Ok so this is my first B/V "get together in those 3 years" fic. I would like to think that my fic is original since this is how I think they really could have gotten together based on how their characters are and were meant to be in the show. I just think so many fics on here about these two characters are unrealistic and wouldn't really happen that way in the show. Don't get me wrong, they are wildly entertaining and good stories, I just wanted to write one that seemed more authentic.

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July of the 2nd year (1 year since Mirai Trunks had arrived):

Vegeta landed gracefully on the floor in the gravity room, specifically built for his training purposes. He walked over to the control panel and shut down the power in order for it to cool down while he went to eat lunch. Afterwards he would return and begin a more rigorous routine, as he did every day for an entire year since he had come to Earth. Vegeta would wake up early and begin a warm up routine until lunch when he would take a short break to eat. Then, he would return and start a harder routine. He would break for a late supper once more and then would simply stretch and do a few muscle and cardio work outs before he would retire for the night.

He wiped the beads of sweat from his brow and exited the capsule as the red lights slowly dimmed to darkness. He stepped outside to a bright sunny day, birds chirping in tune to a light breeze that swept past his bare skin. Vegeta snorted as a response to the "nice" and "pleasant" day that Bunny would most likely describe it as, once Vegeta entered the house.

Disgusting, Vegeta thought as he looked around. This type of weather and the lush green scenery reminded him of what was once his home planet. It disgusted him to think of the memories that this brought back to his mind. As a very young child Vegeta longed to play outside in the warm sun on the soft grass, but such acts were not permitted of a Saiyan. Especially one of his stature. The Earth's climate was a constant reminder of his disappointment as a child, and a reminder for how he was once as emotionally weak as Kakarott is now, even if he was only a boy.

Vegeta slung his towel over his shoulder after wiping the sweat from his entire body. He then slowly floated into the air and landed on top of the GR. He stood still, arms crossed, eyes closed, as he let the cool breeze cool him off.

I will ascend to a Super Saiyan. I will ascend past Kakarott. I will defeat the androids and take my rightful place as the strongest being in the universe...

Vegeta had specific goals to reach and he promised himself that he would reach them within his 3 year limit. Vegeta liked routine, he liked having goals to achieve and a challenge to face, and he liked the idea of having a time limit in order to accomplish them. It gave him a drive, a reason to keep going. Not that the pure satisfaction of demolishing Kakarott wasn't good enough; an extra push was always helpful.

As Vegeta repeated his goals over and over in his mind he suddenly opened his eyes and began to focus on something else. He turned slightly to look over his shoulder and glanced all the way to the other side of the Capsule Corporation property where the Briefs family lived. He could sense the low ki immediately, since it was constantly all around him every day for a blasted year.

With perfect eye sight he could see everything on that side of the property with exact clarity as if he were standing two feet away. The blue haired woman had returned from what humans called a "shopping spree".


She had just drove into the driveway with her flashy red convertible, back seat packed full of bags and boxes, as well as the trunk being half closed and stuffed with bags as well.

Pity...I thought I was going to have a good day.

Vegeta watched from the roof of the GR as Bulma slipped her black shades on top of her head, folding her curly hair back behind her ears. She turned the vehicle off and stepped out onto the pavement sporting a rather short violet dress with spaghetti straps.

The wind rustled her curly locks for a moment as she threw a few capsules into the air that she retrieved from her purse. As the smoke settled 5 small robots appeared and began to collect some of her parcels for her. She opened the door to the back seat and leaned over to the far side to grab something in particular. In the process she had bent over just far enough so the dress barely contained her small, yet pronounced, backside.

At that moment Vegeta caught her scent that the wind had blown in his direction and a small growl escaped from deep in his throat. He sneered and then turned the growl into a loud snarl.

Vile woman and her blasted pheromones.

Vegeta was just like any other red blooded male in regards to the fact that he had needs and urges, and he certainly had not fulfilled those urges, or rather, relieved them in a very long time. Vegeta had always been aware of the blue haired woman's beauty, even from first meeting her, and on many occasions he had found himself almost ogling her like an idiot. However, Vegeta had more self control than that which was something that the human race had no comprehension of from what he had seen this past year.

Still...There were times more difficult than others for Vegeta to resist her unknowing pull at his lust for sex. Clearly he would never let any sort of weakness show, least of all to the woman. Usually her strangely alluring smell was strongest right after she had an exercise or chose to shower with her bathroom door open, even just a crack. Her parading around in a skimpy dress did not help matters either.

This was why Vegeta chose to train primarily in the GR at first until he adjusted his routine to be completely within the GR where her smell, voice, and all other distractions could not reach him. But she always found a way when she set her mind to it.

So infuriating...How can one measly woman be so infuriatingly distracting, yet so easy to annoy and badger?

Badgering Bulma was fun, being sexually attracted to her was not. He was man and knew he could not deny the attraction but he simply would not allow himself insignificant and meaningless pleasures when there were more pressing matters to deal with, such as surpassing Kakarott and the androids.

Vegeta waited for the woman to enter the house before he slipped on a muscle shirt and proceeded inside as well. He could already smell the eerily chipper blonde's food that she always prepared for him.

Right on schedule.

He had to give Bunny some credit, she always made sure he had sufficient food, and enough of it too. Vegeta followed his nose to the kitchen, took a seat, ignored Bunny's greeting (which was easier said than done), and began to eat.

Almost hoping for a quiet meal, Bulma walked into the kitchen and greeted her mother. Maybe Vegeta was in the mood for a little spat after all.

What was I thinking? How could I go one day without a small quarrel with the wench?

"Hey mom," Bulma said with a smile.

"Hello dear! Did you have fun shopping?" Bunny asked as she began to do some dishes.

"I always do." She said and they both laughed.

And she says I'm self centered...

"Eww! It smells in here!" Bulma said with a purposeful exaggeration directed at Vegeta.

Hmph, she never learns.

Vegeta always waited for her to start, as she usually did. It was as if she couldn't help herself. Vegeta didn't mind, it only meant that she was giving him a free opening. Obviously he would take it, never being able to pass up a chance to insult and irritate her. He wondered if she enjoyed bickering with him as well.

"Jeez, Vegeta! I thought that living on Earth for so long would have at least taught you some hygienic skills." She spat and smiled to herself, as if waiting for him to not be able to come up with a response.

Always too quick to assume victory.

"You're the one to talk, woman. You smell like a garbage disposal." Vegeta replied while continuing to eat, but never speaking with his mouth full. She had already made a few insults about that in the past and would not give her the satisfaction of doing it again.

"I do not!" Bulma nearly screamed. She was always particularly testy about her appearance. Oh, and her womanly charms as well.

"For your information I smell fantastic! Unlike you, I get complimented on such things." She said with a huff and crossed her arms.

"It doesn't surprise me at all that your only 4 friends like the way you smell. One of them is actually a pig, if I'm not mistaken?" Vegeta asked and finally looked up at her. "Yes, pigs love the smell of garbage as I recall learning from living on Earth for so long."

She balled her small hands into fists and frowned in anger, trying desperately to not growl as she grit her teeth together. Her pink skin slowly reddened and she shot daggers through her eyes at Vegeta.

So entertaining.

After taking one last glorious glance at Bulma's expression he finished eating and proceeded to exit the kitchen, but that was far too easy.

"You are nothing but a stupid monkey!" Bulma yelled as he walked away.

Vegeta stopped in his tracks and stood still, his muscles stiffening.


That was a name he absolutely loathed, having been called by that name many times by a tyrant he did not have the satisfaction of murdering. Kakarott had denied Vegeta that privilege, and now the wench was insulting him with that degrading name.

"Oh, it seems I've hit a nerve huh?" Bulma asked and smirked, "How did it feel when a weak, fat, human cut your monkey tail off?"

Vegeta was in front of Bulma in an instant. He left little to no space between them as he looked down at her with a glare that could kill. Invading her personal space he slightly lifted his ki high enough so that even she could feel how dangerously powerful he was.

He saw a glimpse of fear in her deep blue eyes as her lower lip slightly quivered. He could hear her heart race and he sneered at her more.

"You watch your mouth, woman. For soon you may not be able to use it." Vegeta said in a low, strong yet cold voice. He reserved such a tone for scaring the shit out of anyone who pissed him off enough. It always worked. It usually worked.

Bulma frowned and placed her hands on her hits, standing tall. Vegeta almost let himself show how taken aback he was at her courage. He held his ground as well, however.

"Oh yeah? And how are you going to do that? Kill me? Hah!" Bulma spat and laughed, a slightly nervous laugh.

Vegeta grinned evilly and Bulma's frown faded slightly.

"Oh, I was thinking of something much more painful than death." Vegeta replied.

Bulma stood on her tiptoes and stood up to Vegeta and said, "Well I'm not afraid of you Vegeta! I'm sorry if I hurt your ego, pride, feelings, or whatever! You deserve it for how ungrateful and rude you are!"

Vegeta backed away slightly and could tell she felt like she could breathe her own air again.

"You have no idea what being hurt really means, woman, and if you continue to test me I will be forced to show you." And with that said Vegeta turned and left for the GR.

Damn wench! I can strike fear into the hearts of beings 5 times her size and infinite times her strength and yet she refused to back down from me! The prince of Saiyans! Prince of the strongest race in the universe! I am feared by all beings!

The only people that did not fear him were Kakarott and Bulma. The two people on this planet that infuriated him the most. Everyone else was insignificant, but they were not. The woman should be, but she was always tugging at his thoughts, irritating him even when she was not even present.

Blast her! Blast them to hell! I will kill Kakarott and I will put that woman in her place!

Vegeta entered the capsule and fired up the GR to full power at 100 times Earth's gravity. He began to train. He was relentless, not taking a single break, not even for food. He continued, pushed his body to its limits and further. He tore his body up from the inside out and back again. He could feel his body rejecting his persistent work out. He ignored his body's cry for rest and nourishment. He did not stop. He would not stop.

Everything went a blinding white, and then it went black.