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The novel slid to the floor, my fingers hanging loosely onto the binding as I dragged the book over the hardwood. Raoul had been her childhood friend, but I was nothing to Bella. How would it be possible for me to capture the heart of my Christine? I fingered the edge of my bedspread as I looked toward the window. Tomorrow was the first day of school, and the beginning of my senior year.

Forks High School's popular crowd is certainly a minority. The majority of the student body is comprised of the miscellaneous students, that don't necessarily fit in to one particular category, but could certainly be considered different. The fact that I'm considered one of the best looking guys in school eliminated any humility that might have remained in my soul. But let me explain.

Alice and I moved with our parents to this small town, even though our father could have gotten a job anywhere in the world. His skills awed everyone he came in contact with, doctors and patients alike. Our parents had been very young and in love when they married. Alice and I were born when they were eighteen, and against all odds, they prospered.

We were spoiled, and my parents had given us whatever we wanted, regardless of the reason. Alice's boyfriend, Jasper, and his twin sister had moved to Forks around the same time that we did. The Hales were friendly, though Rosalie was quite outspoken. When their parents had to move away, Jasper and Rose begged them to stay, but their plans couldn't be changed.

My parents agreed to take in Rose and Jasper; our house was certainly large enough. While they were coping with mild separation anxiety, Rosalie met Emmett McCarthy, who helped her deal with her parent's sudden departure. Soon after, when Emmett's parents died in a car accident, Esme and Carlisle took him in, too. Everyone paired up, except for me.

The girls at my school were great for an evening of fun, but none of them held my attention, they were simply a diversion for me. My messy bronze hair could be spotted from a distance, and girls would clamor just to be near me, staring at my unusual bright green eyes. How could anyone not grow conceited with all these girls falling at your feet? Well, most of the girls, except for her.

Bella Swan had made her appearance during the springtime last year. The first time I saw her was while she was taking a tour of our school, and the second time was during the first baseball game of the season. I pitched, and I'd been named an All-American since I was a sophomore, and All-State the year before that. She'd been standing by the fence, her arms draped over the edge, resting for a moment. The chain links were digging into her light skin, but she didn't seem to notice as she watched us warm up before the game.

When I turned to see her, I was stunned by her beauty, and she soon became my prey. It was a joke around our school that once Edward Cullen set his mind on something, he'd do it, and do it perfectly. There was no room for error; Bella Swan would be mine.

My plan began to unravel when a bronze skinned boy wrapped his arms around Bella's waist, and her squeal pierced my ears, "Jacob!" Someone had already snatched her up, the lucky bastard.

I had never been one to break up a relationship, but I knew she was destined to be mine.

And I would have her.

The summer was over, and as the sun hit the horizon, I gazed up at the decorated ceiling in my bedroom. When I was younger, my mother had stuck glow in the dark stars to my ceiling, after I told her how much I loved to look at the night sky. We'd spent all day painting it dark blue, then sticking them to the ceiling.

That day, I'd managed to get my foot caught in the paint bucket, and the color splashed onto my walls. I blushed a deep red, but my mother comforted me, telling me how artistic the splatters were. They, too, were eventually covered with the navy paint, but I still remembered that day each time I gazed at my stars.

She'd even created a constellation and named it after me, "Edward, sweetheart, look. This will be your constellation, and each time you see it, you'll know how much I love you. Trace it with your fingers, my darling boy. Memorize it, it's yours."

Each night since then, regardless of how cheesy it was, I traced the constellation with my finger, and each time I did, I remembered. It always helped me to sleep, and tonight was no different.

Sometime around the middle of the night, I awoke to someone shaking me, hard, "Edward! Get your ass up!"

Emmett and Jasper were standing above me, wearing identical smirks. I groaned, grabbing my pillow and burying my face in it, hoping their presence was a bad dream. Strong hands wrestled the pillow away from me, and I growled, sitting up, "What?!"

"First day of class means the senior prank, pretty boy. Get yourself up, and dressed. Meet us in the kitchen in five minutes."

I launched my pillow at Jasper's head as he trailed behind Emmett, both laughing at the muffled thump as my pillow hit the door, "Idiots."


It was the last night of summer vacation as I lay awake at eight o'clock on my bed, still fully clothed. There was nothing for me to do but lay, and wait. Wait for what was to come tomorrow…the first day of school. More importantly, my last first day of school. One more year of this hell on earth known as Forks. Forks, Washington was even worse than my old home in Phoenix.

I used to live in Phoenix with my mom, Renee, ever since I was a baby and she left my dad, Charlie back in Forks. Apparently she had hated it as much then, as I do now. So for most of my life, I lived there, in the blistering sun that I found a little annoying on occasion, but for the most part I loved the landscape. The barren flat surfaces of everything around me seemed to create a hidden sort of beauty that no one else could quite appreciate.

But things changed, as they often do. Renee fell in love with a ballplayer, pining every time he hit the road and she was left, sulking as she stayed behind to 'watch' over me. I wondered who took care of whom in that relationship. I was the one cooking and making sure shopping was done for the week. Renee was erratic, and so most of the duties around the house were left for me.

After getting tired of watching how sad she seemed each time after Phil left, I decided to pack my things and move in with Charlie. Apart from a few summers I spent with him when I was little, I had never spent much time here, and the place was not exactly what I would call a second home, but now it was going to be my only home.

I arrived in the spring of last year and quickly fell back into step with my childhood friend, Jacob Black. He had always been so much fun…good sense of humor, attractive, the kind of guy that could make even the darkest day seem to shine, something that was especially helpful in Forks, the rainiest place in the contiguous United States. So, it wasn't long until we were dating, I mean we were together so much it was as if we always had been from the time I arrived in Forks.

Jacob was great and Charlie was a huge fan of his, probably thinking that if I had to be with someone, it might as well be his best friend's son. He seemed pleased that I had taken to him so quickly and that I had also made so many friends at school. They called me friends, but I thought of them more as my acquaintances.

Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton, Angela Webber, and Ben Chaney were the 'friends', although I did actually really like Angela and Ben. She was quiet and shy and I found myself feeling quite comfortable around her. Ben was a sociable bundle of energy and fun, and they seemed to balance each other nicely, which is probably why they fit together so well as a couple. Jessica, the gossip queen of Forks High School seemed to cling to me right away, I had a sneaking suspicion it was due to my unexplained popularity (or that I was the 'shiny new toy' in town). But she liked Mike, who happened to like me…did life seem like a boring version of a soap opera or what?

They were nice and during the summer we hung out a little. But Jessica and Mike didn't seem to take too well to Jacob, so when we wanted to do something as a group, we'd double with Angela and Ben, or hang out with Jake's friends down at the La Push Reservation.

He had a whole pack down there and they all seemed to have their own traits to bring to the little group. I found it strange that I was the only girl around most of the time, but we usually just hung out with two of the guys: Quil and Embry.

Jacob and I went to school together and he helped me survive the remainder of the year that spring, and even made Lauren Mallory (a girl who for some odd reason didn't like me) bearable. Really, the boy was a gift and more than I could've ever hoped to find in Forks. That is, until I saw him.

Edward-I can make you faint with a mere glance in your direction-Cullen.

I had first seen him at a baseball game. Jessica had asked me to the game, and I declined the invitation because Jacob, who had left school early for a doctor's appointment, was going to pick me up and take me out that night. I walked down to wait for Jacob by the sidewalk so he wouldn't have to deal with end of school traffic, and as I walked past the baseball diamond, my eye caught the most delicious sight I had ever seen.

A boy in uniform was standing on the pitcher's mound, shining streams of bronze flowing out from under his baseball cap. The uniform pants hugged him so tightly it almost made me want to bite every inch of that body. His large arms were exposed by the short sleeved jersey he wore and where there for my viewing pleasure (he was after all, a pitcher, so they were quite well defined).

I would watch him wind up and it seemed as if he was going in slow motion as my eyes tried to drink in every flex and ripple of his muscled body as he moved. I hadn't even noticed I was pressed tightly to the chain link fence until I felt two large arms wrap around my body.

"Jacob!" I almost screamed as he effectively scared the shit out of me. I smacked his rock hard chest as he laughed, but then stopped to pout and apologize.

The rest of that night, my mind was not on Jacob, it was on someone else.

The bronze haired boy I discovered to be Edward Cullen and more importantly (and annoyingly), the biggest player at Forks High…figures.

Thankfully summer came and I busied myself with thoughts of Jacob rather than the bronze haired, green eyed god of baseball.

But now, here I was, lying in my room on the night before my last first day of school, thinking about Edward Cullen. Not a good sign. Thankfully, my thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

"Bella!" Charlie yelled to me from the kitchen downstairs. "Phone!"

I rolled my eyes at the fact that he never says anything more than he has to as I pushed myself off my bed and trudged downstairs to pick up the phone that was lying on the counter.

"Hello?" I asked into the receiver.

"Bella? It's Jess. Listen, be outside your house at three a.m. Mike and I will be waiting. Oh, and don't bring your boy."

"Why?" I asked. "What's going on?"

"Senior prank, Bella. Come on, get with the program," I could almost hear her roll her eyes over the phone.

"Mmk see you then," I said without any enthusiasm.

"Remember, NO Jacob."

Yeah right, like this would be his scene anyway. Actually, had we been going with Quil and Embry, it would be exactly Jacob's scene, the sexy trouble maker. But shockingly enough, he wasn't a fan of Jessica's and almost downright loathed Mike, so I assured Jess that he would not be making an appearance.

After hanging up the phone, I said goodnight to Charlie and then headed up to the bathroom to shower before what I had a feeling was going to be an extremely long night.


Alice and Jasper were standing close together holding hands, as my siblings waited in the kitchen. Rosalie kept grabbing Emmett's shirt, in an effort to calm him down; it seemed like he'd inhaled a pack of Red Bull, which wasn't out of the question. It had happened before. They were all dressed in black, and Emmett had even added face paint to his ensemble. I had hurriedly pulled on some dark clothes because I knew that if I dawdled, someone would come up after me.

"What's going on?"

Emmett giggled childishly, as he bounced on the balls of his feet. I looked toward Alice to see that she was mimicking Emmett's movements. Were all of my siblings full of caffeine?

Jasper spoke slowly; his eloquent pattern of speech seemed to wash over us, calming the jittery ones, "We're going to put glue in the key holes at the school. They can't make us stay if the classrooms won't open."

Rose nodded as she gripped Emmett, "It should work out perfectly. The only way they could get the classrooms open would be to drill the locks."

Emmett bobbed his head up and down, and Rosalie smirked, her perfect lips drawn up, slightly pursed as I spoke, "When do we leave?"

"We're leaving now," Alice paused, "unless you have some piece of ass to call?" Sarcasm was dripping from her every word, making me growl, my lips shifting up into a snarl. Lately my twin had been getting on my nerves with her snide comments about my taste in women; something that was none of her business.

Jasper gripped her elbow, his long fingers stroking over the pointed end in an effort to focus her, "Relax, my beautiful pixie, just relax."

Snorting, I turned toward the front door, taking long strides to get away from my siblings faster, lowering my voice, "Pixie? More like gnome." My next comment was thrown haphazardly over my left shoulder, "Come on, are we gonna to do this, or what?"

My older brother came bounding after me, his hand clamping down on my shoulder, jostling me roughly, "Let's get to it!"

I shrugged his hand off, "Yeah, sure Em."

The tires on my Volvo screeched on the wet, dark pavement. I chose to drive myself, and everyone else packed into Emmett's Jeep. My hand skimmed across the steering wheel and I watched in my review mirror for the others to arrive. I always drove faster than my siblings, and tonight had been no different.

It was no secret that I was the school's biggest player. Each week, I had a new girl hanging from my arm, her hopes high, praying that she would get to stay with me longer than the last. This never happened, but some girl was always willing to be my acquaintance for the weekend, hoping not to be tossed aside come Monday.

But Bella would be different.

She was too good for me to toss aside, she was an angel; a true beauty. If she even had a slight interest in me, I knew it would be true, and not just for the sex; or because I was Edward Cullen. It would be because she wanted to be with me, and to engage in a lasting relationship.

A loud honk pulled me out of my daydream. Emmett pulled up beside me, and my siblings were laughing at my reaction to the horn.

I was standing on the pavement, hands deep in my pockets, head dipped down, when a new set of headlights flashed across the parking lot. Alice narrowed her eyes, turning to look at me, "Did you call anyone, Edward?"

Simply shaking my head, I started toward the side entrance of the building. We had no surveillance cameras, so it would be impossible for the faculty and staff to figure out who locked the students out of the classrooms. After adjusting my dark turtleneck sweater, I leaned against the building, my heel resting on the old brick. Soft voices wafted across the empty lot, and echoed.

"Look…we…a prank too…can…join you?"

I only caught pieces of the conversation, as I twirled my car keys around my index finger. I heard footsteps as they came toward me, and when I glanced up, I bit back a smile. Voice hoarse, I spoke when she stood close to me, her palms pressed against the cold metal door, "Hey Bella."

Bella Swan offered me a weak smile, and if possible, an even weaker wave, "Hi."

Edward Cullen was never at a loss for words, so what was happening now? I swallowed, coating my suddenly dry throat, "Nice night, isn't it? I love the stars, absolutely beautiful."

Her voice seemed slightly cold when she spoke, but I knew it wasn't from the bitter Washington air, "I know what you're doing and I don't need it."

"Excuse me?" The tone of her voice was one of scorn, as if she'd rather be anywhere else then next to me.

"Trying to make the new girl swoon over the King Player? I know how you are, Edward Cullen. Don't try any of your tricks on me, they won't work."

Pushing myself away from the brick, I looked down at the smaller girl, her brown hair curling due to the humid air. Her gorgeous brown eyes were locked to the ground, a sign that she refused to look at my face when she spoke. Chin pressed against her chest, Bella stood with a look of defiance, but the way she stood showed vulnerability, as well.

Sighing, I shook my head slowly, "Fine. Talk to yourself. I'll be over here if you need me." As I was walking away, I turned in a last ditch effort to make my point, "If you didn't want to talk, then why did you come and stand by me?"

Bella let out an exasperated sigh, letting me know that my question was going to remain unanswered. I removed my hands from my pockets as I backed away, raising them high in the air, I rolled my eyes toward the sky. Then I let my hands fall, a resounding slap ricocheted across the lot when my palms hit my thighs, "Un-fucking-believable."

A soft snicker entered my ears when I turned to face my siblings and the rest of Bella's group, "Got something to say, Newton?"

Mike cleared his throat, his blue eyes locking with mine. It was obvious that his snicker was meant to go unobserved. He looked quickly down at the pavement when I motioned for him to speak, "No, Cullen. I'm all set."

Resting my hands across the frame of my silver Volvo, I looked toward my siblings, who were huddled close together, seemingly discussing something, "So are you going to stand there and wait 'til the sun rises and we all turn to dust, or are we gonna do something?

Bella's beautiful voice pierced my heart when she spoke, loud enough that everyone heard her, "He has a point. We don't want my dad to get restless and find my empty bed; so let's do it."


We had all huddled up into a small group to discuss "strategy" when it dawned on me that I didn't even know what prank they were planning on pulling. I mentally kicked myself for not asking Jessica before. If we were getting into something serious that could go on our permanent records, I really didn't want any part of it.

"Hold on," I said before anyone could open their mouths to explain their "strategy". "What the hell are we even doing anyway?"

The big guy I had seen around school that looked as if he could break me half was the one to answer. "We're going to put superglue in the locks," he snickered, almost making me smile. I liked him. He had a big, scary exterior, but when he talked about this rather juvenile prank, he looked childishly giddy.

"And you are?" I asked, wanting to put a name with the face…and muscle mass.

"Emmett McCarthy," he said sticking out his hand towards me.

I took the massive paw, letting him shake it. "Bella Swan," I smiled back at him

"This here is Jasper Hale and his twin, my girlfriend, Rosalie Hale. That there's Alice and Edward."

I nodded to each one being met with smiles from each, except for Edward, whose eyes were averted. Jackass.

"Great, now everyone knows everyone. Let's get with the program," Jessica sneered.

"Right," the short pixie girl with black hair called Alice started speaking. I loved the fact that the smallest person here seemed to be in charge, it made me instantly like her. Well, that and her infectiously chipper attitude. She was almost making me giddy with excitement. "So I think we can cover a lot more ground if we split up in groups of twos."

We nodded in agreement. That seemed to make sense.

"Dibs on Mike!" Jessica raised her hand as she almost yelled out. She received looks from the rest of us…as if we wanted him.

"Alright," Emmett clapped his massive hands together. "Let's do this!"

With that, everyone started to walk toward the school. The doors were naturally locked, but that didn't seem to be a problem for the blond and gorgeous Jasper Hale who picked the lock skillfully with fingers that were quick and agile.

We strolled down the hallway until Rosalie, clad in black leather pants and boots, making her look like a video game vixen from one of those fighting games, gave the order to "move out." With that, everyone disappeared down a different hallway in groups of two. It happened so fast that I was left standing in the same place, not having a partner.

Then it hit me.

I turned to see Edward Cullen leaning against a row of lockers like one of those greaser guys from the '50's, only instead of a leather jacket, he was wearing an Abercrombie turtleneck. "You've got to be shitting me," I said only loud enough for him to hear if he was actually listening.

He pushed himself away from the lockers without making a noise and marched up to me. He looked down on my shorter frame with a cocky smirk. "You know, most girls would kill to be in your situation. Alone, in a dark hallway with Edward Cullen…that inspires a lot of wet dreams, my friend."

I looked back up at him trying not to breathe in the delicious scent that was rolling off his body. "Good, go find one of them," I said before stalking away.

I found a hallway for classrooms and uncapped the superglue Alice had provided all of us with before bending over to eye the keyhole.

"This isn't a bad view, you know," Edward stated in a low, almost husky voice.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked as I turned around to find his eyes staring unashamedly at my ass. "HEY!" I said, standing up straight and turning so that my ass was pressed against the door and away from EC (Edward Cullen) sight.

"Don't worry about it, babe," he said as he approached me. "It's a compliment."

Compliment my ass…literally. It was insulting. I will not be stared at like a piece of rare cooked steak marinated and ready for plating.

"You just keep your hands and eyes to yourself, pervert. Whatever STD's you have, I am not interested in getting merely by shaking your hand."

Despite my harsh words, he continued to walk toward me, a sly smirk on his face that made him look more or less like a sex god ready to tear my clothes off and take me. It was hard to decide, as I looked at that amazing face leading to what was probably an even more amazing body, whether I wanted that exact thing or not.

I could hear my breathing start to pick up as he came even closer to me, until his chest was a sliver away from mine. It really was ridiculous, this effect he had on me. I hated him, what he was, and what he did to girls. And yet, I couldn't stop those very, very inappropriate thoughts from crossing my mind.

"Bella," he let out in a whisper, his breath fanning across my face.

I almost closed my eyes at the wonderful sensation as I answered breathlessly, "Yes?"

"You need to move, you're blocking the lock," he said, his tone once again normal and cool.

I wanted to stomp my foot in frustration and groan as I walked away. But I didn't want to give him that satisfaction. So, instead I raised my chin a bit higher, hoping the dark covered the blush that had stained my cheeks, and said, "Fine, do this one yourself," before walking down a few feet to the next door.

I was on my last door in the hallway when I could sense Edward behind me, a bit too close for my liking. Of course, that meant that he was very close and I liked it very much…which I shouldn't. I quickly noted that my ass was merely an inch away from his crotch, and decided that kneeling would fare much better, so I switched positions.

"Is there something I can help you with, Mr. Cullen?" I asked, not bothering to look at him, but instead raising the glue to the keyhole.

"There are a few things you could do, Ms. Swan. Mmmm…I love when you call me Mr. Cullen. As if it fulfills a certain Naughty Professor and Student fantasy I've always had. You could help me with that fantasy," he whispered into my ear.

I gulped before hearing him chuckle and back away from me while I cursed my hormones. "Bella, I was kidding. I'm not as much of a pig as you may think."

"Sure, sure," I quoted Jacob, making me smile a small smile at the thought of his warm and loving nature. "You wanna help? Why don't you keep watch and make sure nobody comes?"

"Nobody like who?" I froze on the spot knowing that wasn't Edward's voice. Nor anyone else's in our group. Oh shit.

I turned to see Mr. Falkner, our school principal, pot bellied and red faced as he looked at me.

"I was just telling Isabella how disrespectful it is to mess with school property," Edward said, his chest puffing out and his voice now a little lower than it had been.

"Can it, Mr. Cullen," Mr. Falkner said with authority, shutting Edward up immediately. Hmmm…I'd have to learn how to do that. "I think it's time we called your father, Isabella."

Oh great. I knew this would be a long night.


The tough exterior that Bella had kept up around me was slowly melting away. Mr. Falkner placed his hand on Bella's lower back, before snapping his fingers. Apparently, in the past ten minutes, I had morphed into a dog.

And then I just had to open my mouth, "Is that really necessary?"

Mr. Falkner turned around, as did Bella, both of them looking at my curiously, "Is what 'really necessary' Mr. Cullen?"

"Your hand on her back. There's no need to touch her, it's not like she's a flight risk. And in this small town, it's not like you wouldn't be able to find her."

His hand dropped away from Bella's body, and she nodded at me. Uncertain as to whether it was a 'thanks' or a 'shut the hell up', I followed the two to Mr. Falkner's office, wondering if the rest of my siblings had been caught. I couldn't care less about Bella's friends.

Gesturing to both of the chairs in front of his desk, Mr. Falkner plopped himself into his chair behind it. The black seat creaked as he rocked back, whining at the weight that was now pressed into it. After picking up the phone, Falkner eyed us both carefully, as if waiting for us to make a comment. Then, he finally spoke, "Cullen, home phone number."

"It won't do you any good because my parents are out of town on business. We're uncertain as to when they'll be back."

"You're uncertain?" Did I stutter? I tried not to roll my eyes, knowing that a temper tantrum wouldn't really help my situation. My father was going to be pissed.

"Yes, they went to a conference, since my father is a doctor, he has to attend Continuing Medical Education conferences yearly. Is that a problem?"

The principal shook his head slowly; sweat beading on his brow. The cool night air must have been getting to him… I could feel another eye roll coming on, but I managed to stop it before it surfaced.

"Isabella. What is your home phone number?"

Bella was about to respond, when I spoke up, "She likes to be called Bella."

Falkner swallowed, "Mr. Cullen, if you do not close your mouth, I will remove you from this office."

"As if this is where I want to be..."

Soft, warm fingers curled around my arm, and squeezed. Twisting my neck in Bella's direction, I waited patiently to see what she wanted. Her brown eyes flashed with panic, and my mouth felt full of lead. Prying her fingers from my arm, I nodded, and she spoke up, telling Falkner her home phone number.

I wasn't a mind reader, but I could tell when someone wanted me to shut up, and this was one of those times. I heard a gruff voice pick up on the other end, after Mr. Falkner put who I assumed to be Bella's father on speakerphone.

"Chief Swan, this is Dick Falkner, the principal of Fork's High School. I have your daughter here. I caught her committing vandalism."

Bella cringed, her forehead wrinkling, nose scrunching. She began to pick at the armrest on the chair, pulling a loose thread out of the cushion. Her gorgeous lips were turned down in a frown, as she listened to her father's voice, cautiously gauging how bad his reaction was going to be.

He spoke four words, "I'll be right down."

After ending the call, Falkner stretched his arms out in front of him, interlacing his fingers, letting them pop, before sighing.

"This new security system that we invested in is obviously quite effective, quite effective indeed." He paused, before smiling over at the two of us, and then his eyes searched mine, "So, Cullen, been practicing in the off season? Ready to win us another championship? I like to make bets with Principal Davis down at Portland Academy, no money exchanges hands, of course, but you get the drift."

Blinking to clear my head, I narrowed my eyes at the principal, preparing myself to play a small game with him, "I actually don't think I'm going to play this year."

His brown eyes nearly popped out of his skull, and his fingers gripped the edge of his oak desk. I'd never seen the man move so quickly, as his pudgy body sprang forward, and his face came in close contact with mine, "What?!"

"Sir, maybe you should get your hearing checked. That's the second time tonight that you've asked me to repeat myself."

Falkner's hand came down onto his desk, smacking it forcefully, "I know what I heard, young man. I am just disappointed. You can't not play, you're too good."

I sighed dramatically, "Well, once my father hears about the stunt I pulled tonight, I may not be doing much of anything for quite some time."

His bulbous finger inserted itself into my vision, and he shook it rapidly, "Don't even try it, Mr. Cullen. I know what you're doing, and it won't work."

Placing my hand on my chest, I began to blink rapidly, pressing my body away from him, "Such accusations, sir, I would never do what you think I'm doing."

Bella scoffed, making noise for the first time since her father had hung up the phone, "Sure, sure, Edward. We both know what you're doing. Stop trying to use your status as a baseball or soccer player to get out of this mess."

Our principal nodded rapidly; sweat sliding down his forehead, before landing on his desk, "She's quite right. It won't work, Cullen. No matter how many sports you play."

It was worth a try… I averted my eyes to the ceiling, sick of watching the principal sweat. I had to run early the next morning with the soccer team, but I didn't see that happening. There was a knock on the office door, and then Chief Swan walked in.

His jaw was set, and he crossed his arms, walking over to stand behind Bella. He looked haggard, and tired, obviously having been awakened from a deep sleep to pick up his daughter.

Bella's father looked over at me, nodding, acknowledging my presence. Falkner cleared his throat, and smiled at Chief Swan, and apparently I looked too comfortable because when the chief spoke, his comment was directed toward me, "Where are the Dr. and Mrs. Cullen?"

Falkner stroked his thick neck, "Edward here says that they are at a conference, and they can't be reached via their home phone number."

When Bella's father narrowed his eyes, I knew I was screwed, "I happen to know that Carlisle Cullen has a cell phone that he keeps on him 24/7 in case we need him at the police department."

Our principal smiled, as if it were Christmas, tapping his fingers together, "Fantastic, could you call them, Chief?"

I winced when the Chief of Police nodded; extending his hand for the phone that was resting in its cradle on Falkner's desk. Closing my eyes, I cringed each time I heard the numbers on the cradle pushed and when my father's voice answered on the other end, my status had devolved from screwed, to fucked.

"This is Dr. Cullen speaking." Carlisle's voice sounded as haggard as Charlie's had when he spoke, and that did not bode well for my present situation. Falkner had put him on speakerphone, and when he spoke, I could almost see my father's reaction.

"Hello, Dr. Cullen, this is Dick Falkner, the principal at Forks High School. We caught your son putting super glue in the door locks along with another student, and were wondering if you could join us down at the school."

My father sighed, and I heard a muffled conversation taking place, before my mother answered the phone, "This is Esme Cullen, which one of our boys is it?"

"It was Edward, Mrs. Cullen. He said that the two of you were out of town for a medical conference, is this true?"

"That's correct, Carlisle had to attend a conference in San Francisco, but we are driving home from the airport now. Is there any way we can meet with you tomorrow and discuss this? We won't be home for another hour or so."

That was a lie. We all drove fast, and I could hear my father accelerating. Falkner smiled, nodding his head slowly, "Of course, Mrs. Cullen. What time would you like to meet tomorrow?"

Esme paused, as another muffled conversation took place, "Would noon be alright? We would like to get some sleep tonight, and speak with Edward before the meeting takes place. Is he suspended?"

Falkner cleared his throat, "No, I don't believe that he nor Bella will be suspended. We just need to discuss a way for them to earn money to replace the locks."

"Were any of my other children involved?" Esme knew, but I kept my jaw clenched. I had never been able to lie to my mother, and if she asked me a direct question, my siblings would be in trouble, as well.

"We didn't find any other perpetrators." The next comment was directed to me and my father's terse voice echoed across the phone.

"Edward. Get home now; we will discuss this later."

"Yes sir." I remained lounging in the chair, trying to act nonchalant when Falkner hung up the phone. Chief Swan had moved back behind Bella, his hands gripping her small shoulders.


Bad was an understatement as I felt my father's powerful and authoritative figure hunch from behind me mocking my doom, and simply felt the need to loom over me. As if I hadn't felt bad enough about the whole ordeal, I now had my father, who was looked at as one of the heads of the community, peering down at me like I had committed murder. Granted, in Forks superglue and doorknobs were about the same thing as murder, but still, I didn't even want to be here tonight. God damned peer pressure.

"Alright, Bella, let's get home," Charlie said, taking a step back so that I could once again have my space.

"Hey, at least he didn't use your full name," Edward whispered as he lounged on his chair as if he was on vacation.

I looked at him with eyes so cold, that he actually cringed back a centimeter, before walking silently out of the room ahead of my dad. I had done something wrong, it was only right to accept the consequences as maturely as I possibly could. Did I need to tell Charlie that I would never volunteer for this? No, I knew that he would know me better than that. He almost tried to push me out of the house and had it not been for Jacob, I was positive that he might have even attempted to throw parties for me.

"I don't understand, Bells," his tone was softer now, as I rode home with him in his cruiser. I instinctively ducked lower in the seat whenever I was in that car, finding it embarrassing to be in a vehicle that everyone was afraid of, despite whether they did something wrong or not.

I sighed quietly, "I'm sorry, Dad," I told him honestly. I was sorry. I thought the whole thing was stupid. I mean only in Forks would they do something as lame as super glue locks on doors for a senior prank. Back in Phoenix they were probably taking apart the principal's car and reassembling it in the gymnasium. Though I knew it was nearly impossible, the thought almost made me smile.

"Well, I'm sure it wasn't your idea. As a matter of fact, I know it wasn't. This just isn't something you'd do, and as your father I don't find it necessary to punish you. However, as a law enforcement officer, I have to punish both you and Edward the same way. I can't play favorites when it comes to my job." This was quite the speech for Charlie. He usually preferred to stay quiet, or at least grunt rather than talk.

"I understand," I told him, and I did. I wasn't like Cullen. I didn't need any special treatment. In fact, the thought of getting off easy just because my father was police chief was kind of horrifying.

"I also know that it wasn't just you and Edward that did this, am I right?" he asked.

I stayed silent.

"Bella, I don't expect you to tell me who it was. I suppose it doesn't matter. Making an example out of you and Edward will be enough, I suspect. But there were others that got you into this, weren't there?"

I nodded my head, but that was the only answer I was willing to give.

Charlie parked his cruiser beside my truck in the driveway and cut the engine, leaving us in silence. Charlie sighed, his hands remaining on the wheel, leaving the atmosphere incredibly awkward.

"Well, go get some sleep. You have school tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Dad. And I am sorry," I told him before pulling on the door handle and lurching out of the horrid car.

I couldn't sleep that night. I suppose it was just as well, it was after four a.m. by the time Charlie and I got home. Instead I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling as once again the all too familiar face of Edward Cullen invaded my thoughts.

It truly was annoying how perfect he was, not to mention a damn shame that he was such a slut. What a waste. But still, for some reason he just wouldn't leave my head and I knew that with school, I would be thinking about him more and more. I prayed that I didn't have any classes with the arrogant ass. That would just make it worse.

I grunted as I rolled toward my nightstand and picked up my cell phone, searching for the one person that could erase Edward Cullen from my mind.

"Hello?" his already husky voice was thick with sleep as he answered the phone.

"Hey Jake, sorry to wake you," I whispered to him, not wanting to deprive Charlie of anymore sleep.

"Bella? Hey, what's up, babe?" His voice was still sleepy, but at least he didn't tell me to shhhh and go to sleep.

"Uh, well…I kinda got caught vandalizing school property tonight," I told him.

"Ha, ha, very funny Bells. Now, what's going on?"

"I'm serious Jacob. Jessica, Mike, and I met up with the Cullens to superglue the locks of the classrooms. Unfortunately for us, the school installed a new security system. Only Edward and I were caught," I relayed the night's events to him.

"Holy shit! You're serious!" I could hear him moving in his bed, and envisioned him sitting up, letting his toned, shirtless body rest against his headboard.

"I told you," I almost wanted to giggle at him. He sounded so shocked, it was adorable.

"Mmm, Bella, who knew you were such a bad ass?" he asked, his voice taking on a different kind of husky.

"Yeah, superglue, that's so hardcore," I said sarcastically.

"Shhh, don't ruin this for me," he said with a sigh. "I just want to sit here and think about you breaking and entering in a leather jumpsuit and boots."

"Jake…" I said.

"Just a few more minutes," he chuckled.

"Jake!" I said louder.

"Alright, fine, I'm done. Fantasy over, are you happy?"

"Yes," I said, a little pleased at myself that he had listened to me.

"I'll just store that away for later," he assured me.

Jake and I had a physical relationship, but we hadn't ever gone that far. Truth be told, I wasn't really in any hurry, and he didn't seem to want to rush into it either. Sure, he was a teenage boy, meaning he could be horny as hell, but when we weren't caught up in the heat of the moment, we both knew that we could wait until we were ready.

Don't get me wrong, we had done things. But the extension of our physical relationship was heavy make out sessions with grabbing and groping. But the only item of clothing that was ever discarded was Jake's shirt, never more than that.

We stayed on the phone, talking in hushed whispers about plenty of different things. Our sadness at summer being over, our hopes that we had some classes together, the usual. We told each other how we would cuddle if we were together, until Jake's voice was no more than mumbling. I said a quiet goodnight to him, and the only response I got was his steady breathing, and I knew he was asleep. So, I hung up my phone, knowing his would hang up automatically, and set my cell back on my nightstand.

I looked at the clock. 5:46 a.m. It was close enough for me to get up and ready for school, but I knew that Charlie would need the bathroom before going to work. So, I picked out the clothes I would wear for the day, settling on a pair of jeans and a bright green tee that caught my eye. It really was a gorgeous color.

I went into the bathroom and took another shower, despite having taken one right before I'd gone to sleep- I'm a shower-at-night kind of girl. As I lathered the soap on my skin and felt the shower rinse away the remnants of my shampoo, I found myself thinking about Jacob.

I wondered how it would feel to wash his body. I pictured him in the shower with me, his shoulder length, black hair matted down with water. His tan skin glistening with the moist droplets. How his tight abs would twitch when I ran my soapy hand over them.

Farther and farther down I could visualize his body, only guessing what it could look like. I thought about how his hands would massage my shoulders, and then it was as if I could almost feel it.

I opened my eyes, with a smile, to find two gorgeous green orbs staring into mine. They were so beautiful that I was lost in them for a moment. And then it hit me.

"AHHHHH!" I screamed out.

"Bella? Is everything alright?" Charlie asked from the other side of the door.

I leaned against the wall of the shower, trying to breathe as I took in my empty surroundings.

"Yeah, sorry dad, I….dropped the soap." I mentally wanted to kick myself for the explanation. Great Bella, you just gave your dad the urban slang for asking for an ass raping.

"Right. Well I'm off to work. I'll see you at the meeting." With that said, he left.

I turned off the shower and stepped out, wrapping myself in my fluffy blue towel and went to put my underwear and bra on.

As I put on my undergarments, I was deeply disturbed by the fact that my mind had taken me from fantasizing about showering with my boyfriend, to fantasizing about showering with Edward. Something was wrong with me.

I slid on my jeans before looking down at my tee shirt and realizing exactly what color it was. I groaned as I picked it up and went back to my room, refusing to wear the same color green that would simply remind me of a certain someone. I opted for a blue and white striped tank instead, that was safe. No part of Edward was blue...

Socks and shoes on, along with my book bag in tow, I headed out to my loud, beat up truck. It'd seen better days, but I loved that thing. Jacob had always offered me a ride to school in his Volkswagon Rabbit which he had just restored, but I always turn him down. Whenever we would go out together we'd take the Rabbit, but me not riding with him to school gave him a chance to ride his Harley motorcycle instead. I had to admit, he looked damn good on a bike.

As I parked in the lot of Forks High, I could see other students begin their school years. Girls screaming as they saw each other again for the first time since last weekend or possibly last June, guys fist pounding when they saw they had the same classes together, and teachers carrying their briefcases to their classrooms.

I hopped out of my truck, only to be immediately lifted up and pushed against the driver's side door.

"You, Miss Swan, I have missed," Jacob's warm smile was shining down on me and I found myself smiling back. What could I say, the boy was beyond adorable sometimes.

He leaned down to kiss me, and I couldn't do anything but take it…not that I minded. It was just a short, sweet kiss, after all we were at school, and Jacob and I weren't big fans of PDA.

"Come on, let's go get our schedules!" he said, as he grabbed my hand and practically started running to the office building.

"Jake!" I laughed as I ran in tow. "This is not a good idea!" I told him. He knew that me plus running did not equal good.

"Don't worry, I'll always catch you if you fall," he said, looking back to wink at me.

After comparing schedules with each other on a bench outside, we found that we had two classes together, not to mention lunch. We were happy with that number. Jessica and Mike joined us, and Jacob rolled his eyes but kept quiet. I had classes with them as well. I hoped against hope that we had assigned seats in Biology. I had that class with Mike and I didn't particularly want to sit next to him.

The warning bell rang, telling us it was time to get to class, and Jacob gave me a peck on the lips before we headed in opposite directions to our first class.

Well, I thought to myself, let the day begin.

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