e. Chase This Light

"Fountain, white runner, floral lace, musicians running late…"

Palmacosta was once again sunny and warm in mid-May, long before summer made the glint from the water unbearably hot. A man in a stiff collar used a small notepad to fan himself before setting it on his crossed leg.

"As one knows, May is only appropriate for a marriage of youths. One wonders if any heroes of Regeneration could be considered youthful now," he wrote. He paused to look at his surroundings, searching for a source of inspiration. After all, he was the most notorious writer for the tabloid section of the United World's most popular newspaper; people would expect nothing but superlative scrutiny.

"Note: Chosen has decided not to shade the guests' chairs during the ceremony. Inconsiderate... and seats are uncomfortable…"

"Excuse me."

The man looked up to see a girl in her teens, perhaps, standing beside him eagerly.

"Yes?" he asked.

"I was hoping to take that seat next to you, there," she said.

The man rolled his eyes and moved his legs into the aisle as she scooted past. Another reason he hated weddings. His job required that he sit near to the front to capture every detail, but the sheer number of people that surrounded him distracted him beyond all reason. Normally, he would have sent out an intern from the office, but this would inevitably be the celebrity event of the year and anybody else would just mess it up. He sighed.

"Is that… a camera?" the girl inquired. She had settled in her seat, which had been the only empty one in that row.

"Of course."

Upon inspecting him more closely, the girl gasped. "You—You're Friedrich Callon!"

Callon sneered. "Feel free to keep it discreet. I'm sure the public expected me to be here today but this is a down-low operation."

"Oh. I guess so. That's kind of funny, I guess this is kind of a meeting of giants," the girl replied with a far-off look. She then looked to Callon, but the man was already back in his notebook, scrawling something. "I mean, that is, I'm the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Palmacosta Beacon. That's the, uh, big paper around here. Although I guess it's sort of incomparable to the world's biggest paper…"

Callon stared at her. "Do you have a name to go with that gauche title?"

"Chocolat Ridley. Pleasure to meet you," the girl said, offering her hand. Callon didn't take it.

"Yes. Where is your equipment?" Callon quizzed.

"I… um… I'm actually here with a personal invitation from the Chosen."

"—Former Chosen, of course. Let's not forget how the world has changed."

"It sure has changed," Chocolat repeated. "I never actually thought I'd go to this wedding, y'know, considering how much I had a crush on the groom back in the day." When her comment was met with Callon's looking back at his notepad, she rushed to change the topic. "Ah-hah-hah, I mean, it's really inappropriate for me to talk about that, right? It was like a million years ago. What am I saying…"

Friedrich Callon scratched his head with the butt of the pen he carried.

"You would do well to note the surroundings regardless. We won't have a good story again until the Princess of Tethe'alla weds, and who knows how long that will take," he said.

Chocolat nodded. "Yeah, I always thought she'd marry the other Chosen. I didn't see it coming when he eloped with that other girl!"

Callon raised his eyebrows. "Clearly you hadn't read that issue of the New World Times. Three years ago, we did a piece forecasting the scandal."

"Well, yeah, but nobody could have been at their ceremony anyway…"

"Thank Martel that Irving and the former Chosen of Sylvarant are deciding not to elope," Callon said. "Say, would you mind if I quoted you for my article? I think you're onto something with comparing the two Chosens' lifestyles."

"Well, sure, I guess, but just don't make me sound anything other than a Co-Editor-in-Chief," Chocolat agreed.

"Right, right." Callon began to write again: "q. Chocolat Ridley of PB, had crush on Irving c. Regen…"

"Oh! It's starting!" Chocolat suddenly shouted. She pointed at the Church's front door, which opened briefly. A man with blue hair and an expensive-looking tuxedo held up a finger before closing the doors again.

"Hm. Suppose it shall take a little longer than we'd expected," the writer said. Almost as long as "Irving and Chosen's engagement, 2 yr. between announcement and wedding…"

A pair of hands clapped a bar's worth of rhythm over the noise of the crowd. Callon raised his head for the source of the sound: a young woman sitting in a roped-off area. There was a man about her age across from her with a golden harp; he'd begun to strum a lively march. Now the woman picked up a cello and bow and joined the tune.

"That's pretty impressive. You know, Lady Seles has only been playing the cello for a couple years," Chocolat said quietly. Not that the music was soft, but without a hall to contain the spectators, the chitchat wouldn't be easily covered by the reverberations of the strings.

"Ah, is that true?" Callon feigned interest then snapped a couple photographs of the musicians. "I wonder how their effort has turned out with the Academy."

"Who, Lady Seles and Sir Laurentin?"

"Yes, haven't you the slightest idea about the gossip?" Callon said, now casting a glance at the altar.

"Beg your pardon," Chocolat began. She leaned over to whisper. "I may be from Sylvarant, but I'm not simple. I know what folks have been saying about those two, but I didn't think it applied to the funding being implemented by Tethe'alla's Chosen for that music program."

Callon looked to the girl. "I do suppose that might come as a bit of a shock, Seles having been, until recently, not considered a citizen with the ability to participate in philanthropy. However, it's clear that Sir Wilder has been too busy to take these efforts on himself."

The doors to the church opened and out stumbled Emil Castagnier. Considering that it had been over three years since his triumphant return from the Ginnungagap, the boy had grown little. The only effects of time were a slightly more prominent jaw, and the etchings of worry above his eyes when someone surprised him (as they obviously had in opening that door). He nearly took a tumble down the stairs when he was joined by Marta Lualdi. Marta was surely more excited than Emil, the way she waved to the crowd with her miniature bouquet using the hand that wasn't steadying her escort.

"She put on some weight since the last I saw her," Callon said.

"I wouldn't really know. Last time I saw her she was really young—oh, look! That's Presea!" Chocolat pointed excitedly to a spiky-haired girl in a dress of a slightly darker hue of pink than Marta's.

Presea had grown much more obviously than Marta, gaining a couple of inches in height as well as more muscle in her arms. She'd always been strong, but without an Exsphere, it would be difficult to swing her axe around. She was much more refined and less lanky her escort, who was, of course, Genis Sage. Just a few years prior, Genis had been just as tall as Presea, but the years had caused him to sprout up quite a bit. He now dwarfed the girl and even his sister.

"Ah, yes, quite a nugget of news when young Master Sage debuted with that half-elf girl from the laboratory instead of Presea. We were all curious the night of that debutante ball…"

"You mean Geeta Ishkiya? She's sitting over there, you know," Chocolat advised, looking over her shoulder to confirm her statement. "I was sent to the grand reveal of Ozette and I met her there. She's up-and-coming, too! Another one of the scientists transferred to study ecology…"

"That does not necessarily coincide with news-worthy, however," Callon corrected.

Marta and Emil had made their way to the front of the setup, where they diverged to either side of the altar. The Governess-General Dorr greeted each with a smile and waited patiently as Presea and Genis processed. Meanwhile, Seles Wilder and her harpist companion changed their tune ever so slightly.

Suddenly, a female voice gasped and whimpered somewhere nearby, causing Friedrich Callon to roll his eyes. That was a sound preceding only one thing, of late: the presence of Tethe'alla's former Chosen, Zelos. He hated that he turned his head to acknowledge the Chosen's arrival at the back of the runner. It was pointless; there was nothing redeeming about the fact that, despite Callon's best efforts, Zelos had remained popular with the ladies. Even tied down as he was! Even after every biting article of critique Callon had put out to try and quash the man's popularity, nothing could stop citizens of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant alike from their obsession with the Chosen. What a pity; Callon aimed only to offer an olive branch when he wrote his reviews, attempting to calm the gossip that ever surrounded the Wilder family. It wasn't his fault if people read into it another way.

"Aww, they're so cute!" Chocolat sighed.

But as handsome as Zelos was in his black-and-white finery, Sheena was yet more stunning as she strode alongside him. Her dress was a much darker magenta and with a cutaway back. Despite all eyes being on her, she did not waver as she had when she'd first announced to the press that she was stepping down as Chief and stepping up as the wife of the former Chosen. She held her head high and kept her arm wrapped around Zelos's like she'd done it a million times before. And she probably had—there were still state affairs going on, what with his becoming involved with politics, and she'd need to appear civil and graceful in polite company. The papers of Meltokio called it contemptible that he'd married a foreigner at first but soon realized that it was pointless to taunt a man who had finally found peace. (Or so they thought, Chocolat mused, because to her memory Sheena had been a spitfire.)

Chocolat gave the pair a little wave as they passed by, earning her a wink and a smile from Zelos and Sheena respectively. When they had reached the Governess-General, Seles's cello arose in a loud arpeggio and signaled the arrival of the groom. While everyone else's head turned to see Lloyd Irving, Chocolat caught the moment before Zelos and Sheena split off; a private beat as he kissed her cheek and she smiled while lightly swatting him with her bouquet.

"It's so romantic…"

"—You think this is romantic? After all you've been through with Sir Irving?" Callon drilled Chocolat from her moment of whimsy.

"N-no, I was talking about the thing with the Chosen, still, but I guess he looks all right for himself," Chocolat covered. She resisted looking at Lloyd for very long. Lloyd had probably appreciated that, as when Callon continued to watch, he stumbled a bit.

"Unprofessional. Irving was never good at these sorts of events."

Lloyd was followed by Dirk, his adopted father. The dwarf tottered down the aisle and stood before one of the roped-off seats, but not without brandishing a handkerchief. A pair of young girls threw flowers from a woven basket rather violently upon the ground before dashing off to one side.

"Who are those girls, do you know?" Callon asked sidelong.

"Of course! They're Pietro and Sophia's little ones. From Hima, but they moved to Luin during the restoration."

Callon wrinkled his nose. "I'm not familiar."

"Oh, you have to know about the time when Raine rescued Pietro from his curse," Chocolat balked. When met with another confused expression from Callon, she silently applauded herself for her knowledge of Sylvaranti people. Originally, Callon was from Tethe'alla; although he masqueraded as a Sylvaranti for some time, there were clearly details missing from his experience of the Regeneration. Chocolat beamed. Maybe she'd write an article about the wedding after all.

It was then that the harp and cello extended their rubato and flourished with an ornate version of the Sylvaranti bridal song. At the end of the aisle, Colette was escorted by her grandmother and father. A lacy white veil covered her face, although it was clear she wore her blonde hair up in an elegant twist. Her ensemble looked quite expensive, being beaded with blue crystalline jewels that spilled in a pattern from her top to her toes. Her smile could have blackened out the sun as she took small steps under the long empire dress. Looked like Frank was getting as emotional as Dirk, too.

Behind Colette, the stately Raine Sage carried the ends of a train that extended half the length of the runner itself. No wonder Raine had been chosen to carry such a thing, Chocolat thought to herself, because it would have been lost on one of the younger, klutzier girls.

Even more shocking than the grandeur of Colette's dress was the moment when Dirk surrendered his handkerchief to Lloyd, who was holding back, presumably, tears of joy as his intended's veil was lifted by her father. Chocolat could have sworn she saw Zelos elbow Lloyd to remind him to step forward. Seles led the piece to a close, and the Governess-General of Palmacosta began the ceremony proper.

"Visitors from Tethe'alla, Sylvarant, the United World; relatives and family across continents; friends old and new, we invite you to bear witness to the marriage of Chosenne Nicolette Vincenza Brunel and Sir Lloyd Aurion Irving…"

The ceremony in Palmacosta Square had been disassembled and rearranged for the evening festivities. Many strings of light bulbs hanging overhead lent light to the Irvings' reception. But it wasn't difficult to see at that time of night; even the fountain had been set alight with floating candles. Palmacosta was finally ablaze in joyous celebration instead of hateful destruction.

Volunteers from the Tethe'alla Mizuho Information Network lined the perimeter of the square, even on the big-boat pier side. It was more of a precaution than an actual need, thankfully. Regal had kept busy by preparing the security team for bomb threats and terrorists, but about twenty minutes into the party Lloyd had to remind him to enjoy himself, for a change. So, Regal naturally appointed himself to the open bar.

Zelos watched over a glass of champagne as his sister cajoled with the harpist, Pacco Laurentin. It wasn't so far a cry from his vision from Verius over three years ago. Seles might not have been fully healed after all, but she had taken up a hobby that delighted her and found someone to relate to. Together with Pacco, she had already succeeded in creating a small school of music in Meltokio's middle district and was now vying for funding from the Palmacosta Academy to continue. Pacco taught the instruments, and she worked the theory classroom. Watching her grow with the music fascinated Zelos, who knew she'd never been out to see musical productions due to her house arrest as a child. How could her brain translate those dots on the page at the speed she was playing? It was nothing like Sebastian's failed urging for Zelos to learn the piano. You can't change a player-by-ear, he knew.

Although Seles claimed to have no feelings for Pacco, it was obvious from her posture that either something had changed or was about to change in that line. Poor Pacco; hopefully the new music school would erase his reputation as the graceless wallflower of Meltokio's High Street. Seles still lived there in the mansion. By some stroke of bribery, the King signed an amendment allowing half-elves to live in family homes belonging to the human parent. It wasn't the biggest step forward, but it was at least something and the most Zelos could ask for after his own beg for funding.

All Exspheres had been destroyed apart from two specific, necessary crystals that rested upon Richter's hands. That journey was over at last, and this wedding was a grand combined celebration of that fact. But there were many labs around the world without a subject to research. Zelos's first plea on that front was that the half-elf labs be funded to research new technologies mimicking but not using Exspheres; and his second plea was that a learning lab be built in Sylvarant on each site of former human ranches. Of course, Colette and Lloyd supported the need for better education, but neither was really focused on the cause, at least now. There was a wedding to be had.

Good thing he'd gotten his over with.

"I hope nobody's mad at the fact that Palmacosta kind of looks like it's on fire," a voice said beside him. Sheena; he hadn't even realized she'd come back to his side after having chased Pietro's daughters off the dance floor.

"Mmm. Yeah, but I think Clara herself suggested it. Maybe they'll make it a thing, like Carnivale," Zelos said. He held his champagne flute aloft in offering.

"Nah, I shouldn't drink. I've been chasing those kids around all night," Sheena sighed. "You really think this theme'll catch on as a trend?"

"Perhaps. I'm sure someone will write about it and everyone will want to have their weddings with gigantic blue crystals and fire on the water."

Sheena smirked, her curled bangs shifting slightly from the movement of her cheek. "Didn't catch on with the champagne cage…"

A memory of their own reception, where a performer wandered in a steel cage crinoline that held slots with full champagne glasses; initially, the party designer wanted a woman to wear the cage, but at Sheena's request, Zelos demanded it be a youngish boy, a particularly average one. What a sight it must have been. The beleaguered boy had only performed on the stage at Altamira and wasn't expecting that any of the royalty would reach out to touch him. Naturally, the guests exploited his ignorance. Of course, the wedded couple hadn't had time to enjoy the ridiculousness of it all until a photo of it wound up on the back page of the paper, which Sebastian had framed on a dartboard promptly upon their return to the Wilder Estate.

"That was the weirdest thing ever. Which planner decided that, again?"

"I don't know, but I want to shake their hand after it got the ladies-in-waiting to try and wear it under their dresses instead of over it," Sheena said. "Glad I don't have to worry about turning into one of them."

"You'd better not, my darling hunny-wife," Zelos cautioned. He wrapped his arm around her and didn't fail to notice the goosebumps creeping up to her collarbone. "You cold?"

"Eh, a little. When's the dancing gonna start?" She leaned into him with her head on his chest.

Zelos's jaw gaped. "You? Actually interested in dancing?"

The flush across Sheena's cheeks and ears sharply contrasted her gown. "A-ah, I mean, at least people would be moving around! And besides, we've been taking lessons. If I don't dance with you, some other girl will be tempted!" she ranted.

"It's okay to ask me to dance, y'know. I'd say yes even if I weren't legally obliged to!" Zelos joked. Sheena rolled her eyes.

"And it's okay for you to be romantic without breaking the moment," she muttered.

"Hmmmm? What was that?" Zelos suavely took her hand and kissed her upturned palm and wrist, looking up with puppy-wide eyes.

"Hmph. Fine," Sheena conceded, stealing his mouth away from her wrist for a momentary kiss. "All right, that's enough, that's enough! It's not our night."

Zelos raised his head suddenly. "Ah, speaking of such people!"

Colette had made her way through the crowd and was now chatting up a girl with brown hair and a simple yellow dress.

"Hey, I remember her. Chocolat from Marble's, right? Should we go be social?" Sheena asked, still by Zelos's side.

"Well, I suppose I could try," Zelos replied sarcastically. This party wasn't full of the high-court members of Tethe'allan society. There were familiar faces from the Regeneration journey but also many laymen of Palmacosta and friends that Colette and Lloyd had known independently. Completely out of his element, Zelos had no choice but to follow Sheena's suggestion.

While Chocolat seemed familiar, Zelos was embarrassed to think that he didn't entirely recognize her. Perhaps her hair had changed? It was rare that he forgot a woman, but maybe since he'd met this one so long after he'd given up trying to be Sylvarant's darling, it was justified. Or not. What did it matter? He was no longer tied to the Church of Martel's pageantry or the King's favors. Maybe he'd just be a regular guy supporting his best friends tonight.

Sheena led Zelos along the perimeter of the crowd and arrived at Chocolat just after Colette had been swept away by Lloyd.

"O-oh! Can I help you, Chosen One? Sheena? I'm afraid I've scared away the, uh, Irvings," the girl said.

"No problem. We just thought we'd say hello," Zelos replied. After all, she'd waved at them during the ceremony. Made him feel like a celebrity again.

"Cool! I'm, um, sorry that I haven't sent a letter in a while."

A letter? What did that mean? Oh, maybe she'd sent one to Sheena. Must have been a long time ago, maybe during the Luin restoration. And he thought he'd filled in all the little gaps of Sheena's past. At least this was an agreeable surprise. He reminded himself not to act shocked when Sheena showed her kind side to random citizens. Not that her nature contradicted it; there were just so many times she liked to appear tough and she was just starting to accept being vulnerable and kind. She was growing into the Emissary she was meant to be.

"Nah, it was my fault for not replying. What have you been up to these days?" Sheena prompted.

Chocolat was beside herself trying to figure out how to gesticulate with her champagne glass. Poor thing; entirely not used to the Wilder charm. (Okay, Wilder and Fujibayashi-Wilder charm. Zelos would never get used to that hyphen.) "I, um, Colette invited me here, otherwise I might be at my job editing for the Beacon. It's the local paper. Long hours, you know…"

"Oh! The newspaper. Zelos's butler collects them as a hobby. Isn't that right?"

Zelos thought immediately of Sebastian's gift of a dartboard and suppressed a laugh. "I sure hope you never intend to write for that other paper," he said.

"You mean The New World Times? I tried to apply, but they said they already had someone working the field. Actually, I'm embarrassed," Chocolat continued nervously, "because the guy they usually get for that job is here right now and he's very intimidating."

Zelos furrowed his brow. Didn't Colette and Lloyd say there weren't to be any journalists? Aside from Chocolat, but it was clear that she wasn't here for her job. "I hate to ask, but could you maybe point him out to me?"

Just as Chocolat scanned the crowd, the presence of the very journalist in question made itself known. Colette, just a little distance away, was bewildered by a bright flash of light.

Of course Friedrich Callon had brought his camera and flash to take surprise pictures like some lowly paparazzo.

"O-oh, my!" Colette cried. She tried to make a getaway, but ever predictably caught her heel in her dress and pitched forward. Lloyd ran to her side to help her up. Zelos and Sheena were quick to rush in defensively.

"Hey! You're not our photographer. Who let you in with that camera?! Where's Regal?" Lloyd exclaimed.

Colette shakily stood up. "It's okay, Lloyd, I just didn't know it was going to flash," she said.

"How could you not know? Friedrich Callon of The New World Times," the offending photographer replied, and extended a limp hand to the bride.

"Freddy!" a voice called. Callon's eyes visibly widened as he watched the Chosen saunter over to him. "Listen, I thought you weren't going to be here."

Callon straightened up, pudge of a stomach protruding from its suit jacket confines. "Pardon me, former Chosen of Tethe'alla, but I believe this is out of your realm of jurisdiction. I was hired for this job and I damn well will carry it out," he asserted.

"Hired by whom?"

"Not that you'd be aware these days."

Zelos sneered. "I don't like your tone around my friends, pal."

"I don't like it, either," Sheena blurted. She looked up to Zelos. "In fact, I think we might have to call for backup. OROCHI!"

In a puff of smoke, the very ninja himself appeared beside Friedrich Callon with two aides at the ready.

"You called, Emissary?" Orochi asked. He bowed humbly toward Sheena, then separately toward Lloyd and Colette. He simply nodded at Zelos; a rivalry that had, unfortunately, endured despite the fact that Orochi had technically earned the title of Chief of Mizuho. Sheena deferred the decision to Zelos, whom she knew to have more contempt for that writer.

"Kindly escort this man to the nearest boat and send him back to his kennel," Zelos ordered. "Right, Bud? … And Mrs. Bud?"

Colette smiled at her new title. "Yes, please, Orochi! We'd appreciate it."

Orochi waved his hand, signaling for the other ninjas to seize Callon's arms.

"What?! I'll have you know that I am here completely legally and as the—the Governess of Palmacosta herself ordered!" Callon shouted. If bystanders hadn't been aware of the situation from Orochi's entrance, they had certainly turned their heads toward the commotion now.

"There's no way Clara would have let you in if she'd known," Lloyd said.

"Then, her advisor Neil!"

Colette shook her head. "Neil has been out of town for weeks."

Cornered, Callon stuttered. "Wh… What will the paper write about? Wouldn't you want to spread the joy of your union?"

"We can do that enough on our own!"

"Actually," Zelos interrupted. "Maybe he's right, Lloyd. You do want to get the story out for the people of the world, y'know, you restored. But I think we know someone else who can do it." He glanced over to Chocolat. "Someone who actually might know what she's talking about."

"I'd have to agree with you on that one. Someone who's quite well-spoken," Sheena added. She turned to Orochi. "Thanks for your help."

"It is my honor. We shall be off!" Orochi declared. He, the ninjas, and Callon disappeared in another flash of smoke.

Lloyd extended his hand to Colette and the two walked to Chocolat. "Well, whaddaya say? Do you want to be the exclusive writer for our wedding?"

Chocolat blushed and stumbled for words. "I would be so honored! But I'm afraid I don't have a notepad or a camera…"

"No worries. I know you'll get the big picture," Lloyd assured. He gave a winning smile.

Chocolat quickly curtseyed. "Thank you, thank you so much, all of you! A-and congratulations!"

Nearby, a pair of hands began to clap delightedly, and it was joined by a few others at first, escalating to an uproarious din. Knives clacked against champagne glasses. Even Seles, across the square, showed some interest (which, Zelos noted, almost never happened). Colette stood on her tiptoes for a chaste kiss with Lloyd to appease the crowd.

As if on cue, the nighttime band began to play a lively tune. Lloyd and Colette stepped on the paneled dancing floor and began to sway back and forth in their first dance.

Sheena ribbed Zelos as they watched.

"Hm? Yes, my darlingest?" he hummed.

"Do you… urgh…" Sheena started.

Zelos raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you're gonna have to be clearer."

She frowned. "Just. Can you dance with me when they open the floor?" she asked quietly.

"Ohhhh, you wanna daaaance?" Zelos restated more loudly. Sheena shushed him. "I dunno, I was thinking about taking Miss Chocolat over here out for a spin…"

Chocolat was quick to throw up her hands in protest. "No, no! It's okay! I don't dance anyway."

"All right, I guess I could dance with you…"

"You had better, mister!" Sheena threatened, but with a smile.

For now, it was enough to watch the newlyweds shine brighter than the starlight. Palmacosta at peace and all chaos quelled for a singular evening—no stuffy headlines.

(At least until Colette tripped right into the cake.)

Author's Final Notes

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