Edward: Sorry, SkepticalNightmare, but they are just so tasty...

Pacific Ocean


We stood atop the cliff, staring at the setting sun. Its orange and pink rays glimmered off our skin, casting tiny spotlights on the grass around us. Without a word, I clutched Edward's hand and jumped.

With a loud splash, we landed gracefully in the roaring water. The current swirled around us, trying in vain to pull us to our deaths, but it was all too easy to stay afloat.

I laughed. If I still had blood, it would be pumping with adrenaline. The water smacked into my body, sending small waves hurtling backward as though it had hit a rock.

"You excited?" I asked, my own excitement flooding my voice.

Edward was treading water beside me, still holding my hand. His eyes gleamed with eagerness but was tainted with doubt. He nodded, his wet bronze hair swishing and sending minute droplets of salty water everywhere.

"Well, I may not breathe again for ages, maybe even years," he commented, then dramatically took a huge breath.

I copied him, giggling.

We dived below the surface, grinning. The water was a deep green-blue - a rich, shining teal. Metres below us the sand quivered with the current, waves of gold dust blowing along the bottom. A white fish darted amongst the masses of seaweed, picking at the clusters of olive and brown. Rocks jutted out sharply from the side of the cliff, reaching out with stone claws. Large pointy boulders dotted the landscape, housing clumps of dirt- and smoke-coloured coral. A crab scuttled over a boulder, clacking its pincers as it pounced desperately on every little fish that swam past.

It was rather uncomfortable to not breathe, but it was nothing I couldn't live with. I kept accidentally going to inhale: water would pour through my nose and collect in my dead lungs. It was a weird feeling, have so much water in my lungs and not drowning.

I kicked my legs experimentally and the power of it sent me shooting through the water, where I tumbled into a rock, sending the fish scattering. Edward chuckled, though no bubbles came from his mouth; he must have water-filled lungs as well.

I jumped back up, the force of my action leaving a noticeable dent in the rock. "Race you," I called, though it came out more like "Mmmmmaaayyyyyoooooo."

But I set off anyway, and a couple of nanoseconds later Edward understood and pushed through the water, his movement and strength better than a hundred Olympic swimmers.

We swam neck in neck for a few miles. It was exhilarating, the H2O sweeping past me like wind. The rocks became scarcer and scarcer as we went further out, to be replaced by a vast expanse of dull lifeless beige sand, stretching as far as I could see.

Finally I stopped, Edward instantly halting as well. I spotted a mass in the distance - a ball of glimmering silver specks. And in the midst, a bigger, pale grey shape.

"Aaasssmmmmrrrkk!" I cried out. A shark! Edward peered at me curiously. So this was the downfall of living underwater: the lack of communication. I may not be able to understand Edward, but he could understand me if...

I pushed my mind shield from me, yelling "look, a shark!" at the top of my mental voice. He cringed at the sudden explosion of noise, and I quickly pulled the shield back.

He grabbed his neck with his hands and strangled himself playfully. Then he looked at me questioningly. You want to eat? he was asking.

I nodded, elated. Just a few more minutes until I could sink my teeth into a whole new flavour...

He grabbed my arm and we raced toward the mass, our bodies sliding effortlessly closer. As we approached I realized that it wasn't a shark - it was a dolphin. And there were more dolphins circling above and below, herding the fish together into a tighter ball. The dolphin inside snapped up some fish before returning to the outside, letting another dolphin jump in and feed.

I hadn't planned on eating dolphins, but now the opportunity was here... Mmmm.... I wondered what other animals we would encounter. Sharks... whales... possibly seals... turtles... giant sea fish probably... those albatrosses on the Discovery channel seemed pretty big... and tasty...

Edward's eyes were a deep chocolate. He was hungry, too.

The dolphins saw us, and thinking we were curious human divers, ignored us. We snuck closer and closer. They seemed to panic more - do they want our fish? - but were reluctant to leave the giant glimmering ball. Eventually, after we were only a few metres away, they listened to their flight instincts - with a flurry of bubbles they took off, whistling and squeaking. But vampires are fast - faster than dolphins.

I lunged forward, grabbing hold of a flailing tail. The dolphin squealed in fear, thrashing about and waving its flippers, desperate to escape. I reined it in, dragging its tossing body closer to my mouth. Gripping around its waist with iron hands, I sunk my teeth into its pulsing jugular.

It squirmed as I tucked in, feeling the warm blood slide down my throat. It was delicious - salty and fatty, just like the French fries I could never eat again. Blood slipped from my lips, fleeing into the ocean. I finished draining the animal - it fell limp in my arms - and leaped onto the swirling crimson, lapping it up like a dog at its water bowl.

Felling full and very satisfied, I turned to see Edward just finishing off his catch. He pushed it away and looked up at me, his eyes shining like topazes.

I thought you guys should know that I am not continuing this story. I am an avid animal rights activist and I thought that I would be able to deal with writing this story. But I can't write like this any more. It's too hard and I don't was to dissuade people from the fact that animals feel pain and fear. Sorry, but no amount of begging will change my decision.