repeat never, speak to Amu so disrespectfully," Ikuto growled. "And don't act like you're both good friends. Never."

The man smirked(Not quite as sexy as Ikuto, but unfortunately, it's still really damn close…) and said, "I've known her longer than you. You should know that. Unless," His gaze shifted to Amu. "She's never mentioned me. You know Amu, it really isn't nice to keep secrets."

Amu would have loved to glare at him but unfortunately, her body was having other ideas. She was still shaking and her hands were getting clammy. The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she watched the man's every move. Ikuto still had his arms around her and strangely, she was grateful for his presence.

The man dressed in black sighed and glanced at his watch. "Well, this is starting to get boring and frankly, I have places to be." He looked up from his watch and looked Amu in the eye. "Just to mix things up a little, I'll give you a head start this time. I'm leaving town tomorrow afternoon, but I recommend that you leave as soon as possible." He smirked and put a hand up in farewell. "See you, Amu. And believe me; I'll make sure we meet again." With that, he abruptly walked away leaving Amu, Ikuto, and Tadase alone.

"Oh, no you don't," Ikutosaid quietly. He took a step towards the retreating man, but was held back. He turned around in surprise and saw Amu holding onto his sleeve, keeping him there. She shook her head at him. Ikuto turned around again, only to see that the man was no longer there. He sighed and faced Amu and Tadase again. (Man, he's turning around a lot…)Amu let go of Ikuto's sleeve and looked at them both with a blank expression. Her eyes were dull and didn't have their usual sparkle.

"Hinamori-san," Tadase began. "Who was that man?"

"It's better that you don't know," Amu said in an emotionless voice. "You don't want to get yourselves involved with this."

"And what if we do?" Ikuto asked. "Would you tell us then?"

"No," Amu answered shortly. "You don't need to know; therefore I have no reason to share what I know." She spoke robotically. She spoke formally. This definitely wasn't the way that she usually spoke.

"He said he knew you longer than we have," Ikuto pressed. "What does he mean?"

"It doesn't matter!" Amu said angrily. "It's something that happened in the past. Just let it go!" Ikuto was taken aback. Amu never spoke like that. Never. Even when she was angry, she was always gentle. Ikuto's face adopted a hurt expression.

"Hinamori-san, why wa-" Tadase started before he was interrupted.

"Can't you two see that I don't want to talk about it?" Amu asked loudly. "Just leave me alone!" She whipped around so that her back was facing the boys. Amu took a few deep breaths. When she spoke again, her voice was softer. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything. Giving you this information wouldn't do you or me any good." She faced them again, but this time, her face was full of sadness.

"Amu…," Ikuto murmured. He wanted to reach out and wipe away all of her sadness, but he knew that would never happen. The sadness was far too deep. Amu smiled sadly at Ikuto and Tadase.

"I must leave. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you why. By tomorrow morning, I'll be long gone."

"No, Hinamori-san, you can't go!" Tadase shouted, his eyes filling up with tears. (I'm not trying to make him sound like a whimp this time. This is just what I think he'd do if she really was leaving.)

"I'm sorry Tadase-kun, but you can't make me change my mind. It's best that I leave as soon as possible. I know this is sudden, but it has to be done." She stepped up to the two boys. "Goodbye you two. I'll miss you both so much." She wrapped her arms around them and gave them a gentle squeeze. She put both arms around Tadase and said, "Goodbye." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Ikuto looked at the couple sadly. Then to his surprise, Amu turned to him as well and pulled him into a hug. "Goodbye, Ikuto." She kissed his cheek too. To Ikuto, the spot where her lips touched his skin burned, but it was a pleasant feeling, not an uncomfortable one. It grew to a warm feeling that spread throughout his entire body.

Abrupty, Amu turned away, character changed with Ran and jumped out of sight. Ikuto and Tadase stood there in silence. Tadase continued his walk home after a few minutes, with tears streaming down his face. Ikuto stayed where he was, thinking. His face became determined as he made a decision.

'I'm going to talk to Amu,' he thought while he character changed with Yoru and took off in the direction that Amu had gone in. "I don't care what she says. If she thinks that I'm gonna let her go without a good reason, she's in for a real surprise.'

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