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Gory scenes.


Edward and Bella decide to travel the world.

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AsterEris - Hahaha...vampire mermaid. Cool story - I like it's...casualness? casuosity? 0.o What IS the right way to say that? Anyway though, I'm nearing the end of "The Host" (really good, I wasn't going to read it but I'm glad I did) and it's quite intense, so this is welcome break. There's only one tiny, itsy-bitsy snag...as far as I know, sharks do not have 'blood' in the vampire-food sense. I might be wrong, but my childhood spent watching Animal Planet leaves the impression in my head that sharks are not made up of flesh but of cartilage, and their blood is produced in different ways. However, I suppose the only difference could be taste...so my point is null. I like the beginning - now I'm on to read the rest. Very good story so far. -ASTER

Sharks are cartiligious which means they have cartilidge instead of bones. This does not mean that they do not have blood. Every vertebrate has blood.

AsterEris - No! Not a dolphin! :'( But good anyway! :D Very descriptive, although it'd be nice to know exactly where they are. Dunno how many places in the Pacific Ocean you find long stretches of white sand and dolphins. Well...maybe Hawaii...Eastern Asia...I suppose I'm not much of an expert on those sorts of things. Excellent writing, capital idea! Can't think of much else to say...0.o -ASTER

There are two species of dolphin - the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin - that are found almost everywhere in the ocean. Also, I never said there was white sand. There was white fish, but the sand was yellow. So basically you can be anywhere in the world you want to be (except the poles). But because the Cullens (I think) were supposed to go to Alaska after Forks, I chose the ocean that bordered Alaska.

Chompy - My dearest Sare-Sare. I like you as an author, but you are very slow. Seriously like one page per week. It's annoying. Geezz girl, quick, quick, quick!! :) Love you darls

Who the hell is Chompy and how do you know my nickname?