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I can't believe the last chapter is here!

Bella's point of view

-Early June-

It would be very easy for me to describe the amazing and expensive decorations that Alice had managed to fill the house (and the church) with…And I really would enumerate each of them, enhancing every single detail…every single flower that covered not only the furniture, but also the floor and high walls. I would if I had been someone else; if I had been one of the loads of people that had come to see meas I took one of the most important steps of my existence towards the aisle.

I was the bride, and Edward, was my vampire-husband-to-be. It was as simple as that. Well, maybe simple wasn't the right word…Because, in 'the normal world', teenagers just didn't get married with sexy vampires after getting pregnant and giving birth to a pair of 'special' children. But, as I had never been all too normal, I was okay with it. Okay? Maybe a lot more than just okay. It was splendid…like touching heaven with the tip of my fingers—Not that I'd ever touch heaven, since I was going to join the immortals verysoon.

But, in the end, Edward did make me feel like that. Every second I spent with him, was a second I spent in my own personal paradise…A paradise I'd never have to leave. If destiny wanted us to be together, then it was going to be like that. And if destiny didn'twant us to be together, well, too bad, because there was no way I would ever live with that. He and I would be together until the end of time, and even if all of the sudden the world ceased to exist, our love would find a way to draw us back together…because I knew it was much more stronger than the universe itself.

"Ready, Bells?" Charlie asked me as we stood outside the church, right in front of the huge, wooden door.

It was just the two of us out there. Nothing but the day's last sounds of the birds was to be heard, and nothing but the bright, orange light of the descending sun was to be seen. "Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end."I recalled the words Edward had said to me so long ago. Perhaps this time was the last time my human eyes would ever see the daylight…

Edward and I hadn't really established when my transformation would take place. All we had said was: 'After the wedding'. But when exactly? I gulped. Maybe this was the last time I would see my father in a long time. Maybe, this day was the ending to many things. I don't think I was even aware of all the things I was actually leaving behind…But, at least, I was sure about one thing: this was not the ending of my life. This was just the beginning.

I nodded nervously as a trembling smile appeared on my face.

"You know I love you, right?" I choked out, fighting the enormous lump that had just appeared inside my throat.

"I love you too, sweetheart." He said with a melancholic smile on his lips. "You look beautiful, did you know that? …I'd hug you, but I don't want to wrinkle your dress…" He added, almost sounding shy.

"Oh, don't be silly, Dad." I said with a shaky voice as a single tear trickled down my warm cheek. "You know I don't give a damn about the dress."

That's when I threw my arms around my father, hugging him tighter than ever. I closed my eyes and inhaled quickly; filling my lungs with the smell of the elegant perfume he always wore. Ever since I was a little kid, I'd run into his arms and feel that sweet fragrance climbing up my nostrils. The same old fragrance.

It was amazing how some things never changed. Luckily, Iwasn't one of those things.

"We should go inside, honey." He whispered near my ear after a minute. "They are waiting for you."

I took a deep breath, looking up to the beautiful sky one last time.

"Let's go." I said when I was ready, sounding more secure than I'd thought I would. And with that, everything ended andstarted. All at the same time.

Charlie knocked softly, and the door was opened for us, placing us in the very start of a long, blood-red carpet that ended in the altar, where one person was expecting me. Edward. And although I know that his name is the only thing that could ever really describe him, I cannot stop myself from telling you how I felt when I first laid my eyes on him. It was something so much more superior than just feelingsomething…

I'd have never imagined that someone could ever be able to sense so many things at the same time. Joy, anxiety, nerves, an unbearable desire to cry…but above everything: Love. It was love the only feeling that kept me going. It was the only feeling that justified each of my slow steps towards the aisle. It was the only feeling that had brought me there, and the only one that had made me do everything I had done in the last few months.

I was almost oblivious to the strident wedding march that sounded in that beautiful church, echoing against its high ceiling. But I certainly could not be oblivious to the fact that dozens of pairs of curious eyes were following my every movement. Spectators. They were all spectators again.

They'd watch, they'd leave and talk about the wedding for the next few days and then, they'd eventually start forgetting about it. They would move on with their lives, and we would move on with ours.

My heart melted immediately as my eyes found a stunning baby girl in Edward's arms. Eliza, like everybody else, had been one of Alice's victims. She was dressed in the most beautiful pink dress, which matched perfectly with the great amount of roses that were behind. By Edward's side, was Emmett, holding a very elegant Eddiam carefully as he wore the biggest smile I had ever seen.

I smiled widely at this scene too, fighting the tears that were just dying to come out of my eyes as an unstoppable stream.

The altar was so full of people it was almost funny. Emmett and Jasper where next to Edward, while Alice and Rosalie stood on the other side, where I'd be standing in less than a minute. Carlisle and Esme where there too; and of course, Renée, that would be followed by Charlie in just a moment. Obviously, there was also a priest, and if we counted the babies too…well, you can do the math.

I knew the twins were a surprise to most of the attendees. Not that I really cared though. The secret was out. So what? For the first time in the last few months, I didn't care what people thought. All I really cared about was Edward, and what I was about to do.

The wedding march ended as soon as I stepped on the aisle, standing right next to my groom at last. Slowly, Charlie let go of my numb arm and kissed me on my cheek lovingly. His eyes were almost as watery as mine as he patted on Edward's arms softly, showing a kind smile to him.

"She's yours now." Charlie said in a low voice to him, surprisingly not resentfully. "Take care of her."

"I will." Edward vowed, and that's when my father left my side…to stand right next to my mum.

He gave Eliza to Rosalie, who grabbed her willingly, and then, we both turned around to face the happy priest, who seemed almost anxious to start with his speech. Immediately, my hand started searching blindly for his, and when my fingers finally found it, everything in my interior slowed down abruptly. Almost everything vanished, leaving me only with my joy, my love…and my Edward. I needed nothing else.

"We are all gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two young individuals who…"The priest started repeating the same words for the hundredth time in his life as Edward and I looked at each other without anyone noticing, clearly not caring a word of what the poor man was saying.

I let the slowly minutes pass, smiling at Edward the whole time, and holding his hand even tighter. Although I tried several times to understand what the priest was saying, I found it impossible. I even tried harder when I realized that everyone but me seemed to be paying attention to the man's speech in myown wedding…But just when I managed to get into the swing of it…I realized that what the priest was pronouncing, was one of the most important questions that I would ever be asked in my entire life.

"Isabella, do you take Edward to be your husband, to love him, to respect him, and protect him, abandoning all others and dedicating yourself only to him?"

Just when I was about to answer, something stopped me. First, I thought my nerves had gone too far, paralyzing me completely…But then, I understood it was something else. Someoneelse.


I knew everyone was expecting me to say those two famous words, and that only made me feel more desperate…But (thanks god) it only lasted a couple of seconds. As soon as my brain –and my whole being- went back to normal, I said too loudly:

"I DO."

Edward had a little chuckle about it, but he managed to cover it with a fake cough a second later, making me want to laugh instead.

"And you, Edward, do you take Isabella to be your wife, to love her, to respect her, and protect her, abandoning all others and dedicating yourself only to her?" The priest proceeded.

Looking only at me, and with a wide smile on his lips, he answered:

"I do."

And that's when I ceased being Bella Swan to become Bella Cullen; the wife of a vampire…and the luckiest woman that had ever lived.


"Wow, Bella, I didn't know you had…kids." Was almost the first thing Jessica told me as soon as she found me at the wedding reception, back in the Cullen's house. "That was a bit of a shocker,"

I built an unstable smile on my face as I looked at her.

"Yes, well…" I started mumbling, but she interrupted me instantly with her high-pitched voice.

"'Cause I totally understand why you got married now…" She tried to hide it, but I could perceive a deep bitterness coming with every of her words. "It makes sense."

"Mmmm..." I said as I drank a sip of water. "We were planning on getting married beforeI realized I was pregnant," I lied, not willing to let her think that we just got married because we had children, and that Edward didn't really love me. Because that was clearly what she wanted.

"Really?" She asked, faking interest. "Oh, is that Mike over there?" She added then, squinting her eyes. "Excuse me, will you, Bella?" She smiled. "Nice party, by the way."

And luckily, she left, leaving me alone in a room full of happy, twittering people. I sighed, and sat down on the nearest chair, staring at my guests with a genuine smile on my lips. My friends, my not-so-friends, my family, and my newfamily. All of them gathered in the same place.

"Having fun?" A husky voice asked, and I could do nothing but to smile even wider.

"I am." I said sincerely, and Jacob smiled too as he sat on an empty chair by my side.

It had been a long time since the last time we had spoken, but yet, there he was at my wedding party, talking to me like as if nothing had really happened.

"I'm happy for you, Bella." He said after a short moment, staring at me with his deep, dark eyes. "I mean, I'm not happy with all of the choices you've made…But if it is what you truly want…then I'm okay with it."

I realized that it must have been hard for him to say those words, and took one of his big, hot hands.

"Thank you, Jake." I said, feeling how my tears were fighting to get out again. "This really means a lot to me."

"I know." He nodded, and casually looked away, suddenly searching for someone in the crowd.

"Who are you looking for?" I asked him after a minute.


"Leah? Leah Clearwater?" I asked with some surprise. "Is she here? I haven't seen her…"

"Yes, she is right there; talking with my dad near the corner…do you see her?"

I frowned as my eyes scanned the room in order to find her, and my mouth fell open as soon as they did. Effectively, Leah was there, looking so gorgeous in a purple dress she was almost impossible to recognize.

"Wow, she looks beautiful." I told him, not taking my eyes off of her.

"Yes, she does." He said with a special tone…A tone I knew all to well. It was the kind of voice someone uses only to refer to the person that means everythingto you. The person you are in love with.

Chuckling suspiciously I eyed him again.

"Leah and I have been going out for almost four months now." He confessed, smiling again.

"Jake!" I gasped ecstatically. "Oh my god! I can't believe it! I'm so happy for you." I laughed.

"That's myline. Invent one yourself." He joked, and I punched him very softly on his hard arm.

In that very moment, a tense Edward walked pass me with a not-so-happy expression on his face. Pulling my eyebrows together, I stared at him as he disappeared behind the front door. Something had to be very wrong. Edward wouldn't have reacted like this for nothing—and especially on his weddingday.

"I'll…be right back, Jake." I said confusedly as I stood up.

I barely heard his "Okay."when I started to walk away from him, following the same path Edward had taken a few seconds ago.

With my heart racing like hell, I closed the front door behind me, meeting the exteriors for the second time in that (almost) cloudless night. There were two things that caught my attention first. One, was my furious looking husband...and the other one, was my big, old truck. The same one I had had to abandon in Denali so many months ago.

My mouth fell open as soon as I saw a strawberry blond, stunning woman getting out of its cabin.


A second later, Kate, Irina, Carmen and Eleazar stepped out of the car too, but stayed all together on one side as Tanya stood in the front, waiting for Edward to come closer. Some sort of panic started running through my veins as I tried to decide whether to stay where I was, or to go with him.

Then I remembered that part of the wedding in which I had accepted to protect him. Protect him? Me? A human? There wasn't much I could do for now…But at least, I'd stand by his side. Absurdly sure of my reckless decision, I started walking in Edward's direction.

"What are you doing here, Tanya?" I heard Edward's unfriendly voice.

"Esme told Carmen you were getting married…and we tried to make it in time, but that truck turned out to be one slow piece of junk." She laughed nervously at the end of her sentence. "We wanted to bring it back to Bella, as Eleazar fixed it a couple of weeks ago…"

Edward stared at the group in the back non-resentfully as I finally reached him, and grabbed his hand worriedly. He looked at me with his beautiful golden gaze, clearly trying to tell me that everything was fine—although I wasn't very convinced.

"Hello, Bella." Tanya said, making my heart jump irrationally with terror.

Edward glared at her immediately.

"I didn't give you my permission to talk to my wife." He growled, scaring Tanya a little bit.

"Please, Edward, don't be like that." She almost begged him. "I came all the way from Alaska to ask for your forgiveness."

"You came to ask for my forgiveness? Tanya, are you even aware of all the trouble you've caused us? We almost diebecause of you!" Edward stormed. "That's just something I won't ever be able forget."

Tanya took another step in our direction, and I felt how Edward's body tensed even more.

"But we are family, Edward."

"That's exactly what I thought when you practically threw my Bella to a bunch of thirsty vampires." He choked out every word with an intense hate. "You were like a sister to me. How could you be so selfish?"

Suddenly, Carmen took a step forward.

"Please, Edward, be reasonable." She said with sad eyes. "She is almost on her knees. We all know that what she did was wrong, and she knows that too now. That's why she came here."

Edward snorted furiously, and I placed one of my hands over his chest, trying to calm him down. It was our wedding day, for crying out loud. We were both supposed to be all happy, dancing around with all of our guests inside the house.

"Tanya, what you did, is unforgivable." He breathed in deeply. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to truly accept your apologies. But thisis my wedding night. And I won't let you ruin it for me."

Having said that, he turned around and wrapped one of his arms around my body as we walked in the house's direction again. I was kind of afraid of turning my head to stare into Tanya's eyes again, so I just rested my head on Edward's side and continued moving my feet.

The music and the joyful people received us again as soon as we opened the door. This, as he had said, was our night. It was our wedding party, and if we had to leave five vampires outside the house to have a good time, then we would.

"Where were you?" Rosalie asked out cheekily, like as if Edward and I had been making out behind a tree or something. "Your children are getting quite hysterical with the music and all. They have frozen and unfrozen many guests by now. Luckily, everybody blames their own brains." She laughed. "And it's pretty late. Should I take them to bed?"

"Oh, don't worry…I'll take them." I told her with a kind smile. "They never go to sleep unless Edward and I kiss them goodnight, anyway."

Rose shuddered and pointed in Charlie and Renée's direction.

"Emmett left them with your parents when they started to cry." She chuckled and walked away slowly.

Even though Eliza was clearly crying her eyes out in my mum's arms, she seemed to be ecstatic, with a huge smile on her face. Charlie, on the other hand, looked a little bit more concerned as he swung Eddiam softly from side to side, trying to calm him down.

"Oh, Bella, honey." My mother greeted me and then grabbed one of Eliza's little hands and made her wave at me. "Look, Lizzy, It's your beautiful mommy!"

Charlie seemed almost relieved when he gave Eddiam to Edward; like as if he had given his problem to someone else.

"I don't know what's wrong with him," He said worriedly. "I tried everything, but he just won't stop crying…I noticed he's a little bit cold though. Maybe he's sick?"

"Don't worry, dad," I said sweetly. Oh, no, dad, he's cold because he's half vampire. What? I never mentioned that before? How strange."They are just sleepy, that's all. We'll take them to bed now. It's past midnight. They are not used to staying up until this hour."

"Oh," He just mouthed, still frowning a little bit.

"Oh, Bella, these kids are beautiful." My mother told me as she gave Eliza to me. "Can I take one as a wedding souvenir?" She joked, making us laugh.

"We'll discuss that in a few minutes," I humored her, and then, Edward and I started walking towards the stairs with our uneasy children in our arms.

Edward opened the door carefully so as not to drop the baby, and we both got inside his (our) room, shutting the door again behind us. Without saying a single word, we placed our babies inside the crib, and covered them with their soft blankets.

"Shh, shh, shh…" Edward managed to soothe them until they were finally quiet.

Afterwards, he stared at me, and a crooked smiled appeared in his glorious face. I couldn't believe he was completely mine. He, the living perfection was now my husband, and the father of my children. Could this get any better? …Well, yes…it would. Everything was going to be better when I became a vampire too.

I took a short step in his direction and wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you." He whispered all of the sudden.

"For what?" I frowned.

"For existing, and for making me the happiest man on earth." He told me in the same volume.

That's when my lips managed to find his in less than two seconds.

He and I were going to be together forever, living one of those romantic lives some women could only dream about…This was too good to be true. Maybe I wasone of those dreamy women too. Who could really assure me this was reality?

Oh, well. If this is a dream, then please, don't let anyonewake me up.


This is it. This is the ending of this story. I seriously can't believe it.
So, I tried to include everything you (reviewers) wanted me to add. Except her transformation. Many of you wanted me to write about her life before and after being transformed, and about the gifts she would have…But I might as well grab Breaking Dawn and copy what it says there hahaha. I'm happy with how this story ended, and I really hope you are happy with it too.

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