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-Three months later-

'Wow,' Ikuto thought as he walked under the blooming sakura trees. 'It's already been three months since then.' His violin case was heavy against his back as he weaved through the thin crowd of people, looking for a small, quiet place to play his instrument. Actually, he knew where he was going: the pavilion where Amu had sung "Yuuki no Uta" and broke his violin string.

About a month after Amu had left, Easter fired him, saying he was no longer useful. He was ecstatic, knowing that Amu had a hand in this. Unfortunately, Yoru went back into his egg shortly thereafter. Ikuto has achieved his dream of being free and he had to return to Ikuto's heart. Yoru had grinned at Ikuto, right before he went back into his egg, and told Ikuto, "Just believe in her." before disappearing. Ikuto guessed that his Chara had been referring to Amu.

Speaking of Amu, he wasn't quite sure what had happened to her. She'd turned to dust and was blown away from him, but that was the last he'd heard from her. Sure, she occupied his dreams nearly every night, but she hadn't directly appeared to him yet. But, taking Yoru's advice, Ikuto never lost hope.

Miyu was in hysterics for a few days. She locked herself in her room and didn't let anyone come in except for Takasu who brought her meals. After a while, Miyu regained most of her former energy and the first thing she did was run around everywhere, looking for Takasu. Ikuto was walking with him in the main lobby and when they saw Miyu running down the stairs, they were quite surprised. Truthfully, they didn't think she would be coming out of her room anytime soon. She sprinted up to Takasu and flung her arms around him, kissing him on the lips. His eyes were wide as saucers and Ikuto just smirked at him bewildered expression while thinking, 'I'm not surprised.'

About a week after that, Ikuto thought he should leave and give them more space. They let him go off on his own reluctantly. Takasu was now the owner of Halloween and he was grateful for the advice Ikuto could give him. Being with Easter for years gave the blue haired boy a good idea of how to run a corporation. Miyu just wanted to be around someone who was close to Amu and could tell her stories about her late sister. But she knew Amu was a difficult subject for Ikuto to talk about so she let him leave her and Takasu.

Ikuto went back to his apartment and had been living there since then. When he picked up the newspaper one morning, he saw the headline, "Former Halloween Director Gets Sentenced to Jail". Ikuto just grinned happily and walked back into his home.

Now, three months after Amu left, Ikuto was walking to the pavilion, thinking that he should try to remember Amu as best he could. He figured that playing Yuuki no Uta would be a good tribute to her. He smiled at the memory from back when she was still in Elementary School, thinking of how cute she had always been.

Ikuto took a deep breath as he lifted his violin and placed it under his chin. He lifted his bow up slowly and drew it across the strings, testing the sound and tuning it as he went along. When he was finally satisfied with it, he began quickly pushing the bow on the strings, creating a quick, upbeat melody. It had been one of his favorite tunes when he was younger and the music flowed from his fingers easily. He smiled as he recalled the sound of Amu's voice accompanying him. To Ikuto, it sounded better than when Utau had sung it. He closed his eyes and fell into the rhythm of the notes.

The volume of Amu's voice rose until it seemed as though she was standing right in front of him, really there, singing. He quickly opened his eyes and realized with dismay that no one was there. Closing his eyes once more, he tried to concentrate on the music and his memories, making sure not to let them overwhelm him again.

Actually, there was someone in front of Ikuto. He just couldn't quite see her yet. A slender girl with long flowing straight hair was materializing in front of him, surrounded by a glowing golden light with shimmering sparkles emitting from her form. The brightest point of light was around her neck, where a necklace or locket would sit. Her figure began to become more detailed and you could make out a smile on her face as her lips shaped the words to the song Ikuto's violin was producing.

Ikuto felt a light, warm breeze brush his face and softly blow his hair. The song came to a close as he pulled his bow over the tight strings, wishing that the song would never cease and that he would be able to listen to Amu's voice for much longer. But he had no say in that and lifted his bow and brought it to his side, away from the violin. He did the same with the violin, without opening his eyes. He wanted the memory to remain as clear as possible. As the image in his head grew blurry and his final attempts to grasp it again failed, he sighed in annoyance.

And that was when someone wrapped their arms around him in a warm embrace.

Flinging open his eyes, he looked down in shock at Amu, completely alive. Her head was buried in his chest and he felt the warmth of life radiating from his through his light shirt.

"Amu," he whispered as he stared down at her. Lifting her head from his chest, she smiled brightly at him and her eyes sparkled with happiness. He put one of his hands on the small of her back, the violin still in hand, and crushed her to him once more. He rested his head against hers and breathed in her rosy scent, smiling in relief to have her back in his arms.

She finally pulled away from him after what seemed like hours and he let her go reluctantly.

"How?" he asked simply, never taking his eyes off of her. She lightly touched the Humpty Lock with her fingertips and walked over to his violin case. She picked it up and strolled back to him, the Dumpty Key jingling from the handle. She detached the violin gently from his hands and placed it aside, but kept the Dumpty Key. She passed it to Ikuto.

"Ikuto," she began, speaking his name for the first time in three months. "Don't you remember what Miyu said? Love that can overcome death; if anyone has it, don't you think it would be us?"

Ikuto didn't respond. Instead, he grabbed her hands and pulled her towards him. Her lips touched his and she responded immediately, just as eager as he was. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he placed his around her waist. They slowly pulled away, smiling brightly at each other. Amu reached up on her tip toes and kissed him again, happiness flowing steadily through both of them. Ikuto slyly slid his Dumpty Key into the Humpty Lock around her neck. A great light burst from the lock and key, but neither Amu nor Ikuto noticed nor did they care. They just continued moving their lips in a deep kiss, slightly dizzy from lack of oxygen and much passion.

"My little sparrow's kissing a BOY!" an all too familiar voice screamed.

Amu's lips stilled and she pulled away from Ikuto turning in the direction it had come from. Standing a few yards away were all of Amu's most recent late family. Tsugumu, her father, was glaring at Ikuto, but you could see the hidden pleasure and of course horror in his eyes. Midori had eyes only for Amu and smiled happily at her. Ami was between her parents, practically jumping up and down with excitement.

Amu's eyes filled with tears and she raced towards them, leaving Ikuto to watch. Her parents embraced her tightly and Ami clung to her leg. Even after all this time, none of them had aged at all. While Amu had been dead, she heard nothing of her parents which had caused her great pain. Now that they were with her once more, she felt happiness welling up inside of her. She was with Ikuto again and her family was with her for the moment, hopefully forever, but she wasn't holding her breath. They did die after all.

After Tsugumu was done kissing his daughter's face, he hugged her close to him, glaring at Ikuto over her head. Ikuto had to try hard to prevent his trademark smirk from showing. Midori pulled away from her adopted daughter and smiled warmly at him.

"You're a good boy for Amu," she said wisely as she looked him up and down appreciatively.

"Mama!" Tsugumu cried in despair.

"Nee-chan!" Ami shouted as she raced up to Ikuto and hugged him. He grinned down at her and picked her up into his arms.

"Not you too, my sweet Ami-chan," her father said, pouting.

Ikuto walked over to Amu, who was watching him with amusement and picked her up bridal style and placed Ami in her lap.

"Strong," Midori commented in amazement. Tsugumu's pout just grew wider.

"Ikuto," Amu shouted, bright red. Ikuto grinned at her. It was good to be around her again.

Ami giggled and touched his hair with her small soft hand. Her eyes widened in wonder as she felt the silky strands brush against her fingers.

"Soft," she whispered as Ikuto chuckled at her.

"Amu thinks so too," he replied with a smirk at Amu as he put the girls down.

"Shut up," Amu muttered. Tsugumu started to fake-cry and Midori smiled widely, showing her teeth. Ami walked back over to them and they each smiled at the couple, even their father. Slowly, they began to fade away, glitter softly radiating off of them. Amu's eyes widened as they started to become transparent.

"Don't go yet," she said frantically as she looked at each of their faces. Her father abruptly grew sober and smiled at her.

"We only came to properly say goodbye, Amu-chan," he said. His gaze then shifted to Ikuto. "And to make sure that we can trust him to keep you safe."

"Your daughter's in good hands," Ikuto replied, putting his arms around Amu and pulling her to his chest. She grew pink, but made no remark.

"Take good care of her," Midori told him sternly though her eyes were laughing and bright. Ikuto nodded and the spirits started to fade away.

"Goodbye, Mama, Papa, Ami," Amu whispered as they disappeared once more. Ikuto's arms tightened around her before he let one drop and came to her side, keeping one arm on her shoulder.

"Let's go back to my place," he said, picking up his violin case and walking towards the park exit.

"Don't you mean our place?" Amu asked him playfully. "I'm assuming you'll let me stay with you. After all, I don't have a home anymore."

"You'll always be at home when you're with me."

Amu was surprised by his comment and cast him a sideways glance. He was looking ahead of him, eyes shining. This was the first time she had ever seen such happiness inside of him. Silence fell around them as they continued to walk under the beautiful pink trees.

"That was a very corny thing to say, you know?" she teased, breaking the silence.

Ikuto shrugged and him arm around her shoulder tightened. "But it's still true." He smirked as he looked down at her red face.

She smirked back at him as she stopped walking and turned towards him. He dropped his arm from her shoulder in surprise, but made no other movements. She gripped his collar in both of her hands as she pulled his face to hers, a smile appearing on her lips as their lips connected.

It couldn't get better than this.

The End

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