And there I was. Sitting in the bathroom's floor with nothing but an absent face while I stared at the white plastic stick I was holding. A pregnancy test.

I just couldn't think about anything coherent…there were way too many question marks floating inside my head to understand what had been happening lately. And yet, there were about three things I was absolutely positive:

First, Edward was gone.
Second, there was a part of me –and only I could understand how dominant that part actually was- that was dying without his presence.
And third, I was unexpectedly and completely…pregnant with his child.

After making three pregnancy tests, I could not feel doubtful anymore. I was pregnant. I looked at the First Response Pregnancy Test one more time, as if for a magical reason, those two little pink lines would disappear, turning into a negative result.

But they didn't, and I started getting more and more nervous. I dropped the third test to the floor and covered my face with my shaky hands just before I burst into silent tears.

Bella, you need to calm down. You will figure something out…just…calm down. Everything is gonna be ok, I said to myself once and again, but those words didn't convince me at all.

At that very moment, someone knocked softly at the door.

"Bells…honey, you've been there for more than an hour…" The worried voice of Charlie reached my ears. "Are you alright"

I rubbed my eyes almost with violence and started putting all those pink boxes in a dustbin liner as fast as I could.

"I'm fine, dad." I lied in a loud voice. "I was feeling a little dizzy, but it's gone now."

Charlie hesitated behind the wooden door, and finally answered:

"Ok…" He said, although he didn't sound very sure. "Listen, Harry has invited me to watch the baseball final at his place. I'll be back for dinner. If you need something, call me."

It was really difficult to put everything inside the black bag with my trembling hands, but as soon as I finally could, I stood up really quickly, feeling that I might fall down at any moment.


"What?" I said with a camouflaged weakness.

"Did you hear what I've just said?"

"Yes, dad. Go and have fun at Harry's." I pronounced with a mixture of anxiety and sorrow while I held on to the bathroom sink, staring at my own reflexion in the mirror.

"Alright, see you later, sweetheart."

I didn't bother to say goodbye, because I already could hear his heavy steps onto the old wooden staircase. Charlie leaving the house, although it was only for a few hours, was the best thing that had happened to me that day. I needed some privacy, I needed time to think, and the most important of all, I needed to find Edward somehow…I needed to tell him that he had left more than a destroyed girl behind when he had walked away from me. He had also left a child inside my belly. His child. A child I never believed possible to be conceived…but yet, there he was…growing amazingly fast inside of me. Showing me how wrong I'd been.

I let my right hand slide softly over the small bump in my stomach, amazed and still, completely terrified when I realized that I wouldn't be able to visit an ordinary doctor. Something unique was happening to me…something I could only discuss with people like the Cullens. I was having the son of a vampire…and nobody could know.

"Please," I begged once I couldn't hear the engine of Charlie's car driving away anymore. "Someone wake me up."

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